How to Use A Manual Tile Cutter – Step-by-Step Guideline

Can you cut ceramic tile with a manual tile cutter?

Do you ever face this question and remain silent. If that is the case then you are in the right place to get all your answer.

A manual tile cutter can be an ideal choice for you. It is a more secure, pleasant, and cost-effective approach. It’s also the best tile cutter for cutting straight cuts in porcelain and ceramic tiles. Even, you can simply furnish any ideas according to your desired tiling project.

Get ready to know every detail on how to use a manual tile cutter machine and what variables to deem before you break ground.

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What Is A Manual Tile Cutter?

A manual cutter is great for creating straight cuts in your porcelain, ceramic or mosaic tile. Sometimes they are also described as a rail, snap or score cutter.

It is essential to comprehend that you cannot use it on stone tiles. Even it is not for any mixture cuts or in tiny areas. They’re perfect for cutting tiles with a thickness of no more than 8mm.

Meanwhile, to cut porcelain or mosaic, a heavy-duty manual tile cutter is the best alternative.

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How to Use a Manual Tile Cutter: An In-Depth Guide

Using A Manual Tile Cutter

A manual tile cutter is a basic and effective scoring instrument for cutting straight lines in tiles. You will find a great number of tile cutting machines that are compatible with both porcelain and ceramic.

Though a lot of individuals gets confused between the question of How to use a manual tile cutter on mosaic or how to use a manual tile cutter on porcelain.

Stay with me to discover every aspect of how to use a manual tile cutter step by step:

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Buying A Tile Cutter

Do not hurry when you have decided to purchase a tile cutter. There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing.

Get in a tile cutter that is larger than the tiles you’ll be cutting. For this, you need to assess the tile from edge to edge then choose a tile cutter that is at least 2.5 cm bigger.

For a diagonal pattern, measure it from one corner to the opposite corner to get the best outcome. On the other hand, a rotating guide can help you to create cuts at various angles.

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Practicing the Cut

A manual tile cutter is a significantly safer option when compared to other tile equipment. It contains a scoring wheel and a tiny pair of jaws for separating the two parts.

If you’re a newbie, try cutting with scrap or low-cost tile pieces. You can get the best efficiency and achieve an optimum project outcome by practising repeatedly. This stage is just for beginners; pros can jump ahead to next step.

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Creating A Cut Mark

You can use a normal pencil to mark a cut on the tiles. It is the perfect tool for outlining the incisions on both sides of the tiles. Thus you can cut your tiles without any unwanted breakage.

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Adjust the Level

Obviously, you’ll need it to do the assignment efficiently. The tile cutter’s handle should be slid toward you and wait for a while until it comes to a complete halt.

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Tile Placement

Do not put the opposite side of the tiles into the cutter while cutting. It means that the glazed side will be facing up. Also, make sure that the measuring line is aligned with the centre guideline and is secured in place.

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Moving the Level

Set the lever first, thus you can move your level as the tungsten is above the designated line. Each tile should only be scored once. Doing repeated passes raises your risk of damaging the tile or creating erratic cuts.

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Cutting It Into Two

To split the tile in half, press gently on the lever on the weakest area. Give gentle pressure to keep it from shattering anywhere rather than the scoreline. Sweep the stone’s rough surface back and forth across the jagged edge like sandpaper. Blurring the newly cut edge will prevent it from danger while putting the tile later.

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Safety Procedures for Tile Cutter

When it comes to tile cutting, it is quite safe compared to other equipment. However, to avoid the chance of unwelcome risks, you must take certain precautions.

Cover your face with a mask or anything to keep the chopped tiles from getting into your eyes.

Try and ensure that there’s enough space between the grout joint and the movement connection.

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Advantages of Using A Manual Tile Cutter

The benefit of having a manual tile cutter is as follows:

The tile cutter makes precise cuts with little effort. The approach is useful since it allows for an unrestricted move to different spots. It creates less dust, keeping your working space more convenient.

They’re quite dependable, and they’re visibly cleaner. Because there are no constraints on heavy-duty tools or plugs, manual tile cutters allow for simple adjustments in your project.

Manual tile cutters do not require power, making them a low-cost option. The model’s low weight makes it possible to operate for long periods without becoming fatigued.

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A Quick Note

For using a manual cutter, you’ll get the scoring wheel, which comes in several sizes. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for which wheel to get since not all scoring wheels are suitable for all materials.

Before you begin cutting, make sure you have the proper wheel installed.

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Final Words

When you know every detail regarding how to operate a manual tile cutter, you can explore that it is a cost-effective solution to keep up with tiling trends. Even you can take control of your bathroom or kitchen renovation by doing it all alone.

To do a great job by yourself with tiles, a tile cutter is an excellent idea. It is handy for both professionals and beginners. You can confront your assignment with confidence if you know how to use a manual tile cutter safely.

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