Best Gas Pole Saws of 2022 – Trim Tree Branches Easily

Do you want to buy a gas pole saw, but still wondering which one to go for?

If your answer is YES, this post is specially written for you. I will help you get your expected best gas pole saw.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about it is that it’s a saw of gas generated power with a long pole to reach high tree branches and trim easily. Going shopping with just this vague concept can make you more indecisive.

That’s why I have made an exclusive set of reviews covering only the best gas powered pole saws available in the market at this moment. To give you an insight about the important aspects one should emphasize, I have also included a perfect buying guide at the end of this post. Let’s check them out.

My Top Picks

Top 5 Best Gas Pole Saw in 2022

For this gas pole saw review section, I have selected the 5 top rated gas pole saws to make your search less tiring and more effective. You can read through them and gain a quick idea about top-rated gas pole saws. And finally, pick the one that suits you best and meets all your needs.

1. MAXTRA 15 Foot Extendable Cordless Long Reach Gas Pole Saw

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

If you have a large yard and need a saw to deliver heavy-duty performance, this gas saw from Maxtra will be the best choice for you. The Maxtra 2-Cycle gas pole saw is a very powerful one with an extra-large engine of 42.7 CC.

This extra-large engine is a 2-stroke engine. The high power ensures you get a longer run time and can perform heavy trimming works. You can easily cut through branches from 7 to 9 inches diameter with this mighty machine. It is not only powerful but also very efficient in its work. It trims very fast and thus helps to do more work at a time.

Usually, gas pole saws emit heavy smoke and cause environmental and health issues. But the engine for Maxtra gas pole saw is EPA certified and is safe to use. It is likely not to harm your health. Compared to others it emits less fume and causes less pollution to nature. So, your body and your environment both will be harmless even though using a gas pole saw.

Besides having a powerful engine, it also has a long adjustable length. Its initial length is 8.2 ft which can be extended up to 11.4 ft. This is the actual height of the pole. Whereas, the working height of the pole ranges from 14 to 15 ft. You can reach this incredible height to trim branches without the use of any bench or ladder.

The pole extending facility is very simple. It remains linked by quick-release connectors. You can easily unlock them and extend or remove poles. Through this process, you can also convert the pole saw into other tools just by changing the cutting head.

The most exclusive feature for this MAXTRA long reach gas pole saw is its 24 hours of customer service. For any type of query regarding the machine, you can contact them anytime. Even if you need any spare parts or replacement, you will get them free of cost for the first 1 year.

Key Features

  • Large 2 cycle engine of 42.7 CC.
  • Can cut through 7 to 9 inches diameter.
  • Has an actual height of around 11.4 ft and a working height of 15 ft.
  • 24-hour customer service with 1 year of warranty.

Things I Like

  • Extremely powerful 42.7cc 2-stroke engine to cut up to 8” branches
  • 2 to 11.4 ft length to cut up to 13-16.5 ft branches without a ladder
  • Air filter to protect the engine for added lifespan
  • The shoulder strap reduces vibration and fatigue while using the saw
  • 10-inch long cutting bar for more efficient cutting

Things Can be Improved

  • A bit heavy to carry for a long time
  • The instruction manual could be better.

2. PROYAMA Gas Powered Pole Saw 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

PROYAMA Gas Powered Pole Saw 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

This pole saw from Proyama is the ultimate package for trimming jobs. It includes all the necessary items you would be needing during your trimming projects. It’s a complete set and you won’t be needing to buy anything additional outside it.

The total package includes a chain pole saw, a string trimmer, a brush cutter, and a hedge trimmer. To add assistance to your trimming work, this pack also comprises a set of trimming tools including ear defenders, face shield, gloves, mixing bottle and a tool kit.

Its main chain pole saw consists of an efficient 12 inches long blade which will help you make deeper cuts effectively. The blade comes protected by a blade sheath. The 11.4 ft long pole weighs around 17.8 lbs even with the extension included.

The hedge trimmer has a pivotal head giving you the flexibility of rotating the head at the desired angle. With its 15 inches long blade having dual action capability, you can trim your plants fast and with more details. It gives a cutting capacity of ¾ inches deep for any type of plant.

