Best 17 Inch Bandsaws in 2023

Bandsaw and woodcarving are deeply connected. No professional woodworkers but use a bandsaw.

The 17 inches bandsaw is a quite bigger version of the typical ones and used in woodworking workshops. A bandsaw minimizes half the hard task in woodworking. You may not be using a bandsaw but once you use it you wouldn’t want to shift back.

The right bandsaw can give you the best results. In your search for the right one, I will be helping you with this best 17 inch bandsaw list.

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My Top Picks

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Top 5 Best 17 Inch Bandsaw in 2022

I have selected 5 of the best 17-inch bandsaws from Grizzly. Hope you will find the finest Grizzly 17-inch bandsaw you are looking for.

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1. Grizzly G0513 2 HP 17-Inch Bandsaw

Grizzly G0513 2 HP 17-Inch Bandsaw

This model of Grizzly is a sophisticated one. Its versatile blade size to power everything about it makes it stand out from others. Every single detail about the machine is flawless and valuable.

Whether you are woodworking or doing some metal works, you can take advantage of this tool. Its dual speeding system is just perfect for cutting both wood and metal. The high-speed 3500 FPM is ideal for wood whereas the low-speed 1600 FPM is for metal. This can help you make cuts the way you require.

Besides the speed, the size of the blade is also an important aspect. You need to change the blade with the material you are cutting. This bandsaw allows you to use a blade from 1/8 inch to 1inch.

Changing the blade is not an issue for this saw. Its blade change tensioner makes the task really simple. Just release the tension by the knob and get your blade out to insert a new one. It gives you the simplest way possible.

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  • Powerful 2 HP motor to deliver up to 12″ cutting capacity with 16-1/4″ throat
  • Induction motor with 1700 and 3500 FPM blade speed makes it suitable for versatile applications
  • Belt drive power transfer delivers better power
  • Cast-iron table ensures longevity and durability
  • Computer-balanced cast-aluminum wheels with polyurethane tires for better maneuvering


  • The manual has some glaring errors that should be resolved.

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2. Grizzly Industrial G0636X 17″ 5 HP Extreme Series Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0636X 17 Inch 5 HP Extreme Series Bandsaw

G0636X model from Grizzly is another top-notch addition to the band saw industry. With its quality cutting and smooth operation, you can play with the saw to achieve the desired result.

The 5 HP motor delivers supreme power to cut any kind of wood and handles extreme loads. It can cut wood at a maximum of 16″ cutting capacity with a 16-1/2″ throat.

Featuring a blade tension indicator, it allows you to adjust the tension as per requirement. This will help you deal with different materials with different depths.

Its pinion upper guide adjustment helps you adjust the cutting depth as well. Micro-adjusting rack is there as well to extend the accuracy.

To make the cut precise and safe, this 17-inch saw comes with a deluxe fence made of cast iron. An aluminum-made, durable extruded re-saw fence is there for more convenience.

What’s more?

It features a precision-ground, wide table that will provide ample space to maneuver and improve perfection. The table is made of cast iron which ensures longevity and durability. You will also get a pinion table tilt to cut from 5° left to 45° right.

Designed with a foot brake stop, this saw reduces hand pressure yet provides a precise cutting experience.

Moreover, the cast-iron wheels with urethane tires ensure better balance when maneuvering. The sealed and permanently lubricated bearing will even smoothen the operation.

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  • 5 HP motor cuts through woods like butter and does not bog down under heavy load
  • Blade tensioner gauge with release lever makes the tension adjustment easier than ever
  • Deluxe cast iron fence with cast iron tables ensures precision in every cut
  • Foot brake stop rack reduces the use of the hand for less fatigue
  • Cast iron wheels with lubricated bearings smoothen the work


  • Need some adjustment before use that may cause some time.

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3. Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 17 Inch 2 HP Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 17 Inch 2 HP Bandsaw

Sturdiness is the highlighting aspect of this bandsaw model from Grizzly. It has a tough body made of cast iron. The robust structure with detailed finishing gives the saw a tremendous look and sternness. If you need something heavy-duty then this should be your bandsaw.

The saw comes along with various supportive items to make your woodworking much easier. You get a miter gauge, a rip fence and a resaw fence with the main bandsaw. Don’t think just because they are supportive items, they are not quality ensured. These items are also built focusing on giving longer service without wearing off.

This bandsaw also includes a magnificent dust port facility. Not just one but it has 2 to help you keep your workspace clean. Both of them are 4” in size where you can add the hose to take away the dust to a designated place where you desire.

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  • Comes with 2HP Motor to handle tough pressure and a power cut
  • Extra-wide cast-iron table for easy maneuvering and cutting experience
  • Steel Frame with heavy-duty computer-balanced wheels reduces vibration for better accuracy
  • Fast blade release/tensioner enables you to adjust the pressure for versatile purposes
  • Thick table tilt to operate 5° left to 45° right cut


  • Need to convert to run at 110v.

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4. Grizzly Industrial G0640X 17″ 2 HP Metal Wood Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0640X 17 inch 2 HP Metal Wood Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0640X can change your woodworking game easily thanks to its quality construction and user-friendly design.

Featuring a 2 HP motor with 1725 RPM speed, you can cut through almost anything smoothly. It also has 2 blade speeds from 100 – 3600 FPM for versatile use.

But how can you adjust the speed? Well, this 17-inch band saw is designed with speed control with a digital readout. That means you can ensure precise adjustment.

With its cast-iron fence, cutting with perfection is easier as well. To make the cutting even smoother, you will have a resaw fence attachment. It even adds more safety for your risky cutting projects.

