How to Clean A Sanding Block – [Fast and Easy Way]

Sanding blocks are an essential part of woodworking. A sanding block can be used to shape the surface of a piece, remove glue and excess material, and smooth out rough surfaces. It is important that these tools stay in good condition so they will last longer and work better for you!  Below we will show you how to clean a sanding block effectively. Let’s see…

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Why Cleanliness of Sanding Block Is A Big Deal?

A Sanding Block

The importance of cleaning the tools is great. We invest a big amount of money in good-quality products. If we take good care of them, we will get the best services. They will last longer.

So, make sure that you are taking good care of your sanding blocks, clean them properly with maintaining the schedule. Cleaning these tools helps you to save time and money. And it will be a reason for your good attainments.

In our article, we will discuss how to clean a sanding block. We also try to talk about how you can clean 3M sanding block and dura-block sanding block.

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Sanding Block: A Little About It

A sanding block is a block made of wood and cork with a smooth flat side. It is one of the simplest forms of tools nowadays. A sanding block is used to hold sandpaper.

The simplicity of a sanding block helps you to complete your task easily. It is portable that allows you to carry it in your toolbox. Due to its fine ergonomic design, you can handle and control it without any trouble. To get a smooth finish, a sanding block is the best choice.

Since, sanding blocks are used in craft, paint, drywall, and wooden furniture, they need to be cleaned, as the dust can attach to the blocks. And dust will make them less effective. The great advantage of using a sanding block is you can wash it from time to time after your drill to remove clogged dust.

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How to Clean A Sanding Block – Step by Step

It is very simple to clean a sanding block and it will take five minutes.

You can clean your sanding block by air machine, it will be best and quick. And sometimes belt cleaner can be used to clean a sanding block. In our article, we will show you how you can clean your sanding block by using water and detergent.

Follow the steps described below to clean the sanding block: Let’s jump into it!

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Take your sanding block, remove the dust from it by your hand. In this step, you can use a belt cleaner or air machine as we mentioned before.

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In this step, take your detergent bottle or any other cleaning soap. Mix it with warm water or you may pour it into your sanding block. Use it properly least you waste some of it. Also, you can sink your sanding block in warm water. It won’t allow the dust to stick to the block.

We are recommending you to use warm water as it makes the cleaning process easy.

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Gradually rub your fingertips on the block surface. Wash the residue left and repeat it until the dust is removed from your sanding block. By following this procedure, you will have a cleansed block with a pleasant fragrance.

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In this last step, dry the sanding block. Put your sanding block in the sunlight or a well-ventilated place. Once the sanding block is dry, it is ready for sanding.

That’s it. See? It’s so easy! So, clean your sanding block after a strong drill. It will long last as well as give you an effective service. It helps you to operate your DIY tasks without any heavy machines or electronic sanding devices.

It is worthy to mention that, if you don’t know how to clean the 3M sanding block, this cleaning process may help you to clean your 3M sanding block.

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How to Clean Dura-Block Sanding Block?

A dura-block sanding block is made of expanded rubber. It is very durable and handy. You can use it in everyday work. Usually, it is used to sand dry surfaces and you can use it in wet sanding.

A dura-block sanding block is very easy to clean.

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Step:1 Basics

Before cleaning your dura-block sanding block, wear a pair of gloves. Take dry brush.

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Step:2 Clean it

Clean your dura-block sanding block by using a dry brush. Rub it until the dust is removed from your block. And, now you get a clean Dura-Block sanding block.

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A sanding block is an immensely useful tool that offers you the best services. It is easy to handle and portable so that you can carry it in your toolbox. The biggest advantage is it can be reused once you clean it.

In our above discussion, we have instructed how you can clean sanding blocks. Follow the steps and get your work done with ease.

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