Its grass trimmers are also very effective and useful. It definitely would not burden you with its 15.3 lbs weight. It has a line cutting swath of 17 inches with a blade cutting swath of 10 inches. You can have a smooth lawn shearing experience with this 6 ft long tool.

All the functions of the saw go smoothly with the help of its highly powerful 26CC engine. It is a 2-cycle engine with air filter protection. It delivers remarkable cutting power and functions uninterruptedly.

Key Features

  • The set includes a chain pole pruner, hedge trimmer, string trimmer and brush cutter. Ideal for workshops with limited space.
  • Includes safety and necessary tool kits.
  • Has 1 year of warranty for free servicing.
  • 2 cycle 26 CC EPA certified engine. Discharges less fume while in use.

Things I Like

  • EPA certified engine for less pollution yet higher efficiency
  • The Hedge Trimmer design allows multi-angle adjustment while cutting branches
  • Offers ear defenders, shoulder harness, gloves, and a face shield for safety
  • Emergency stop button to stop the saw at the emergency
  • 2 to 11.4 ft adjustable length for higher reach without the ladder

Things Can be Improved

  • Can be a little bit noisy to work in public places
  • Heavier compared to others.

3. Poulan Pro Pr28ps 8 In 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Pole Saw

Poulan Pro 8 in. 28cc 2-cycle gas powered pole saw

Starting gas pole saws can be a big fuss. But not for this Poulan Pro gas pole saw. This pole saw is made for you to have effortless trimming sessions without any power problems. It has the spring assist pull cord starting mechanism. You can easily start the device with just a few pulls.

Its engine includes a purge bulb. It helps in circulating fuel through its carburetor and remove all the air. This allows carburetor to take fresh fuel in before initiating to start the machine. The main purpose of the whole activity is to give you the service of fast and easy starting of the saw.

Another cool feature for this Poulan Pro 8 in. 28cc 2-cycle gas powered pole saw is the auto-return stop switch. This helps in keeping the machine ready to be used whenever you want. This stop switch automatically goes back to the initial position from which it started. Thus, you get the engine ready to use from the start.

This 28CC 2-stroke engine can deliver you with long working hours with effective trimming experience. It delivers maximum power to generate high speed to rotate its 8 inches chain bar blade. You can reach up to 12 inches high with this pole saw to cut through the unwanted branches on your trees.

The Poulan Pro PR28PS gas powered pole saw comes in a set with a weed eater. It works with a tap-and-go mechanism. This is a very effective system for reloading the spool very fast. You do not have to do anything manually.

To assist you in handling the device without any difficulty, a shoulder strap has been added with it. It helps in keeping the tool steady while working and also helps in balancing it. Besides, its big round handle is a very convenient accessory to help in handling it.

Key Features

  • Easy pull cord starting mechanism.
  • 28 cc engine contains a purge bulb for assisting in the fast starting process.
  • Includes an auto-stop switch to return to the initial starting position automatically.
  • Pole extends to 12 inches to reach high branches.
  • Comes with a trimmer.

Things I Like

  • Extremely easy to carry and maneuver due to only 14 pounds of weight
  • SureFire fuel delivery system ensures easy and fast starting
  • Convenient carrying with the shoulder strap
  • Supports 6 optional attachments for even more versatile cutting
  • Great cutting experience with Tap’N Go dual-line feed head

Things Can be Improved

  • 2 stroke 28cc engine is not powerful enough to cut thick branches
  • The bonus string trimmer attachment could be better.

4. BLUE MAX 53542 Gasoline Pole Saw

BLUE MAX 53542 Gasoline Pole Saw

This pole saw from Blue Max is another example of a good quality gas powered pole saw. It will help you cut high branches and clean your back yard without any professional help.

It has a 10 inches long chain bar blade to cut off thick branches without any hindrance. You can chop off any type of tree branch at a maximum height of about 10 ft. To hold the pole straight and tight, it has a very convenient grip handle. It will help you handle the pole for maintaining balance.

The Blue Max 53542 gas powered pole pruners has a mighty 32.6 CC engine. It generates reliable power to generate an idle speed of 2700 to 3400 RMP. The speed increases with the clutch engagement to about 4500 RMP. With this great speed, you easily complete your trimming and pruning works.

The engine of the saw comprises a safety automatic clutch system. for this mechanism, you can get the facility of starting the machine very easily without having to try again and again. Its fuel primer evacuates all the air from the carburetor. This process allows fresh fuel inside and assists in the fast starting of the engine.