What about height adjustment?

Its pinion blade guide will help you adjust the height of cutting materials. Equipped with cast-iron wheels with rubber tires, you can get fatigue-free operation even when working for a long time.

A dust port is also there to channel away the dirt without destroying the working area. It helps to collect the wooden dust for future use.

Besides, this saw has a double ball bearing guide that can keep the blade in place. It delivers accurate cuts every time, regardless of the materials.

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  • Variable blade speed from 100 – 3600 FPM for versatile work
  • Digital readout to control the speed with precision
  • 2 HP motor with 1725 RPM speed for a powerful cut
  • Cast iron fence with attachment for an accurate cut
  • Durable cast-iron wheels with rubber tires for balance work


  • Could have foot brake for handless operation.

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5. Grizzly Industrial G0513X2BF 17 Inch 2 HP Extreme-Series Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0513X2BF 17 Inch 2 HP Extreme-Series Bandsaw

When precision and perfection is your ultimate goal, Grizzly G0513X2BF should be your one-stop solution.

With a Delux fence and wide cast iron table, this saw ensures the highest precise cut. You can comfortably maneuver and control the cut for the best result.

To make the cut more accurate, you will have a micro-adjusting geared table. It helps to adjust the smallest inches to achieve the acute cut.

Equipped with 2 blade speed -1700 and 3500 FPM, you can smoothen the operation for hard to soft materials. A 2 HP single-phase motor will help you get the required power every time.

With its belt drive power transfer, it utilizes the motor power effectively. Besides, the table tilt helps you get 5-Degree left 45-Degree right if needed.

Need more?

Its double ball-bearing blade guide keeps the blade in place. You will even get a foot brake microswitch to reduce the pressure on your hand. So overall, this will be a great choice for people looking for comfort and precision in woodworking projects.

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  • 2 HP 220V single-phase induction motor offers the power you need for woodworking
  • Belt drive power transfer to utilize the power
  • Micro-adjusting geared ground cast iron table for an accurate cut every time
  • Table tilt to get 5-Degree left and 45-Degree right cut if needed
  • 1700 and 3500 FPM blade speed to meet the different working requirements


  • Motor is not powerful enough to handle extreme load.

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How to Pick the Best 17-inch Bandsaw?

Having some suggestions in the pocket will not help unless you know how to pick the right one. Here is the step-by-step process for you.

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Cutting Length and Throat Depth

Not all 17-inch band saws offer the same cutting length and throat depth. Most offer 12”+ cutting length with 16”+ throat length. Ask yourself whether this will be enough for you or not. Know your needs and match them to the machine.

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Motor Power

Motor power determines the cutting strength of a saw. A 2 HP motor is good enough to handle most of the woodworking needs. However, you may want something more for heavy-duty projects. Maybe a 5 HP would be great.

Check the voltage requirement at the same time for the motor. Some saws come with 220v requirements, whereas some come with both 110v and 220v. If you are a DIYer and want to use the saw at home, try one with 110v or both 100v and 220v. 220v is good for professionals.

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Table Size and Construction

You need to maneuver your materials smoothly for cutting. And to do that, table size plays the most vital role. You need something wide with extreme strength and durability. Make sure it is made of cast iron to handle the pressure.

The table also helps you get precise cutting experience with different features such as gauge, scale, and others. Check them before making any purchasing decision.

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Fence Construction

The fence ensures the safety and helps you cut with accuracy. Try to get a saw with a cast-iron fence with a fence attachment. It will help to get a precise cut and stay safe while cutting.

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The blade is the ultimate key to smooth cutting. You need a sharp and durable blade to handle hard materials. Many saws come with exceptional features and specs except for the blade. You can simply change the blade and make the saw great.

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Other Features

Apart from those key features, you should look for some additional features. Check whether the saw has speed control or not. It will help you work with different materials with different densities and hardness.

The tilt will help you cut at different angles, whereas the digital readout will ensure precision and perfection. Make sure to have cast iron wheels to handle the pressure. A foot brake will add more convenience to the saw use.

Consider these features to have in your saw before making any decision. It is a costly investment, and you do not want to ruin your hard-earned money with a random saw. Choose wisely.

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FAQs about 17 Inch Bandsaw

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What is a bandsaw used for?

A bandsaw is mainly used for cutting woods. It can cut thick wood chunks, plyboard, multiple layers of wood, and others. The cuts can be normal straight cuts or curves. A bandsaw can be used to make different shapes out of wood or for duplicating cuts. It can also make notch cuts, rip cuts, bevel cuts, and many other woodcarving essentials. And most importantly bandsaw is highly used for resawing bulky lumber into thin planks.

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What is the average speed of a bandsaw?

The average speed of a bandsaw is about 1000 FPM. This speed is adequate for cutting wood and other materials. The higher the speed the better the wood can be cut. But speed is maintained focusing on safety issues. Too much speed can be very dangerous.

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What is the average power of the motor for a bandsaw?

The average power of the motor for a bandsaw ranges from 1/3 HP to 1.5 HP. Heavy jobs require higher power whereas random cutting jobs can be done with a lower alternative. On average it is better to have a bandsaw with motor power anywhere in between.

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Final Words

Out of the 5 bandsaws, you cannot differentiate like one is good whereas the other is not. All 5 have their own charm and specialties.

So, how can you choose one?

Well, I would suggest you go for the one that meets your needs. You should not settle for just any. The one you choose must have the qualities and features that you need for your work. Considering all these facts the one that you will choose would the best 17 inch bandsaw for you.

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