How to Maintain Your Pole Saw (Maintenance Tips & Tricks)

Do you want your pole saws to last long?

Do you want them to be in good shape after years of use?

The only answer would be regular maintenance and proper servicing. These two things are the keys to save tools from wearing off and decaying.

Maintenance does not require excessive work. It is easier if you maintain a habit of regular servicing.

There is no alternative to this. It is like a give-and-take relationship. If you care for your saws, they will give back better results too. The only thing you have to do is to make time for maintaining your tools.

This quick maintenance tips for pole saws will help you make your maintaining task easier.

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Maintenance Tips for Different Types of Pole Saws

Everybody has their own way of doing the task. There is no hard and fast rule for this. You may have your own process of taking care of your working equipment too.

But different pole saws have different structures and thus different maintaining technique. The general process of cleaning won’t be that effective.

That’s why I am going to explaining here the individual maintaining system for different pole saws.

N.B. Make sure you work under a bright light to be able to see it clearly. And do not forget to wear protective gloves as you will be handling sharp equipment. Wear goggles if necessary.

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Manual Pole Saw

Manual pole saws have a prolonged body with a long curved blade. The blade of this saw consists of tri edged teeth arrangement. These normally have the option of detaching the blade from the pole and thus easy for servicing. You can easily maintain the total saw following these quick easy steps:

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Dusting Off:

Take off the blade from the pole. Spray some orange oil on the blade. Now brush it with a brass bristle brush. The brush bristle brush will help you clean the blade especially the teeth area without dulling it. You can clean the sawdust, sand, and unnecessary dirt off from the unreachable narrow teeth gaps.

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Sharpening the Teeth:

The dull blade means unsuccessful cuts. It is really important to have a sharp pole saw blade to have effective cuts in every move. To achieve such results, you need to sharpen your blade regularly. For that, you will be needing a knife file. File one tooth at a time and matching the angle with each of them. Apply more than one stroke and the same number of strokes on each of the teeth. Make sure to have precise and equal sharpening throughout the blade.

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Cleaning Dirt Buildups:

On the wider side of the blade opposite to the teeth, often gets depositions of greasy dirt and oil. To clean these up you will require orange oil to soften the dirt and sandpaper. Apply the orange oil on the paper and rub that on the affected site. Rub it properly to clean off all the unnecessary buildups from the blade.

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Powered Pole Saw

Powered pole saws generally have chain blades. Besides the blade, they have many other parts to be considered important. As they are powered devices, their cutting head is slightly complicated than the manual saws and needs much care. Regular maintenance is very crucial for them to function smoothly.

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Basic Cleaning:

For basic cleaning, you can use a damp cloth piece and wipe out the entire pole saw. Dirt, grease, or oil might get stuck with its pole or other parts while working with it. So, make sure you always clean it after every use with a clean damp cloth to get rid of these.

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Tightening and Loosening Chain:

You need to work with a tightened chain when you are cutting off branches with your pole saw. But after work, before storing, make sure you loosen up the chain. The high tension of the chain will expand it and eventually damage the chain. That’s why to retain its longevity, you should always make time to loosen up the chain after use.

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Sharpening the Chain:

The continuous friction with hard surfaces makes the blade dull. Sometimes it gets damaged too coming in contact with nails or other hard metals. It ruins the edginess of the blade. For effective cutting, you need to sharpen the chain blade routine wise. It won’t take much time of yours to sharpen the blade, but the result will be incredible. You will achieve effective cuts every time you use your saw.

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Oiling the Cutter:

As it is a motorized device, you need to oil it frequently to function smoothly. Without oiling, the system will be jammed and create unwanted friction with each other. This will wear off your device and the metal components will decay gradually. It will seriously damage the total system. To avoid all these, oil the chain. Lubrication will increase its functionality and longevity both.

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Final Words

You might be thinking that regular maintenance might be so tiring.

But in reality, it does not take that much effort or time. All the tools are already lying in your workshop. All you have to do is use them to keep your saws in good shape.

The effort you will be giving will be worth it. As it is said, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. If you work on time, it will be fruitful for you later. Push your body to get to the workshop and do your works now. All your costly saws can live a couple more months extra for your hard work now.

Honestly, it will be best if you complete your servicing task after each use. You do not have to do it later and feel lazy about it. I hope I could help you with all these maintenance tips for pole saws and add value to your trimming journey.

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