How to Use a Pole Saw the Right Way?

Pole saws are of simple structure and mechanism.

When you look at it, it might seem like you can handle it with one hand. But in reality, this is not the case. It might have a slim simple body but a bit technical to operate. And it is because of its long pole structure.

The long pole when raised vertically, it will get a little heavy on your hands and become tricky to balance.

That’s why you must have the knowledge of how to use a pole saw. It can be dangerous if you randomly use it without following the user instructions.

Everything has a specific technique of using and so does the pole saws. The correct process will lead you to effective cutting and keep you safe from dangers.

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Perfect Use of a Pole Saw

How to Use a Pole Saw

To use a pole saw the right way, you need to follow some instructions. These are briefly outlined as follows:

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The first and most important point that you must not ignore is the safety measures. Pole saw is a cutting device with a sharp blade. A small mistake in handling can lead to a severe accident. That’s why it is very important to take all sorts of precautions before using it.

While using a pole saw, always wear a helmet to avoid head injuries. The branches of trees when cut falls freely from a certain height. It is very dangerous if such a free-falling branch ever hit your head while cutting. It might seriously hurt you and can be deadly too. The use of a helmet is the best way to avoid such mishaps.

You need to have a good grip on your pole saw when you hold it up vertically. To have maximum grip use working gloves. It will keep your hand safe from sharp things and deliver a good grip for handling the long pole.

When you are working with a powered pole saw, you can also use protective headphones. This will keep you guarded against the loud noise of powered saws.

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After using all the protective gear, now comes the main task to cut off branches using a pole saw. This includes a few steps to be followed.

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Step 1:

The first step for cutting using a pole saw is to select the branches you will be cutting. You need to start cutting branches from the lower part of the tree and move higher. That’s why planning is important before making a cut. Select the branches beforehand and start with the lowest one.

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Step 2:

The next task is to clear the area above which you are going to make the cut. Make sure there is nothing important to be damaged. Remove any fragile items and make sure no person goes under that tree while making a cut. Always check if there is an electric source or wire. Take professional help if there is any.

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Step 3:

If the area is safe to go, now position yourself to start the cutting process. Do not stand just under the cutting branch. Maintain a safe distance and stand. It is easy to select the standing spot. You won’t be cutting straight up vertically. You have to place your pole saw in a slightly bent position making an angle. This will give you an effective cut and help you stand at a safer distance.

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Step 4:

Now place your saw blade on the designated branch. The positioning of the cutting head on the branch is different for different pole saws. For a manual saw, you have to place in a way whereas for a powered chain blade saw you would not need to do that.

Manual pole saw generally works in pull mechanism. You have to manually make the strokes to cut the branch. To cut with a manual pole, saw you have to place your saw blade on the tree branch in a position that you can make pull strokes.

For powered pole saws, there is no such hard and fast rules. You can simply place its cutting head over the branch, start the machine and it will do its job automatically.

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When you are done with making successful cuts, it’s time to wrap up and clean the place. At times you may find the cut branches halfway hanging on the tree. This is the time when you can use your pole saw branch hook. Hook it with cut branch and pull it gently. It will help you to get rid of the branch effortlessly.

After all the work, clean off all the cut branches and twigs.

That’s the perfect way you can get your trees trimmed using a pole saw.

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Final Words

Using a pole saw is not difficult if you know the correct way of handling it.

Once you know how to use a pole saw, trimming will be the easiest job for you. No helping hands needed, no professional assistance. You can do all the works all by yourself.

However, knowing the appropriate way of using it is important. As it is a cutting device, it is meant to be somewhat dangerous. You must handle it with proper safety and step by step.

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