How To Sharpen Pruning Saw Blades – 5 Easy Steps

It is normal to see the pruning saw blades become blunt, and you will no longer be able to work. There is no way you can do rather than sharpening the blades and getting back on track. You will sweat very much with a dull blade. You feel more exhausted than ever, so you have the ultimate invitation to know how to sharpen pruning saw blades. Once you learn how to sharpen your saw blade, you can save effort and valuable time. If your saw blade takes one hour to do the job while it takes less than that to complete a similar position, it is time to sharpen it.

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The Tool Used to Sharpen Pruning Saw Blades

Since the saw blades differ in shape and purpose, their teeth are also different. And to sharpen the blades, you need an additional tool. This includes a triangular file with one working side. The profile of this tool is not standard; if for a conventional triangular file, all sides are equal and are working, then this file has one working side. In shape, it is an isosceles triangle with a large base.

It is convenient to process small or oblique teeth with such a triangular file with one working side. It acts only on the surface to be treated during operation, and on others, it only glides. There is no risk of grinding the adjacent tooth. There is a plain triangular file that easily sharpens most standard pruning saw blades, and also, there is a triangular file that is excellent for sharpening pruning saw blades with large teeth.

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Sharpening Pruning Saw Blades: In Five Easy Steps

A Pruning Saw

Step 1: lookout and clean up dirt

Every gardening tool needs cleaning throughout its lifespan, so the pruning saw blades have no exception. Clean the blades well before starting to sharpen. To do this, get brushes, a jug of water, and the cleaning solutions. Also, don’t forget to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

This protection prevents you from any wooden chip that can accidentally get in your eyes. Since you have weapons and armor, let’s get started. The first thing you must do is remove the wood chips and inspect if there is a stain left on the blades. Now go over it carefully and scrub well. Most of the dirt is outside the saw blade, where wood stains stick and prevent loosening.

When finished scrubbing, add 1/2 liter of the aqueous solution. Instead, you can soak it in the water solution for ten minutes. In this period, the solution will absorb the saw fully and effortlessly remove any stain and rust from the saw. In addition to this dirt, you can often find sap in the saw. Then, kerosene will effectively combat it. Then put a cloth soaked in oil and gently rub the teeth of the blade.

So if you keep rubbing the sticky areas, the juice will start to disappear. Remember that these types of sticks firmly settle on a saw blade, so you are required to work hard. Typically, using kerosene is quite adequate, and no matter how stubborn it may be, the stain may go away. Just take it actively in your hand, clean, and rinse well.

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Step 2: Remove the saw blade from the frame

The manual is crucial when the pruning saw blade is removed from the frame. Read carefully to learn more about doing it and how to get back to the job. This is part of the pruning saw used to cut the tree’s branches. This makes disassembly a little easier as you must pull the blade away from the saw body.

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Step 3: Start sharpening

To sharpen the pruning saw blade, you need a piece of sharpening file. Now you are required to use between the teeth in the groove. If you’ve never heard of or seen the sharpening file before, don’t worry, as these types of sharpening tools are readily available at any hardware store.

Once you’ve bought one of them and are back at work, wipe it down and clean it. Fix the file against the spaces between the teeth and push it firmly forward. Repeat the process six to seven times with a saw file, then insert the grinding bar into the new crevices. It would be best to do this until you get the last crack gap between the teeth.

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Step 4: Remove burs

Do you know what the burs look like in the saw? When the sharpening process is complete, they will appear on the saw blade. To solve this problem, you need a sharpener or a file. Therefore, use one of them on the back of the blade and remove the burs. To do this, you need to rub it three or four times.

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Step 5: Lubricate the blades and complete the activity

The pruning saw blades are pure metal, and you must lubricate them. Make sure you use the lubricating oil after you have completed the grinding and cleaning job. The average life of the blade will be lengthened. Since the lubricating oil does not allow rusting on the blade, make the solution of rust remover oil and then use it whenever you see a dry edge after cleaning it.

You have already done enough to sharpen your pruning saw blades. Now you can look at the sharpness level of the blades. You will know that the saw blade cuts branches more efficiently and uses less muscle power when you look at it. The gardening work will be easy and effective.

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The pruning saw blades are essential when you want to prune the branches. You should not forget to sharpen them to make the pruning work easy. Remember to wear protective gear like goggles and gloves before you begin to sharpen your pruning saw blade. Another thing is to make sure you buy the correct sharpening file. Do this by quickly sticking to the grooves in the blades to sharpen them. We hope this article will clear up all the confusion and give you the correct step on how to sharpen pruning saw blades.

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