Gas vs Battery Pole Saw – Which Is Best for Your Garden?

When you decide to buy a cordless pole saw, the main questions come down to whether it’s a gas pole saw or a battery-powered one. A battery-powered pole saw is considered convenient and easy to use. However, a gas-powered pole saw wins the run in terms of power and efficiency. So, which one can you go for?

Here, I have discussed the general aspects of both sides to help you choose the right one for your projects. Take a look.

Gas Vs Battery Pole Saw: Everything You need to know

Portable pole saws are making the life of the arborist simple. They offer extreme power and you won’t need to worry about finding the source of electricity while working with them.

Both gas-powered and battery powered pole saw is considered handy for various reasons. Let’s have a look.

Gas-Powered Pole Saw

MAXTRA Gas Powered Pole Saw

Gas-powered pole saw is known as the ‘King of Castle’. The term was coined by the professionals who found it exceptionally powerful and efficient. When you deal with a great number of trees, you will probably want such an effective tool to get all the works done.

However, it has also some downsides such as noise and pollutants. Nobody likes the unpleasant sound that many gas-powered pole saw make. Emitting unhealthy gas into the environment is also an issue. So, when you buy a gas-powered pole saw, you need to choose a model that minimizes these issues.

By the way, you have to refill the fuel-tanker often. Keeping a supply of gas nearby is recommended when working for long hours.

Battery Pole Saw

Greenworks Battery Pole Saw

As the name suggests, a battery pole saw is powered by a rechargeable battery. The best thing about a battery pole saw is you don’t need connect it to a power outlet, or refill the tank often. If you have a couple of extra batteries, you can use them interchangeably to work for long hours.

Since it is lightweight and compact, a pole saw is easy to operate and maneuver.  Plus, you don’t to worry about affecting the environment as it does not release any pollutant in the air.

Gas Vs Battery Pole Saw: Which One Is Better?

Gas vs Battery Pole Saw

It is hard to determine which one is better when it comes to gas vs cordless pole saw. However, there are certain areas where one is better than the other. Hence, you can choose one depending on what kind of advantages you look for in pole saw.

Purpose of Use

If you are going to take care of your home garden, a battery pole saw is sufficient to handle most of the pruning tasks. Generally, a battery pole saw can cut through 8 to 9 inches thick materials. Plus, if you have a spare battery, you can work for some extra hours.

On the other hand, a gas pole saw is good at taking down thicker and bigger timbers, trunks, and what not. Hence, most professional gardeners prefer a gas pole saw in the bulk projects, especially when they work for long hours in a distant area.

Power and Efficiency

I think it is clear why most professionals prefer a gas pole saw. It is the extraordinary performance that a gas pole saw shows up. Cutting down large branches of trees isn’t a big deal if you’re equipped with this type of pole saws.

In contrast, a battery pole saw can cut through most of the branches, trunks, and other parts of trees in a typical home garden. However, dealing with branches that are thicker than 9 inches is not easy with a battery pole saw.

Ease of Use

A battery pole saw does not require much of experience in the field of work. As long as you know the cutting techniques, you are safe to work with a battery pole saw. As it is a compact and portable pole saw, you can use it with the utmost comfort and ease.

However, a gas pole saw demands some sort of skills and experience. Since it is a heavy-duty tool, a gas pole saw somewhat hard to operate and maneuver.

Plus, many gas pole saw vibrates a lot when at operation. So, you have to stand firm when using a gas pole saw. But don’t worry, after using the saw for couple of times, you can operate it much more comfortably.


Usually, a battery pole saw is more expensive than a gas-powered one. But it can save you money in the long run as it does not require gas to power the engine.

On the other hand, a gas-powered pole saw may be cheaper, but you have to spend a lot of money on fuel. Plus, gas-powered ones need more maintenance as vibrations and kickbacks sometimes damage the engine.


The durability of a machine depends on the design and types of materials used to make it. However, you can rely on the durability of battery pole saw as it does not vibrate and kickback. As long as you know the pruning techniques, you can rest assured of its longevity and robustness.

On the contrary, the vibration and kickbacks may cause damage to the engine of a gas pole saw. However, you can affix a vibration-control extension to your gas pole saw to redress the issue. Otherwise, the durability of a gas-pole saw is not a concern if you buy a high-end, efficient gas pole saw.

Last Words

As you can see, there are a lot of parameters to choose the right pole saw for your projects. It turns out that both pole saws are good at certain areas. For example, you can rely on the power and efficiency of a gas pole saw, especially when dealing with large timbers for long hours. So, it’s a great substitute for corded, electric pole saws.

But if you are focusing on your home-garden projects, you are likely to choose a battery pole saw, for it is easy to use and carry. Plus, you don’t need a lot of experience to use it. So, choose a pole saw that is in the best of your interest. Hopefully, the article has answered to most of your gas vs battery pole saw queries.

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