Pole Saw Safety Tips from Expert

Trimming is necessary.

It does not take that much time to do any more thanks to the advanced tools such as pole saw. You just need to take your saw out of the workshop and trim.

Yes, it’s that simple. But don’t you think there is a mistake here?

Yes, the most important task before trimming is not mentioned here. That is taking necessary safety measures.

Before all tasks, the most important thing that you should never forget about is your safety. The pole saw safety tips can help you know what precautions to take before working with a pole saw. Knowing these safety tips can never be a waste of time. Who knows when these tips come handy at the time of your sudden need!

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Pole Saw Safety Tips (for all 4 steps)

Pole Saw Safety Tips

You must ensure complete safety from all dimensions to be safe holistically. You need to check on various aspects before you get to work.

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Gearing Up:

The first safety to ensure before using a pole saw is to get yourself geared up for the task. In order to do so you need to get yourself the following supplies:

  • A safety helmet. It will keep your head safe from unwanted accidents. It is a must be worn item among all other important ones.
  • Hand gloves. The hand gloves will help you to maintain a solid grip on the pole. It will also protect your hands while moving cut branches and handling sharp materials.
  • Eye goggles. When you will be trimming, the wood dust might fall in your eyes and eventually hurt you.
  • Protecting headphones. The saws that make loud noises can be very irritating to ears and long-term use might damage your hearing sensation. It is better to use a headphone while working with noisy pole saws.
  • Snug-fitting clothes. Make sure to wear loose clothes while working.
  • Heavy boots. The shoes are very important. The hard boots are better because if anything falls on your feet by mistake, the boots will protect them.


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Saw Inspection:

Before starting your machine make sure you inspect the whole tool. You need to go through a few checks and tools works.

  • First, check if it has any damages or loose components.
  • If your saw has an oil chamber make sure it does not have any leakage. Fill the oil tank before use.
  • Tighten the chain tension properly.
  • Check for any loose screws and tighten them securely.
  • Check the power source properly if it has any problem or damage.

After getting all things checked and clearing the inspection task, go for the next one.


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Safe Cutting Process:

Now comes the cutting segment. After selecting the tree for trimming you need to maintain the following factors:

  • Never stand right under the tree. Maintain a certain distance from the cutting tree and stand.
  • Hold the pole firmly and always handle it with your working hand.
  • When you initiate the cut, do not force the saw into the branch. Let it do the job itself and cut through the branch.
  • Turn off the machine as soon as you are done cutting.
  • Move a little back when the cut branch is falling.

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Overall Safety Tips:

  • Always check the area below the tree. Make sure it is clean and empty before cutting.
  • Make sure there is no electrical wire underneath the cutting branch or in a situation where the cut branch may fall over an electrical wire. For cutting under such a situation you need professional help.
  • Always try to cut trees during day time. Avoid night time trimming.
  • Cut one tree branch at a time.
  • Know the saw’s maximum capability of cutting before cutting through thick branches.


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Final Words

Accidents do not come with a notification. So, you should never let yourself be off guarded. Always stay ready to face any crisis by taking necessary safety measures beforehand.

No matter how pro you are, no matter how easy the task is, you should never ignore the safety measures. You should always take precautions before going for work.

These pole saw safety tips can help you learn about the safety measures you need to take before going to cut branches or trim trees with a pole saw. These safety tips can help you avoid any unexpected incident. So, it is better to follow them instead of ignoring and risking your life.

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