How to Sharpen a Drill Bit – Quickly & Easily Ways

When you work with any power tool, you may often come across some inconveniences. Yet, this doesn’t stop you from doing your job. You just focus on your task and do whatever you need to do. This is why you don’t get tired of the maintenance of your tools and apparatuses.

However, working with a drill tool is a lot of fun, as long as your drill bits don’t get dull. As I said earlier, this shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of a real versatile power tool. Read the whole article to learn the best way to sharpen your drill bits. Happy reading!

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How to Sharpen a Drill Bit – 5 Easy Ways

How to Sharpen A Drill Bit

What You’ll Need

In this article, we are going to discuss several tools related to sharpening drill bits. Here is the list of tools you can use to sharpen a dull drill bit.

  • Bench Grinder
  • Drill Doctor
  • Dremel Tool
  • Diamond File
  • Drill-Powered Bit Sharpening Tool

Note: This is quite a long list, yet, nothing to worry about. You may need one or two of those tools, depending on what type of drill bits you are going to sharpen. In most cases, only one tool will be sufficient for sharpening your drill bits. But, the alternatives are worth learning in order to choose the best tools.

Let’s start with a Bench Grinder!

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Sharpening Drill Bits with A Bench Grinder

A man sharpening a Drill Bit

Probably the easiest method of sharpening a drill bit is the one with a grinder. All you need to do is turn on the grinder and keep the drill bit at a position that touches your grinder’s wheel.

Generally, grinders got one coarse and one fine wheel. This feature allows you to find your desired results. However, they have different roles while performing. If your drill bit is exceptionally dull, go with the coarse wheel first, then go with the fine one until you get your desired result.

Alert! When you work with a power tool, you need to be cautious to avoid any possible accident. Moreover, you should wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Note: Not all of the drill bits could be sharpened with a grinder. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly sharpen masonry, twist bits, spur point bits, and flat wood, using a grinder.

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Using a Drill Doctor

Sharpening your drill bits with a drill doctor may be easy and efficient, but the problem is, you will not find the tool suitable for spur point bits, wood auger, and flat wood. Masonry and twist drill bits, however, can be sharpened easily with a Drill Doctor. Here is how to use a Drill Doctor.

First of all, you have to clamp your bit in the chuck of Drill Doctor. After that, select the required angle and lock the drill bit to the block. Turn on the machine and let the bit rotate half turns. Thus, both of the blades can be sharpened.

Keep rotating the bit until you get the desired results. Generally, after making 20 to 40 turns, the bit gets sharpened.

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Sharpen the Bit with A Dremel tool

Dremel tool is a very versatile tool. You can do many things with a Dremel, including sharpening drill bits. It works pretty much like a bench grinder when you want to sharpen bits. So, how can you do that?

First of all, you have to clamp the Dremel to your workbench. With the Dremel tool on, you position the drill bit in a way where it touches the abrasive surface of the Dremel. Thus, you can get the drill bits sharpened.

Note: Twist, masonry, and flat wood drill bits can go with a Dremel tool. But it would be difficult for you to work with the Dremel when it comes to more special bits.

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Way of sharpening Drill Bits with Diamond Files

Sharpening Drill Bits with a diamond file may be a lengthy process. But this is probably the only possible means to sharpen pilot screws, countersink, and auger bits. This tool also gets you a more precise result. Spur point bits can be sharpened with a Diamond File even more conveniently.

In the sharpening process, the diamond file works in a push and pull motion and goes in every direction you want.

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Use Drill-Powered Bit Sharpener

Drill Bit Sharpener is an attachment that turns a Drilling tool into a bit sharpener. This tool saves you money and gives you a good result. But, this sharpener isn’t a go-to tool for every drill bit. Only twist drill bits can be sharpened with this type of sharpeners. Here is how to use them.

First of all, you have to connect the drill machine to a little wheel secured in a dedicated frame for grinding. Then put the bit into a hole by holding it by hand. With the Drill tool on, the grinding wheel does the rest.

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Having all the sharpening drill bits methods discussed, I would suggest you choose among them depending on your project and budget. Not all of the tools do the same task, nor do they give you the same precision.

Moreover, a drill doctor is much more expensive than a drill sharpener attachment. If you want to sharpen twist drill bits only, you can go for a drill-powered bit sharpening tool.

By the way, Initially, you mayn’t find them user-friendly. Still, with a little bit of practice, you will learn all the methods discussed above. Hopefully, this article on how to sharpen drill bits will help you with your project.

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