This machine ensures all the possibilities of assisting you in the fast starting of the saw. Not only is fast starting, but it also added details to confirm your convenience. Due to the running of this fuel engine, the whole saw will experience a certain amount of shake and vibration.

To reduce its intensity, this saw has an anti-vibration system that will provide you with the utmost comfort while using it. It ensures you get the best experience of using this saw while trimming your garden trees.

Key Features

  • Includes 10 inches long chain bar blade. Can cut through branches effectively.
  • Can reach an average height of 10 ft to cut high branches.
  • 32 CC includes a safety automatic clutch system for easy starting facility.
  • Consists of an anti-vibration system to provide comfort while using.

Things I Like

  • 6cc engine allows you to cut medium-thick branches
  • The ergonomic soft handle makes it comfortable to use while cutting branches
  • Less noise makes it suitable for public use
  • Anti-vibration design reduces fatigue when using it for a long time
  • Safety automatic clutch ensures fast and simple starting

Things Can be Improved

  • The plastic cover provides a cheap feeling while using
  • Difficult to change the length of the blade.

5. MAXTRA Multifunctional 4 in 1 Cordless Garden Tree Trimming Set

MAXTRA Multifunctional 4 in 1 Cordless Garden Tree Trimming Set

This is another pole saw from Maxtra having a 42.7 CC engine with different other cool features. It is more versatile than the previous one and can deliver additional services.

This model of Maxtra gas pole saw is a combination of 4 tools in one pack. Buying one you get the facilities of 4 items. In this pack along with the pole saw you will get a hedge trimmer, brush cutter and a string trimmer. This will give you a holistic service for your garden cleaning.

Its main cutting head attachment for chain saw includes a 10 inches long chain bar blade. It has the perfect combination of the efficient blade, mighty power and great extending pole length. You can reach up to 14 ft high with this pole to chop of high and thick branches. This can even cut through branches of 7 inches diameter.

The hedge trimmer attachment includes an 18-inch long with dual action capability. You have the complete flexibility of adjusting the blade on any angle as per your requirement. And this is possible because of its pivotal head. You can give different shapes to your ornamental trees and chop them in different sizes using this tool.

Other head attachments include the brush cutter and string trimmer. These two have a common cutting head. All you have to do is change the cutter. You can smoothly chop off your long garden grass with these and have a clean beautiful garden.

Gas saws are usually heavy and at times inconvenient to handle. Considering the issue, Maxtra added a shoulder strap to help you balance the tool effortlessly. This also reduces the vibration effect and helps to make your trimming work more effective.

Key Features

  • Comes in a 4 in 1 collection. Includes hedge trimmer, brush cutter and a string trimmer along with the pole saw.
  • Consists of a 42.7 CC powerful engine. Can be used for large yards trimming.
  • Includes a portable bag to help to carry all items together.
  • Has a convenient shoulder strap helping in handling.

Things I Like

  • Suitable for thick and large branch cutting for its 42.7 CC engine
  • Extend up to 14 ft high to cut higher branches
  • A pivotal head allows you to cut in different shapes
  • Should strap makes maneuvering and carrying easier
  • A carrying bag allows you to carry everything necessary

Things Can be Improved

  • A plastic outfit might look cheap
  • A little bit heavier.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gas Pole Saw

best gas powered pole saw

Now, I am going to discuss the core factors of a gas pole saw here. It will give you a clear idea of what to look for when you are buying a gas-powered pole saw. Make sure you do not overlook any factor; it may ruin everything. Believe me, you do not want to risk it.

Starting Procedure

The gas pole is totally different than its counterparts like the battery or electric pole saw. For a gas pole saw, just giving the switch doesn’t turn it up. You have to manually start it following some procedures.

You will find varieties of gas pole saws with different starting procedures. Some have a very simple method whereas some are very fussy. Most problems are faced due to the engine itself.

The starting of a gas pole saw technically means the starting of its engine. The engine must start working in order to deliver power to the whole saw. There are different mechanisms for starting an engine. The most common form is the pull cord system.

