Best Tenon Saw of 2022 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

As a woodworker, you must have known the importance of joints in the success of your project. You know that the Mortise and Tenon joints are one of the oldest and strongest ones among all the joints out there.

The most intricate part in the construction of this joint is to make the tenon. For strength and durability, the tenon must match the mortise in all dimensions.

So, cutting a tenon in exact size is something quintessential for a strong load-bearing joint. For precise cuts, you must use a tenon saw. Without using the proper tool, you may destroy your project in seconds.

Our Top Selections

Top 5 Best Tenon Saw in 2022

We are here to help you in saving your project from getting ruined. Here is a list of the 5 best tenon saws available in the market. Go through the detailed reviews and choose the best one for you.

1. Irwin 10-inch/250mm Hardpoint Tenon Saw

Irwin Hardpoint Tenon Saw 10-inch 250mm

The oldest the brand is, the best the products are. If you believe this, then the tenon saw made of quality materials from the Irwin brand is the one you are looking for. This brand has a reputation for serving quality products for 133 years.

This hardpoint tenon saw will help you to overcome every difficulty in constructing a tenon. This will also be a great addition to your toolkit.

When buying a tool, durability is the major concern for the buyer. Tools that easily wear and tear should be avoided. It will be a matter of relief for you that the tenon saw from Irwin is barely susceptible to wearing and tearing out.

The razor-sharp blade ensures a smooth cut with 12 teeth per inch. The blade hardly gets blunt no matter how frequently you use it. But still, if it gets blunt just resharpen the blade, then it will work just as before.

The handle of the tool is at the perfect angle with the blade to give you an excellent holding experience. The handle is also very convenient to maintain the direction of the cut.

2. Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

The tenon saw from Spear & Jackson is perfect for you if you have a preference for a wooden handle and looking for a rigid saw. This brand has long-lasting fame for saws at a reasonable price.

The brass back provides maximum rigidity to the saw and ensures a straight cut and better control over the tool. This rust-resistant stiff brass spine will keep the blade from being bent. The robust feature will also provide you better control over the tool.

The blade has a lacquered coating to prevent it from getting rusty. But if you remove the coating from the blade it will cut better than with coating. The blade will hardly blunt at all if you even use it to cut hardwood.

The handle of this saw is made of beechwood ensuring smoothness for better handling capacity. It is attached to the blade with solid brass screws. You can easily remove the handle by unscrewing the brass screws for resharpening.

The most vital part of a tenon saw is the teeth. The precision cross-ground teeth are very sharp and cut along and across the grain. They are not hardened enough for your ease to resharpen the tool.

This tool is most appropriate for joint cutting and sawing small pieces of wood.

3. Irwin Jack XP3055-300 Tenon Saw

Irwin Jack XP3055-300 300mm Tenon Saw

People tend to buy something if it is verified by an authentic authority. If you have the same mindset then go for the tenon saw from the Irwin Jack brand. They use university verified technology in manufacturing their tools.

This super-efficient cutting tool is equipped with teeth that use triple ground tooth technology (TGT). This technology not only has made the tool efficient but also maximized cutting performance. It will also minimize your toil by working on both push and pull strokes.

You can not exert force properly even by using your dominant hand if the handle of the tool is not user-friendly. This tenon saw has a soft-grip handle for user comfort. This will enable you to control the tool appropriately.

The tool is very aesthetic to look at because no visible rivets or screws are attaching the handle to the blade. If you are a fancy woodworker this tool is perfect for you.

You can use the tool for various purposes, but it works great for fine carpentry works. The tool can be used with a miter box that guarantees straight and correctly angled cuts.

4. Spear & Jackson B9812 Predator Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson B9812 Predator Tenon Saw

The Spear and Jackson brand offers you another rigid tenon saw with steel back. If you have an inclination to maximum rigidity, choose this tool in place of 5410Y Tenon Saw from the same brand.

The steel spine provides adequate stiffness to the tool to withstand exerted pressure of a large amount. This rigid back will minimize whip and vibrations during operation and enable you to maintain a straight path in cutting tenons.

The blade is heat-treated which ensures a fast, efficient, and clean cutting experience. It will not bend during cutting tenons from hardwood because of the steel back.

The ergonomically designed high-impact polystyrene handle will give you a soft non-slip holding experience and great control over the tool. For improved accuracy, there is a finger guide that incorporates a useful 45/90-degree angle guide.

This tool is perfect for cutting tenons, but you can also use it for cutting pelmets, molding, dowelling, coving, architraves, and skirting. In a word, this tool is very versatile in its application.

