Best 14 inch Bandsaws in 2023 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

Searching for the best 14 inch bandsaw? Looked everywhere and nothing really caught your eyes?

Well, I can assure you that your search comes to an end here. You are about to find the most anticipated bandsaw that you were looking for everywhere.

Bandsaws are wood cutting saws that are specialized for woodworking. They have many unique aspects that are absent in other cutting saws, and that makes them highly desirable for woodworking.

Its functionality, structural design, and performance are factors that influence the standard of the saw. And considering all these factors I have arranged here this suggestion list for you. Let’s find the top-rated 14-inch bandsaw in 2021.

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Our Top Picks

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5 Best 14 Inch Bandsaw Reviews of 2022

It is better to choose from some of the finest bandsaws than diving into a sea of all qualities of saws. That’s why I have selected only 5 top 14 inches bandsaws and reviewed them unbiasedly in the following section to help you pick the perfect one.

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1. Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

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Do you want something big? Jet gives the ultimate size that you desire.

The famous brand has a professional standard maintaining 14 inches bandsaw to meet all your demands. From strength to service— it can deliver you everything.

The first thing the professionals seek in a bandsaw is the versatility it can offer. As a woodworker, you will require to use different techniques to bring your artwork to life. Hence this saw has been designed and constructed focusing on this core factor.

Your beautiful piece of wood or the large lumber that you want to process finely with your own hand can fit this band saw with ease. Its broad 12 inches cutting height with 13.5 inches throat lets all the lumber slide through smoothly.

Its 15 x 15 inches worktable can be compared to a medium-sized bed table. It is wide enough and strong enough to bear any hefty lumber. You can use it for resawing, book matching, rip cuts, miter cuts, crosscuts, and even bevel cuts.

Not only for versatility in cutting techniques, but this Jet JWBS-14DXPRO 14-inch band saw is proficient in cutting multiple materials too. You can cut materials like metal and plastic by the virtue of its dual speeding system.

Changing the blade is a piece of cake for this saw. It has a spring tension design which you can flexibly adjust as per your need. You can always keep track of the blade for safety and precision with its small peeking window.

Speaking about durability, this saw is made of cast iron material to ensure heavy-duty performance. Its ball-bearing construction can deliver long time service without wearing off anytime soon.

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  • A vast 12 x 13.5 inches cutting capability. Can do resawing and other large wood processing jobs.
  • 15 x15 inches wide worktable. Can fit large lumber.
  • Has a dual speeding system. Can cut multiple materials.
  • Durable saw with cast iron construction and ball bearing attachments.
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    2. Rikon 10-326 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw

    Rikon 10-326 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

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    Bandsaws are tools that are bought once and servers years. They are not something that you buy now and then.

    So, you invest in one high-quality saw that can give you service for a very long time. And one such notable bandsaw is this model from Rikon. This saw will be worth each penny you spend on this.

    This Rikon 10-326 14″ Bandsaw will come in handy for professional woodworking. It provides a huge cutting capability with a massive 13 inches cutting height and 13.625 inches throat capacity. This is something you can use for resawing your own lumber.

    The wide and sturdy table can equip your large lumbers without any difficulty. It is made so to bear such loads. It will assist you with its 6 inches rip fence to tag along while carving your large wood piece.

    Using a bandsaw can be tricky but not this one. This model of band saw has been redesigned to include the most convenient usability. Anybody can use this saw from pro to novice.

    The most significant change in this saw is the addition of a tool-free adjustment system. You won’t be needing any screwdrivers or wrenches. No such extra hassles for any sort of adjustments. From regulating blade guides to tensioning the blade, you can do all within seconds with its knob system.

    The saw includes a cabinet stand. It delivers you with dual facilities. One by giving your heavy saw with a good grip and stability as a stand. And secondly with a storage facility. You can store all the necessary tools that you keep losing all in one place.

