Best Sanding Blocks of 2023 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

The idea of polishing or smoothing surfaces using sand goes back a long time, and the first sandpaper was patented in 1834. Till today sanding is one of the most used methods for finishing.

However, instead of having sandpaper only, now you can choose one from sandpaper and sanding block for your polishing works.

While sandpaper is a great tool to achieve even glossy surfaces in any woodworking project, sanding blocks make the job easier and quicker to a great extent. It creates a more even surface in less time by ensuring a uniform pressure over the entire block.

Nevertheless, it can be a challenging job to find the perfect easy-to-use tool. But here we are with the best sand block reviews to help you choose the right one for the right job. Let’s check them out.

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In a hurry? Here’s Our Top Pick

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Top 5 Best Sanding Block in 2022

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1. WaterLuu Super Coarse Sandpaper Assortment for Auto Body

Waterluu Super Coarse Sandpaper Assortment Wet Dry Sandpapers for Auto Body

When it comes to sanding auto body parts, you need a variety of sandpapers, from coarser to finer ones. For this reason, nothing beats the WaterLuu Super Coarse Sandpaper Assortment in meeting the wide range of requirements of auto body sanding.

But how? Well, the pack includes 30 pieces of 3 different grit sandpapers: 10 pieces of each of 80, 120, and 220 grits. With this variation of grits, you can sand down wood, plastic, or other autobody materials and use the correct grit where it fits perfectly.

The 80 grits can help you to remove thick paints or scaled rust from vehicular surfaces; 120 grits will feather areas where lower grit sandpaper was used and is ideal to use on a car before painting.

Lastly, the 240-grit, firmer yet smoother paper eliminates the need of using any second sandpaper for finishing and does the entire job of stripping paint and finishing.

But that’s not all. The pack also includes a super convenient and ergonomic sanding block. It tightly holds the paper so that it doesn’t fall off while loose sanding.

The standard 6.5-inch x 3.4-inch light sponge fits most sandpaper, and it also holds the paper until it wears out. And the comfortable hand-held part makes sure you don’t strain your hands after prolong sanding.

And the last but not the least feature to address is the waterproof materials: electro-coated silicon carbide. It makes the pack durable and suitable for dry and wet sanding.

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2. Time-Shavar Sanding Block for Wood or Autobody for Wood

Time-Shavar Sanding Block for Wood or Autobody

This particular sanding block from Time-Shaver was initially designed for auto industries but now is more favorite among woodworking professionals.

With its economical design, the device reduces sandpaper waste by up to 36%, which in turn makes it even more suitable for woodworks. Now, let’s dig into its features.

First, let’s talk about its superior design. Although it looks straightforward, it is made of ABS plastic and has a high impact. Meaning it won’t break if you drop it accidentally.

The firm body with a contoured shape is comfortable to hold for a long time, and you will feel less fatigue as it well fits inside your palm.

However, the thing we love most about the tiny device is the stainless-steel clips. With its two levers, it holds four pieces of sandpaper altogether, and you can detach one after it’s worn out and keep on working without pause. So, the clip-on attach system not only reduces sandpaper waste but lets you work faster.

And rest assured, the clips won’t rust. You can use both wet and dry papers or even soak the block in a bucket full of water. It floats on water, and the build-up materials don’t require scrubbing or hand cleaning.

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3. Auerllcy 4 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks

Auerllcy 4 Different Specifications Sanding Blocks Assortment, Washable & Reusable

Giving a proper finish to all corners and narrow spaces is one hard job. Keeping this in mind, Auerllcy brings in Sanding Sponge with controlled flexibility that will enable you to reach all the awkward spaces with ease. The quality material and design make the product very durable.

The pack includes four pieces of different grit sponges with grit numbers 220, 120, 80, and 60. You can have super fine sponges to coarse ones, all in one package.

The set is also available in four pieces of 60 grit, eight, and six pieces. So, you don’t get the variation of grits only but can have the product in bulk as well.

The different grit serves a wide range of your purposes from your need of intense sanding to even finishing. The excellent quality-built material, brown corundum, makes it equally suitable to use on tough surfaces like alloy steel and hardwood. And the wedged grains are resilient as well and don’t corrode or shred due to excessive sanding.

The 4’’ x 2.8’’ x 1” pad fits well in your hands, saving you from any discomfort while working. And after use, you can wash the pads in water and keep them for later use. That evidently interprets that you can use it on wet surfaces or for wet sanding.

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4. M-jump 5-inch Mouse Hand Sanding Pad for Furniture

M-jump 5-inch Mouse Hand Sanding Pad

When it comes to furniture, no matter how well the design is or how well built it is, the finishing is something that makes all the difference. And here we are to introduce you to one of the best sanding blocks for furniture, and it is the M-jump 5-inch Mouse Hand Sanding Pad.

One of the highlighted features of this hand sanding pad is the mouse shape. The moderate-hard nylon foam material with three-finger slots at the top is perfect for sanding all the grooves on curved or flat planes.

Not to mention the extra grip it provides, which lets you apply even pressures or slightly higher where it is needed without causing any fatigue to your hands.

Now, the innovative hook and loop mechanism will let you use any orbital discs with or without hole patterns. And the mechanism makes detaching the paper easy as well.

Also, you can use any standard 5-inch discs, even the ones with torn edges that are unfit for a power sander. So, the tiny mouse device is economical too, compared to the blocks that require specific abrasives.

We must conclude that the device is the maestro in hard to fine sanding, clearing out all the edges, and providing you with the first-class comfort.

