How to Measure Band Saw Tires – The Easy Way!

Whether you are using a bandsaw for home application, commercial or large constructional sites, you would need to replace the tire when it is damaged. And the first step to replace the bandsaw tires is to know how to measure bandsaw tires.

It is vital since the slightest error in the bandsaw tires measuring can be fatal for the bandsaw and bring the death penalty for it. When you mismeasure the tire diameter, you will most likely end up buying an inappropriate bandsaw tire only to worsen your agony.

Today, we will promptly discuss the most effective and straightforward techniques for measuring the tires of the bandsaw correctly.

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Tip on How to Measure Band Saw Tires for Replacing

Measure a band saw tire

When you see a crack or damage in the bandsaw tire, you may want to replace it to avoid further deterioration of the saw. So, you would like to know the bandsaw tire measurement, so purchase the right size from the market.

Actually, you can measure the bandsaw tire with only two steps, and it is pretty quick too. The steps include:

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Step 1: Measure the Tire Diameter of the Bandsaw

You would start laughing once you see how easy it to measure the bandsaw tire. At first, pick a measuring tape with labels in inches. Then use it to measure the diameter of the bandsaw tire. It is suggested that you measure the tire on multiple spots to ensure you have an accurate measurement.

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Step 2: Finalizing the Tire Measurement

Now, once you are ready with the correct measurement, it is time to find the actual tire measurement. You will have to subtract only 2″ inches from the previous measurement to get the essential fitting reading of the tire diameter.

That’s all about how to measure bandsaw tires. However, it will become meaningless unless you know the bandsaw tire was removing and replacement procedure properly. Yes, once you get the right-sized tire from the market, you can reinstall the new tire without any professional help.

There are two types of bandsaw tires, depending on the built material. These are:

  • Rubber tire
  • Urethane tire

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We will discuss the installation process of both tires type. But, let’s start with the tire removal process.

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How to Remove an Old Bandsaw Tire

You will only practically need a flathead screwdriver to remove the bandsaw tire from its wheel. Once you have entered the flathead screwdriver between the tire and wheel, tilt the head continuously. As you tilt the screwdriver head, it will take off the tire from the wheel.

Now that you have effectively and successfully removed the old tire, you can install the new one. And believe us, it is straightforward.

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Mounting the Rubber Tire

The rubber tire is used widely in the bandsaw, and it is a cheaper option too. To install the rubber tire on the bandsaw wheel, you will require the following instruments:

  • Two C clamps
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Rubber adhesive
  • A small pipe
  • Two ¼ Inch scrap wood

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The steps include-

  1. On one side of the bandsaw wheel, place the part of the newly brought rubber tire.
  2. Use one piece of the ¼” scrap wood to place it on the tire’s side and clamp it with one C clamp. Now, do the same ardently for the other side of the wheel too.
  3. Once you have correctly connected the two clamps, it will securely snug the tire on its original position.
  4. Then, keep pulling the remaining part of the tire and install it right on the wheel section.
  5. After that, use the screwdriver to slowly insert the small piping between the bandsaw tire and wheel. Roll the pipe continuously right on the wheel circumference to ensure the tire tension is appropriately equalized.
  6. Finally, apply the rubber adhesive on the pipe to hold it securely. Also, apply sealant on the entire tire length so that it snugly connects with the wheel.

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Mounting the Urethane Tire

Urethane is another popular and dependable tire material used for the bandsaw wheel. Likewise, the rubber tire, the urethane tire is also easy to install.

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You will require:

  • Lukewarm water
  • A clamp
  • Small bucket
  • Dishwashing soap

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The steps promptly include:

  1. Mix some dishwashing soap and lukewarm water in the bucket. Stir it using a stick to dilute the mixture adequately.
  2. Now put the urethane tire on the water and submerge it properly. Wait for at least ardently five minutes and then remove the tire from the warm water and dishwashing soap solution.
  3. On one side of the wheel, insert the urethane tire pare and secure it using the clamp.
  4. After clamping the tire part, slowly mount the rest of the tire part on the wheel.
  5. Once you have correctly mounted the entire tire on the wheel, remove the clamp and let it cool off.

Since you will work with a hot tire, we suggest you wear gloves to avoid any burns.

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When it comes to how to measure bandsaw tires, it includes only two steps. Firstly, measure the tire diameter and then deduct 2″ from the reading to get the actual measurement. But the real challenge comes while installing the new tire.

Hence, our prompt discussion on the installation process of both the rubber and urethane tire on the bandsaw wheel will come useful.

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