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  • With the highest cutting capacity of 13 x 13.625 inches, it can assist in large wood carving and resawing.
  • Straightforward operating system. Anybody can use it.
  • Tool-free adjustment system. No hassles of wrenches and screwdrivers.
  • Consists of a cabinet stand. Useful for storing necessary tools.
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    3. WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand

    WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight

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    For woodworking, you always do not need a professional bandsaw. A bandsaw like this one, from Wen, will be perfect for your DIY projects.

    It is the bestseller 14-inch bandsaw from Wen. People prefer this bandsaw over others considering its price and performance.

    This WEN 3966T 14-inch band saw can give you every service that a saw with a much higher price can deliver. The first thing that you require is a wide cutting height. You can easily fit large sized lumber up to 8.85 inches in this saw. So, your first necessity is already fulfilled.

    Now the power. This saw has a 9.5 Amp motor, capable of devouring any type of material from wood to metal. In that case, you will be needing to change the blade as per the material you will be cutting. Hence the saw gives the flexibility of changing blades of sizes ranging from 0.125 inches to 1 inch broad.

    Correct blade tensioning is important to get the best results while woodworking. And this saw’s tensioning system focuses on that. It consists of a very simple way of adjusting the tension. Besides accuracy, the saw has a tension meter to reveal the existing blade tension.

    Giving you a little extra amenity is the uniqueness of this Wen saw. In this saw, you get a work light facility. It illuminates the work area just like the daylight. You never have to work in the dark. With this on, you will always be on the bright side.

    About its dust port, you do not have to worry at all. This saw gives the options of 3 dust ports. You can use any of them that fits your vacuum cleaner hose. Cleaning the sawdust is the simplest thing to do for this saw.

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  • Has a cutting capacity of 8.85 inches.
  • Can use blades from 0.125 inch to 1 inch broad to cut through multiple materials.
  • Easy blade tension adjustment system with a tension tracking facility.
  • Has a unique work light feature.
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    4. Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw with Cast Iron Wheels & Deluxe Aluminum Fence

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    For your aspiring woodworking projects or your necessary construction tasks, you can meet all your needs with this Shop Fox 14 inches bandsaw. It is ideal for beginners or hobbyists.

    Sturdy structure and durable design is the first thing to talk about for this saw. Its cast-iron body structure gives it rigidity and strength to tackle all work abuse it is about to go through. Its ball-bearing design avoids unnecessary friction. The total structure is made to be durable throughout time.

    This Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw has an average cutting capacity that can serve for regular carving and sawing purposes. In addition to that, if you require to do resawing works, you can get a riser block kit for this saw. This will give you a cutting capacity of a total of 12 inches high.

    Accuracy is a big factor for woodworking, and this saw from Wen ensures that for you. Its worktable comprises all sorts of necessary scaling systems including a fixed inches scale, miter gauge, and a flexible rip fence.

    It can assist you in making accurate crosscuts, rip cuts, miter cuts, and other forms of cuts. This saw can also assist in making bevel cuts with the highest bevel capacity of +45o and -10o.

    Good cutting speed is necessary for fine and smooth cutting of the materials. Delivering such speed is not a problem for its 1HP highly efficient motor. Its 1,725 blade speed is enough to cut wood effectively.

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  • Cast iron body frame structure with ball bearing guides. Durable for long time use.
  • Has a cutting capacity of 6 inches. Can be raised to 12 inches with a riser kit.
  • Comes along with accessories like rip fence and miter gauge. These assist in making accurate cuts.
  • Ran by 1 HP motor. Efficient to deliver a total 1725 blade speed.
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    5. Grizzly G0555LX 14-Inch Deluxe Bandsaw

    Grizzly G0555LX 14-inch Deluxe Bandsaw

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    It’s another alternative for beginners. This easy-going Grizzly bandsaw is quite a big shot for DIYers and hobbyists. It has such high functionality to attract the professionals too.

    You can expect to see a sturdy structural construction in this Grizzly 14-inch band saw. The saw is made with due care to last long. Its core attachments are made with ball bearings to avoid friction and wearing off. Cast iron frame to cast iron worktable, everything is super strong to bear all work abuse.