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5. Tockrop 2 Pack Hand Sanding Blocks

Tockrop 2 Pack Hand Sanding Blocks Round & Mouse-Shaped

Finally, we have come to the end of our list with one universal product; the Tockrop Hand Sanding block, which includes two devices, one round sanding block with a handle, and a mouse-shaped sanding disc.

So, why did we call it universal? Well, the straightforward design with maximum holding comfort is ideal for woodworking, auto body sanding, drywall, and many more. And it is suitable for both dry and wet sanding as well.

The round block and the mouse-shaped sander both hold any standard 5-inch discs while the hook and loop mechanism is a plus. This makes changing the discs a breeze and ensures the pad doesn’t shift or spin while working. Also, it can work with any hole-patterned or no-hole-patterned sanding discs.

The pack not only holds the discs tight but fits in your hand quite well, relieving you of the fatigue and strain. The flexible yet firm pad plate is made of polyurethane, which makes it durable too.

If you are not convinced yet to admit its universality, well, let us tell you that the block’s uniquely angled sides help you get into those corners where you are up against a wall. This incredible feature is great, and you will feel it yourself while sanding cabinets and bookcases.

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Types of Sanding Block

sanding blocks for woodworking

Sanding tools come in various types, and with each one’s specification, it’s a mind-boggling job to choose the correct option. There are manual hand sanders and electric power tools. For your convenience, we are going to discuss some of the popular hand sanding block types.

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Wood Sanding Blocks

They are one of the most popular ones. They come in various shapes and designs, with a top handle. The basic mechanism is the same; it holds tight the sandpaper at the bottom that you need to wrap before using.

The simple hand tools are a great alternative to sandpapers and very useful for striping off paint or finishing wood or auto body surfaces.

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Rubber Blocks

The rubber blocks are not much different than the wooden ones, except the body is made of rubber or flexible plastic to provide extra comfort during holding. Most rubber blocks are suitable for both wet and dry sanding.

And as it has some extra flexibility due to its material and construction, it better reaches tighter spaces.

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Contour Blocks

Contour blocks come in a variety of sizes, used for better finishing the details of a woodcraft project. It reaches all the grooves, round peripheries, and curves; however, you need to cloak the sandpaper around.

They are mostly made of rubber and provide great flexibility. Indeed, it’s a great tool to use on your crafts; however, you need rubber or wood sanding blocks for large area sanding.

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Curved Blocks

Curved blocks, mostly made of rubber or polyurethane, come in a round or mouse shape that provides an excellent grip in holding. Better grip means you use it for intense or fine sanding with the right amount of pressure.

The ergonomic design causes minimum fatigue and reaches all faces of round objects, corners against a wall, and convex planes. They are compatible with almost all sanding discs, which makes them an economical choice as well.

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Flexible Blocks

As the name says, flexible blocks do an excellent job of finishing furniture pieces, where you need the added flexibility. Compared to sandpapers or wood blocks, it better reaches the curves and tight spaces and gives a smooth finish.

You will see the difference when you try to sand down the doorknob, hood, or other complex curves.

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Benefits of Using Sanding Block

sanding block

You might wonder if you can do all the sanding job using sandpaper— then why invest in a block? Well, there are several benefits of using a sanding block over sandpaper. We are going to discuss that part by part.

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Homogeneous Pressure Distribution

The most important of all is the even pressure distribution. While using sandpaper, pressure on your fingertips is usually higher than on your palm, which results in an uneven finish. On the contrary, blocks make sure you don’t apply high or low forces on the surfaces. Instead, you can apply equal pressure throughout the contact surface using a sanding block.

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Access to Hard-To-Reach Spaces

Secondly, it allows you to reach those tighter spaces which are difficult to sand down with paper. Finishing the edges, curved surfaces, or other detailed objects is a breeze with a block. Additionally, the block comes in various shapes and types to ease the work and lessen your hand fatigue.

It will save a great deal of your time, and you will see the difference almost immediately. However, the quality of work is not compromised.

Finally, with a block, you reduce sandpaper waste and better utilize it, making this an economical option over paper usage only.

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FAQs about Sanding Blocks

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Do I need a sanding block?

If you intend to hand sand, we will say getting a sanding block is a wise choice. Yes, there are sandpapers for hand sanding and power sanders too. However, the benefits of using a sanding block can never be overlooked, especially when you are working on a delicate and detailed project.

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How to clean a sand block?

Cleaning the sand blocks or sponges seems a difficult task at first, but it’s not. First, try removing some debris with your hand, or use a cloth. Then soak it into the water, now some blocks will float, and debris will float-away without using any detergent or rubbing. Other blocks, mostly sponges, require using warm water, detergent, and hand rubbing to wash it off. And finally, dry the blocks well, and it’s ready to use again.

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What Grit is a fine sanding block?

Grit number determines how coarse or fine the abrasive grains are. And lower grit means rougher paper, and higher means smaller grains and finer sandpaper. Now, below 36 is regarded as extra coarse, and above 220 is considered as extra fines. You can get rough to fine paper in between the two ranges.

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Does sandpaper get clogged?

Yes, sandpapers do get clogged, and it is a common problem. There can be several reasons behind this like, incomplete drying, using at greater speeds, smooth papers, improper cleaning after use, too dry paper, finishing techniques, and more.

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Whether you are working on a wood project, auto body shops, fabrication industry, or simply want to make furniture for your home; sanding is a must.

You cannot have the glossy finishing you want without sanding. Hand sanding, we must say, is somewhat tiring. And it’s even more frustrating if you don’t see the expected result despite no lack of your effort.

While there are various tools available for sanding, getting the most ergonomic and useful one is a bit difficult. However, our best sanding block list, created with thorough research, is here to help you out. I hope you have already found the one you were looking for.

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