You should check the starting technique first before you make a deal. Try to settle for the easy-going one to have a better experience of trimming.


top rated gas pole saw

Gas pole saws are heaviest forms of pole saws. It includes a big sized engine on it that has to be carried along while working. Considering the total fact, the gas pole saws are meant to be heavy but in order to perform effective trimming, they have to be maneuverable too.

To ensure maximum maneuverability many gas pole saw brands come up with different ideas to lessen the weight of the machine. They also tend to add accessories for the convenience of carrying it.

The most effective addition is the shoulder strap for carrying the machine on your shoulder while working. Instead of giving all the weight on your hand, it is rested on your shoulder to balance the weight. It frees your hand to help in better handling the device. The shoulder strap also tends to reduce the vibrating effect of the machine.

The handle of the saw is another important factor for assisting in maneuverability. Machines with great grips help to hold the heavy stuff tightly without slipping. It helps in controlling the device more effectively.

When you are buying a gas pole saw, you must consider the fact of maneuverability very seriously so that you do not have to regret after buying the heavy tool.


Best Gas Pole Saws

The power of the gas pole saw depends on the engine size. The larger is your engine size the more powerful your device would be. The size of the engines of the gas pole saws is measured in cubic centimeter or CC. Gas pole saws have an average range of 20 to 40+ CC engines. The higher the size goes the more power it can generate.

But the size will also increase the weight of the saw. It will turn out that you have a powerful saw, but can’t even lift it. That’s why while shopping, you should choose the saw balancing between the size of the engine and the weight.


Gas Pole Saw Length

At the end of the day, I am talking about pole saws here. And pole saw requires long length so that it can serve its purpose of reaching high branches to do trimming. And gas pole saws can be long enough; at least adequate to reach a considerable height. They can reach as high as about 15 ft to accomplish the job.

Different saws have different heights depending on their construction. You should look for the saw which balances with its working capability and its weight.

FAQs about Gas Powered Pole Saw

Well, you have already gone through my gas powered pole saw reviews and a comprehensive buying guide. In this section, I am planning to answer some of the most frequently asked questions so that any remaining clouds of confusion disappear and you can finally pick the best pole saws gas you have been looking for.

Why Should I Choose a Gas Pole Saw?

There are not one but multiple reasons why you should be choosing gas pole saws. Gas pole saws are the most powerful form of powered pole saws. They offer longer run time and thus you can work consistently without frequent timeouts. These pole saws deliver professional trimming capability. You can work on small to large yards with these. Such saws are very powerful to take down thick branches effortlessly. Being cordless, they eliminate the issues of wire tangling. You are also free from the distance constraint and can work with these in remote places without the need for external power sources.

How Thick Branches a Gas Pole Saw Can Cut?

Gas pole saw is a very powerful tool for trimming tree branches. It delivers better performance than its counterparts like electric pole saws. It has a higher capability of cutting through thicker branches. You can easily cut through a branch thicker than 1.5 inches which is the maximum limit for the electric ones. With a commercial-grade gas pole saw, you can even cut through branches more than 8 inches thick.

What is the Average Weight of a Gas Pole Saw?

The gas pole saw is often a little heavier than its counterparts. With greater power, the weight is also hefty too. It is because this cordless pole saw includes its engine attached to it. The lighter gas pole saws weigh around 14 lbs. Whereas the heavier ones go up to 20 lbs.

What is the Average Price of a Gas Pole Saw?

The price of these depends on the quality of the saw and the engine size. You can find as low as $100 worth gas pole saws in the market. But the price rises with the addition of sophisticated features and the quality of the item. The larger the engine the more powerful the saw is. That’s why the larger engine bearing saws are found to be pricier than others. The prices of such saws can augment to about $300. But it doesn’t mean that only the pricier ones are better. You can also get a good quality gas pole saw with durable service within a price range of around $250.

Summing It Up

Gas pole saws can deliver heavy-duty performance to accomplish tree trimming even for large yards. They outperform the capability of electric pole saws and battery pole saws. The gas ones are far stronger and effective for cutting thicker branches. They can be more compared to the handheld chain saws. But if you cannot pick the right gas-powered saw, it will get you to more trouble than to help you.

The gas pole saws are usually very heavy, need to be manually started and their effectivity depends on maneuverability. That’s why you must choose the right one for getting the best result.

I hope this gas pole saw review post has helped you to select the perfect saw and now you have finally found the best gas pole saw you have been looking for.

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