    Precision is given the top priority in this saw. The wheels of this saw are placed with a computerized balancing system. This ensures there is no inaccuracy in positions. Flawlessly positioned components guarantees you get accurate cuts in each effort.

    You get a cutting capability of 6 inches high with this saw. This can be raised to 12 inches with a separate riser kit. This will be a great help for your resawing jobs.

    The Grizzly G0555LX deluxe bandsaw can deliver a tilting capability of sharp 45o to the right and 10o to the left for you to make bevel cuts. To assist you in making other important cuts accurately, the saw includes various essential gauges.

    It has an old school column-mounted power button. Nothing too sophisticated or complicated. It is very simple to use and easy to reach. You can in no time reach out for the button without much effort. And for security purposes, it includes a padlock system to avoid accidental powering of the machine.

    In this model of Grizzly saw has an open base. It has a heavy-duty ensured steel stool as the base. It holds the total saw firmly on a place guaranteeing a steady working experience.

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  • Sturdy body with ball bearing attachments. Can give a heavy-duty performance for a long time.
  • Precisely positioned for accurate works.
  • 6 inches cutting capability can be increased to 12 inches with a riser kit. Ideal for resawing.
  • Has an open stool base made of steel.
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    Things to Consider Before Buying a 14-Inch Bandsaw

    Buying can be easy if you have a comprehensive guide to buy the item. To make your 14-inch bandsaw shopping easy, I have pointed out here some core factors about bandsaws.

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    Height and Throat Capacity

    Best 14 inch Bandsaw

    The throat and the height capacity of the bandsaw together form the cutting capacity of the saw. It determines how big of a wood chunk the saw can fit in it to make necessary cuts.

    The cutting height designates the highest point the blade guard can be lifted to make room for the lumber to fit. However, it’s just not the space it can arrange. The capacity denotes the space it can give to make successful cuts. That is, the height the saw can manage to fit the lumber required to make the necessary cuts.

    The throat capacity denotes the breadth. It is the open room the saw has to offer to fit the width of the lumber. It is the space between the column and the blade.

    The larger the capacity your saw has the better it is for making independent cuts. So look for the saws with higher capacity when you are looking for one.

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    Fewer Vibration Effects

    As the blade runs through the thick wood chunk, it creates vibrating effects. This vibrating effect can be very daunting at times. This may create unevenness and ruin the fineness of the cut.

    The construction material of the saw plays a huge role in eliminating or diminishing this effect. It is seen that the saws which are made of welded steel tend to perform better in absorbing such effect.

    Again, the structure of the saw also has a role to play in here. The base of the saw helps it to remain steady while working with thick material. The cabinet stands have more rigidity and thus helps the saw to remain firm in its place without shaking.

    Such small matters together result in eliminating the unnecessary vibrating effect and helps in making effective cuts.

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    Blade Guidepost

    The best form of blade guideposts is the tool-free ones. The adjustment system where you do not need any extra tool. The guidepost itself has its own knob system or any other cool facility to adjust it. Such adjustment systems are free from extra hassles. Whenever you require you can work on it.

    The rack and pinion guideposts are worth mentioning. Such format restrains the guidepost from free falling when the lock is loosened to adjust it. The spring-loaded ones are also effective in such cases.

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    Blade Tensioning System

    For making accurate cuts, blade tension is very important. Loose blades won’t give the expected results. The blade must be properly tensioned for better results.

    In this case, the easier the system of blade tensioning the better the saw is. The best system of blade tensioning is having the knob system. Mostly such knob for blade tensioning remains on the top or behind the upper wheel housing. You can easily reach it and fix the blade tension you require.

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    Additional Features

    14 Inch Bandsaw Reviews

    Having some additional features is always welcomed. Who does not want anything extra? But having necessary additional features is much beneficial than the unnecessary ones.

    To point out some necessary accessories, the first one to pop is a work light. The work light is an essential tool. For making efficient cuts, you need the workspace to be brightly illuminated. With a clear view of the cut, you can make straight and accurate cuts. That’s why a work light might come handy.

