Pole Saw Cutting Techniques (for novices and experts)

Using a pole saw is very easy.

Just following some simple steps, you can accomplish your trimming task using a pole saw. But with a few tips and tricks, your cutting process will be more effective and easier.

Pole saw cutting techniques are different from other cutting saws. The main reason behind its variance is its unique body structure. The long pole design of the saw makes it very technical to handle.

However, knowing the following techniques of using a pole saw will help you make the cutting process more graceful. Let’s check them out.

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Helpful Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

You are going to find a vast number of techniques around when you search for it. I have mentioned here the most helpful and effective ones for you.

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1. The most helpful technique of cutting using a pole saw is to take advantage of its curvature of the pole. Normally, a pole saw has a straight pole. But when we are cutting a branch high up from the ground, we need to extend the pole. The extension creates a slight flexure on the pole. This in turn adds on to the weight of the pole. And this pressure is an advantage to be used.

You can use this extra weight to make your work easier. Due to the angled position of you with the pole, the extra weight from the flexure of the pole rests on the cutting head when you position it on the designated branch. This works as an additional force to cut down the branch.

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2. Using the bouncing factor is another beneficial technique to be used. To do so you need to take your time executing it. This technique works for the fully extended long pole saw. The long pole tends to be very bouncy and perfect for this trick.

When you push the long pole forward, the pole bounces up. This helps in the easy glide of the saw forward. And then comes the main part. When you initiate the cutting stroke, make sure the flexure plunges downward. This applies pressure to the cut you are making. Retracting while the pole bounces down makes the stroke more effective for the cut and does not require any extra force from you. You can gently pull the pole down using the gravity and the weight of the saw itself.

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3. The next trick for an efficient cutting is the optimum use of the blade. You need to use as many teeth of the blade as possible while making a cut. Pole saws consist of long blades including a large number of teeth. And it is given for you to make maximum use of it while making a cut.

When you are retracting your pole, try to move the total blade over the designated branch. As it travels from top to bottom, with the contact of many teeth it makes deeper cuts. The more you can make such frictional contact the more cut you are going to get. So, always try to move the maximum part of the blade over the cutting branch.

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4. You can be easily wearied off while using such a long saw. The greatest tip for an effortless cutting session is to relax. Yes, it’s that simple but very effective. Try to relax after every stroke you make. Try to rest the weight of the pole slightly on the tree and take a break yourself. Relax your muscles and hold on a few seconds before making the next stroke. But it does not mean that you let go of the pole. You do the whole relaxation process while holding on to your saw.

This simple process of relaxation at the end of each stroke will benefit you greatly. Your muscles won’t get stiffened and you can work for longer hours without wearing off. Do it from time to time after each stroke and you will feel the difference yourself.

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Final Words

Randomly using a tool might work but won’t be as effective as knowing the helpful techniques of using it.

And as for pole saws, it is very important. This long saw can give a hard time if not used properly. That’s why tips for using it can be a very valuable thing to know.

Once you learn the subtle pole saw cutting techniques, cutting any tree branch with a pole saw can be easy. It will be effortless and effective both at a time. With the simple tips and tricks, you can buy yourself more time to work with it without wearing off soon.

These techniques are not very hard-to-follow. You can get a hand of these after a few practices. Just remembering to follow the tricks every time you use a pole saw will help you get used to it eventually.

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