Best Portable Band Saws for Metal & Wood – [Details Reviewed]

Do you know why portable band saw is called “bandsaw” even though it does not cut wood?

Yeah, you may have guessed right. It is called likewise because of its resemblance of structure with the bigger one, i.e. the wood cutting bandsaw.

Typically, portable bandsaws are used for cutting metals. They can also cut plastic and other materials with a few shifts on blade speed and blade itself.

Portable bandsaw is a very helpful and must-have workshop tool. If you already do not have one, go ahead and grab one from the list below.

I have made a list of the best portable band saw in 2021 so that you can find the desired one easily.

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Our Top Picks

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5 Best Portable Band Saw Reviews in 2021

If you search for the best, you will have no other option but choose the finest. That’s why I have handpicked only the best portable band saws. Let’s now read the reviews and pick the one that meets your needs.

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1. DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Portable Band Saw

DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Portable Band Saw

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The first one on our list is Dewalt portable band saw. It secured its position among the best for its capability and quality. It has much popularity among professionals for the same reason. This model of the saw is one of a kind portable bandsaw.

It is a 20V lithium-ion battery powered bandsaw. The mighty tool has a high working capability. It generates a consistent working speed best for the sawing tasks. It delivers heavy-duty performance very silently.

You can fulfil your cutting demands of up to 2.5 inches deep with this highly functional tool. Your plumbing works or constructional works or any other works can be effortlessly dealt with this saw.

Its dual bearing blade guide is highly durable in its work. Both the guides deliver firm support for the blade to be in a steady position and follow its track. This in turn also increases the life of the blade.

Its structural design is a noteworthy factor to be mentioned. This saw has its handle just at the center. This ergonomic design helps balance the saw properly and makes using the saw more effortless. Both the handles are holistically overmolded by a rubber grip. The grip helps in holding the saw firmly without slipping.

As an additional feature, the saw has a work light-infused on it. It illuminates the working space and helps to have a clear view cut.

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  • Powered by 20 V lithium-ion battery.
  • Has a massive 2.5 inches deep cutting capacity.
  • Dual bearing blade guides to keep the blade on a fixed track. This increases the durability of the blade.
  • The main handle is situated in the center of the saw with a rubber covering. Helps in handling the saw smoothly.

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2. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit 

milwaukee 2429-21xc m12 cordless sub-compact bandsaw kit

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Portability is highly connected to weight. Focusing on the issue Milwaukee has brought out this model of the portable cordless bandsaw. It’s a lightweight saw with full flexibility of movability.

Its lightweight body favors its single handle design structure. You are given to use this saw with one hand. With one hand you can lift the saw, manage the saw and also make the cuts. So, you can imagine how lightweight the saw can be.

Despite being a small device with a feathery body, the saw has massive cutting capacity. It can generate a blade speed of 280 FPM. Plastic pipes to metal rods of various thicknesses can be cut with the saw.

You can cut about 1.625 inches of thickness materials with this. Can you think about the items you kept aside for cutting? This saw can cut through all your wide-body materials within seconds.

The battery life of the saw is something to highlight. This tiny body can retain charge for longer hours and make quite a large number of cuts per charge. To an utter surprise, the saw can take it up to 150 cuts with one go.

LED light is an extra feature but a very useful one indeed. You can work even on the dark working space using this saw. Its flashy LED light can illuminate the area while cutting with it.

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  • Lightweight body made for working single-handedly.
  • Has a blade speed of 280 FPM. Can cut through materials efficiently.
  • Can go a long way by charging once.
  • Includes a LED light feature to illuminate the workspace.

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3. DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

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This is the second Dewalt portable bandsaw to rank the suggestion list. This model of Dewalt band saw has some unique features different from the previous one. These cool features have compelled me to add this saw to this list.

This is an electrically powered saw. Its 10 Amp motor operates the total saw to make successful cuts. This generates a high cutting strength to rip off 5 inches thick material. Whether you are cutting a pipe or a rod, be sure that it is going to be effective.

The saw has a very work-friendly structural design. Its size, shape, and structure are such that you can use it comfortably. It has the system of using both hands to operate the tool.

This saw is perfect for heavy-duty works. Its power, its structure, its everything makes it ideal for industrial jobs or professional tasks. Its huge cutting capability and convenient body structure make it suitable for heavy works.

The saw is overmolded by a rubber grip to help you hold it tightly. Not only that, but it’s both the wheels are protected by bumpers. All these rubber coverings are very helpful not for the only grip. They are really effective in absorbing the forces from the bumps and hits while working with it.

As additional features, the saw has a hook and a LED light. The hook might seem unnecessary but comes very handy while storing the saw. If you lay it around without caring, there is a big chance you will damage its body components. That’s why you need a hanging hook. It will keep your saw away from any careless detriments.

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  • Electrically powered device. Operated by a 10 Amp motor.
  • Well-designed body structure with double handles. Very convenient for use.
  • Handles and wheels are shielded by rubber coverings to offer grip and protection from work abuse.
  • Has features of work light and hanging hook.

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4. Makita 18v Lxt Lithium-ion Cordless Portable Band Saw XBP02Z

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This portable bandsaw from Makita is a cordless one. Powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery and can deliver high sawing performance for all your sawing sessions.

Being cordless it eliminates the first constraint of limited portability. For this saw, there is nothing like a limited moving possibility. Its cordless structure gives unconstrained maneuverability. You can carry it around wherever necessary. For this feature, it is very popular among professionals.