    If we consider so, dust ports are actually a very important factor for a 14 wood bandsaw. Without it, you will have to clean the saw manually little by little. It is time consuming and annoying too. But the facility of a dust port will allow you to use a vacuum cleaner to scrape out all the sawdust from the saw.

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    FAQs about Bandsaws

    Let’s now check some of the most frequently asked questions about bandsaws and proffesionals’ answeres to them. These FAQs will help you decide which one to pick, use it to serve your purpose and maintain it for years-after-years use.

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    What is the purpose of the bandsaw?

    Ans. The main purpose of a bandsaw is to cut wood. It can cut plywood, thick wood chunk, multiple layers of wood, and so on. It is used for carving out different shapes in wood, for duplicating cuts, to make rip cross cuts, notch cuts, and many other cuts. The specialized task that is accomplished by a bandsaw is resawing. It can resaw bulky lumber into thin planks.

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    How to use a bandsaw?

    Ans. Using a bandsaw is very easy compared to other saws. However, practice is a must to make accurate cuts. There is no universal rule for using a bandsaw but a few rules to follow.

    The first thing to ensure is safety. Wear all the necessary protective gear. Wear gloves to safely handle sharp materials. Use eye goggles to prevent sawdust to get in the eyes. If working long hours, make sure to wear protecting headphones.

    Now to the cutting material. Fix the blade and the blade tension as per the material cutting. Adjust the guidepost height with respect to the height of the designated material. Then align the material with the blade in a straight line. Take the help of the guide fence if necessary.

    After positioning the material to be cut, now its time to make the actual cut. Gently push the material towards the blade. Do not push too hard or too fast. Such action can result in sudden accidents.

    Again, do not slide the material too slow. This will wear off the blade and also will make a bad quality cut. Maintain a medium speed of sliding and make a successful cut.

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    How do I maintain a bandsaw?

    Ans. Maintaining a bandsaw is important. It increases the functionality of the saw. The whole maintenance process is done by unplugging the saw.

    Firstly, clean the sawdust off from the saw. You can do this with an air compressor or with a vacuum cleaner. It is simple with a vacuum cleaner. Just attach the cleaner hose to the dust port, it will expel all the sawdust off from the saw.

    However, this doesn’t do holistic cleaning. With an air compressor, you can manually remove all the sawdust from even tiny spaces.

    Remove the blade from the saw. Then clean the rubber covering of the wheels. The wheels accumulate lots of dirt on it. Take a brush and gently brush off the dirt while revolving the wheel.

    Then go for the worktable and body frame. Use rust remover to clean the metal body frame and the worktable. Rub the surfaces with a clean cloth.

    To clean the small parts, use a small brush for easy access. Clean the tiny spaces with due care. The dirt of such spaces accumulate for a long time and create permanent damage to the saw. That’s why such spaces should be focused more.

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    What should be the average power of the motor for a bandsaw?

    Ans. The power of the saw is a matter of priority for powered saws. Its power determines how effectively the saw will work. Different saws have different power ranges.

    For heavy jobs, you would be needing higher power. Whereas for random woodworking, a lower-powered saw will be adequate for you. On average it is better to have a bandsaw anywhere in between 1/3 HP to 1.5 HP. This range will give you enough power to accomplish your woodworking tasks.

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    What is the average speed a bandsaw should have?

    Ans. The average speed that a bandsaw should have is about 1000 FPM. It is the speed adequate for cutting wood and other materials. The speed of the saw can be taken higher as wood requires very high cutting speed.

    But it is the safe speed range. The higher the speed the more dangerous it is. Higher speeds increase the risk level of using the saw.

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    Final Words

    If you pick one from all these best 14″ bandsaws, one thing is sure, you will not regret your decision. All of them are of the best quality with standard maintaining functionality. No matter which one you choose, you will be the ultimate winner.

    However, picking one from all these can be a little tough. Which one to choose leaving which one? To end your dilemma, I would suggest you go for RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14-Inch Deluxe Bandsaw. Its sophisticated functionality and heavy-duty performance giving capability will offer you a whole new experience of woodworking.

    I hope your hesitation ends here and you finally get the best 14-inch bandsaw.

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