Echo Vs Stihl Pole Saw – Which Saw Is Best for Your Garden?

Are you looking for the best pruning tool for your garden? Chainsaws are great to start with. But how about having a long, efficient pole saw?

Well, you can prune shrubs as well as the high branches of trees. Plus, brands like Echo and Stihl have brought to you several models of pole saws. Hence, it is now a lot easier to trim the unwanted parts of the tall trees in your garden.

Choosing the right pole saw may be challenging, yet it’s time to find out your one and utter a final say on Echo vs. Stihl pole saw. Let’s get to know about two of the best pole saws on the market.

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Stihl Vs. Echo Pole Saw: What You Need to Know

There are different areas of excellences as well as weaknesses of the both pole saw models from these two popular brands. Here is a fresh exploration of the both pole power pruners.

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Stihl Pole Saw

Stihl Pole Saw

Stihl is a famous brand for tools related to gardening, especially the handheld power tools such as chainsaws, pole saws, etc. Stihl comes with some lightweight pruners with a long pole that reaches the hard-to-get-to places of a tall plant.

Besides, it has an Easy2Start mechanism which reduces the time and effort you spend in trimming and pruning the high branches, trunks, and dead limbs of trees.

To be more specific, the pole saw is 9.2 feet long and has 27.2cc gas-powered engine. Let’s not confuse it with the battery-powered pole saws as well as manually-powered ones.

Although the Stihl produces pruning tools in a wide range of varieties, it maintains that each model meets the demands of average users of it. For example, when you a want long pole and powerful engine, you will also want to be compact and lightweight.

Besides, the blade of the saw has to be blunt and durable. You can even oil, sharpen, and replace the blade whenever you need. The pole saw comes with an EmaticTM guide bar that you also find in Stihl chainsaws. Despite having all of these features, the pole saw doesn’t weigh more than 12.8 lbs.

Lastly, if you are looking for a powerful pole saw that works great in terms of pruning, yet doesn’t leaves a lot a of carbon footprints, you get to choose the Stihl pole saw.

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Features of a Stihl Pole Saw

  • The engine delivers enough force to cut down the limbs of most of the trees in your garden.
  • The blade so blunt and effective that it saves your time and effort. In case it gets dull, you can sharpen or replace it with a new one.
  • An Easy2Start technology helps you have a fresh, hassle-free start.
  • You can oil the chain to keep it effective and operable.

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Echo Pole Saw

Echo Pole Saw

Echo brand has produced a series of power pruners so far. However, the Echo PPT-2620 model has been the most popular all the time. It comes with a pole that maintains a variable length. The primary length is 8 feet, but you can extend it to 12 feet by twisting a T-nut in the shaft.

The chainsaw attached to the end of the pole is also powerful. The 25.4cc engine is capable of cutting down the limbs almost all the ordinary plants found in a garden. The blade is sharp enough to offer you an effortless action the thick limbs of trees.

Besides, it uses an in-line handle that is easy to hold. However, the Echo has other models with a D-ring handle that is perhaps comfortable for a number of users.

Not only that, but you will also get a harness that allows you to keep balance when pruning the branches of trees. So, it’s a combination of several features that come together to make it one of the favorite pole saw models for many gardeners.

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Features of Echo PPT-2620 Pole Saw

  • The pole saw has variable length options that allow you to reach different heights more comfortably.
  • The in-line handle offers a comfortable grip for the use.
  • A harness helps you maintain balance when you work with the power pruner.

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Echo Vs. Stihl Pole Saw: Which Is the Right One for You?

Echo Vs Stihl Pole Saw

A pole saw is nothing more than a chainsaw attached to one end of the pole. The pole helps you reach the hard-to-get-to places of a plant when the chainsaw cuts down the limbs you target. So, when it comes to pole saws, consider two things:

  • How powerful is the engine and how the chainsaw (that is attached to pole) performs?
  • How far can the pole go in terms of heights?

That said, it is now clear that a pole saw is meant for an extended length where the Echo pole saw wins the bid. However, there is another thing to consider; the power of the engine. If you consider its 27.2cc engine, the Stihl pole saw is also a good deal. The 9.2 feet long pole is not so bad either. Besides, you will also have an Easy2Start technology in the Stihl pole saw.

On the other hand, Echo pole saw comes with a harness that helps you maintain balance. The user will also get a comfortable grip. The point is, the Echo does not only have the 12 feet long pole, it also has other necessary features that you may look for.

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Having discussed Echo vs. Stihl pole saw, it appears that none of them has a monopoly in terms of features. It is just about choosing according to your need. If there are a lot of tall trees in your garden, you are likely to choose a pole saw with the necessary length. If it’s so, an Echo pole saw would be your best pruning companion.

On the other hand, if you have to deal with shorter trees, you are likely to choose the Stihl pole saw for its powerful engine. So, choose wisely and say goodbye to all the dead limbs of the trees in your garden.

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