With this saw, you can make remarkably deeper cuts. The saw has the capability of cutting through 4.75 inches thickness. This massive cutting capacity makes it suitable for cutting chunky materials.

The material does not only denote metal here. This versatile saw can cut through many other materials besides metal. And all this is possible with its variability in blade speed. The saw has a wide range of speed generating capacity. The range starts from as little as 275 FPM and slowly rises to reach a huge speed of 530 FPM.

Its blade speed is selected in a very convenient process. The saw has a quick and easy dialing system that lets you select your desired speed. This sophisticated dialing system is implanted on the handle just beside the trigger to have easy access to it.

The trigger of this saw also has a different story to tell. This comes with a unique system of lock off. It is a safety feature implanted considering your utmost security while using the saw. This system insists on dual action for initiating power. So, you can be more secured from accidental power initiation.

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  • Cordless portable bandsaw. Powered by 18V lithium-ion battery.
  • Has a cutting capacity of 4.75 inches. Suitable for cutting thick materials.
  • Wide range of speeding options from a range of 275 FPM to 530 FPM. Selected using a dialing system.
  • Dual-action bearing safety power trigger.

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5. WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw

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In a tight fit budget? This saw from Wen will be the most suitable one for you being under budget. It is a saw with a perfect balance of price and performance. It is a proper win-win deal to get this Wen saw. You meet your budget constraint and also get a standard maintaining efficient saw.

This is not just a saw it’s a jackpot. This handheld saw can give you a lot more than you can think of coming to such a low price compared to others. The first feature that will blow your mind up is its massive cutting capacity. You can cut up to 5 x 5 inches voluminous body with it. Even the expensive ones cannot offer you this.

It is typically made for cutting metals. For versatility in cutting materials, you will require versatility in blade speed. And it gives you that. You get a range of blade speed from 60 to 420 FPM. You can make your own choice and cut your material with the required blade speed.

With the change of material to be cut, you need to change the blade too. The saw allows you to use a 10 TPI blade or a 14 TPI blade for your cutting sessions. You may choose anyone based on the material cutting.

All these cutting capabilities are generated by its highly powerful 10 Amp motor. With all the necessary components, including the motor and the battery, it weighs only 14.5 pounds. So, working for long hours with this won’t be a big deal.

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  • Efficient bandsaw with so many unique features that come at a very reasonable price.
  • Has a massive cutting capacity of 5 x 5 inches.
  • Versatility in generating blade speed gives versatility in cutting materials.
  • Can switch between 10 TPI blades or 14 TPI blades.

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FAQs about Portable Band Saw

Let’s now see what people often ask about metal cutting band saws  and how professionals answer their queries.

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What is the purpose of a portable bandsaw?

Ans. Where typical bandsaws are saws especially for woodworking, the portable ones have a different purpose. The portable bandsaws are typically used for cutting metals. They are used in metal fabrication workshops. They have differences in structure based on their purpose.

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Can portable bandsaws cut through the wood?

Ans. Portable bandsaws are not typically used for cutting wood. But it is not like that it cannot cut wood. It can cut through wood. The only restriction is the thickness. It cannot cut through large wood chunk or thick wood. The thinner woodpile can be cut using a portable band saw.

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How to use a portable bandsaw?

Ans. For using any power saw, the first step would be to take the necessary precautions. Safety is first. Wear eye goggles and gloves to keep yourself on the safe side.

Then clamp the cutting material in a place. Make sure the material remains fixed on a place so that it does not slip off or move away from the saw while cutting.

The next step is to trigger the power. Always start the power and get the saw to the fullest speed before making the contact with the cutting material. The blade must be moving and moving at its highest speed.

When you are cutting the material never put extra pressure on it with the saw. Let the saw cut on its own. Let the blade pass through the material with the force of its own weight.

Position the blade at an angle with the material. Hold the saw in such a way that the blade comes in contact with the material with as many teeth as possible.

And following all these steps then initiate your cut. When you are close to finishing get a firm grip on the saw so that after cutting the material it does not slip off your hand. Thus, you use a portable band saw to make necessary cuts.

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How to change the blade of the portable band saw?

Ans. Changing the portable bandsaw blade is very simple. Just a few easy steps and you’re done with changing.

In the first step, you have to take off the battery from the saw. Then turn the saw around and move to the tension switch. Release the tension of the blade by undoing the tension switch. Do not forget to retract the foot. Now turn the blade side up and gently pull out the blade from the saw. Make sure you are wearing gloves while taking out the sharp blade.

Now the second phase, implanting a new blade. This phase is exactly similar to the process of taking out the blade but in the opposite direction. In this phase, first, you put the new blade on. Insert the blade carefully around the two wheels. Put it into the bearings and make it set on its track. Turn the saw over and tighten the tension switch. Put the foot back on its position. And at the end put the battery back on the saw.

Thus, you can easily change the blade of the portable saws.

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Final Words

Coming to the end doesn’t mean the end. Basically, it’s just the beginning. Now you have to make your decision which portable bandsaw you want to go for.

Throughout this list, you came across different portable bandsaws with different criteria and specialties. The portable saw of one standard or the other might have matched your necessities, I hope. If you already have your eyes on any, it’s great.

However, if it is not the case, let me choose one for you. And if I have to choose one, I will go for WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw for its excellent performance. I do not have to explain why I chose that as you can check yourself just going through the details of this best portable bandsaw.

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