5. Spear & Jackson B9810 Predator Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson B9810 Predator Tenon Saw

The Spear and Jackson brand comes up with another saw but in a smaller size and with more teeth per inch. For smoother cut, this tool undermines the other two from the same brand.

The more teeth per inch, you will have better control over the depth and direction of the cut. This hand saw has 15 teeth per inch (TPI) thus confirming a tenon that is cut to the exact dimension of the mortise.

This tool also has solid steel back to provide maximum rigidity and resist bending of the blade in case of hardwood or metals. The rigid spine will also help you to limit the depth of the cut.

A comfortable grip is a prerequisite for properly operating the tool in the required direction. The ergonomically constructed Sure grip soft-feel grip will give you an outstanding handling experience during operation.

There is a finger guide on the handle for accurate cutting.  It also incorporates the correct angle guide.

This is the least weighted tenon saw offered by the brand and works perfectly for tenon cutting as well as pelmets, molding, dowelling, coving, skirting, architraves, etc.

Identifying Features of A Tenon Saw

Tenon Saw for Woodworking

There are different types of saws for woodworks. But how would you distinguish the tenon saw in a store among the others. For you, here are the identifying features for a tenon saw which is originally a backsaw.

  • A non-cutting stiff back on the top of the blade is made of robust materials like steel or brass.
  • More teeth per inch (TPI) than other hand saws. Normally there are 10 to 14, sometimes 15 teeth per inch are on the blade.
  • A soft-grip handle is attached to the short and razor-sharp blade for user comfort.

Tenon Saw Use Safety Measures

It is professional to take proper safety measures when using a tool. You are maybe a skilled worker, but accidents are unpredicted. So, maintaining safety procedures during operating a tenon saw is mandatory. You can follow the below steps:

  • Clamp your workpiece tightly to avoid slipping or rebounding.
  • Inspect the tenon saw for a loose handle, blunt teeth, or bent blade.
  • During operation, do not keep your hand on the teeth.
  • Wear safety glasses and hand gloves.
  • Draw lines on your workpiece, determine the depth of the cut, and maintain a straight path while cutting.

Proper Maintenance Guide for Tenon Saw

Tenon Saw

Proper care ensures a longer lifespan and efficiency to your tool. You should take appropriate maintenance to your tenon saw. Here are the steps that you can follow,

  • Keep the saw in a dry place.
  • Oil the blade to prevent rust before storing.
  • Oiling the blade will reduce rusting. But in case the blade becomes rusty use a razor blade to clean the rust.
  • The saw hardly gets blunt. If it gets so, resharpen it.

FAQs about Tenon Saw

What are the uncertainties of using a tenon saw?

The success of all the frame constructing woodworking projects depends on how perfectly you make the mortise and tenon joints. But the unavoidable uncertainty is that if the tenon is not cut to the exact proportion of the mortise, the joint can shear on either side. Thus, constructing a mortise and tenon joint will be a daunting task if the proper tool is not used.

Is there any thumb rule for sizing the tenon?

As a thumb rule, take the thickness of the tenoned workpiece as a reference for the thickness of the proposed tenon. The thickness should be 1⁄3 of that of the tenoned workpiece. Take the width of the mortised wood piece as a base for determining the length of the tenon. The length should be 1⁄2 –2⁄3 of the width of the mortised wood piece.

How many teeth does a tenon saw have?

The number of teeth in a tenon saw is presented in the Teeth Per Inch (TPI) unit. The more the saw has teeth, the more you have control over the depth and direction of the cut. More teeth also ensure a smoother cut. Normally, a tenon saw has 10 to 14 teeth per inch. Some famous brands also offer 15 teeth per inch.

What type of saw a tenon saw is?

A tenon saw is supported with a non-cutting brass or steel back that provides adequate rigidity to the tool. This spine is one of the most important features of the tool because it keeps the blade straight on the cutting path and reduces the bending of the tool. For this stiff back, the tenon saw is a backsaw in type.

What are the uses of a tenon saw?

A tenon saw is a backsaw specifically designed to cut tenons that fit into the mortise appropriately. Cutting a tenon is the most intricate part of mortise and tenon joint construction. You can also use the saw to cut housing joint, sliding dovetail joint, miter box cut, molding, pelmets, dowelling, coving, skirting, etc.

My Two Cents at The End

The mortise and tenon joint serves the purpose of joining just like the staple in the papers. But it does not lessen the attractive look of your project like staplers. You can counteract a large amount of weight with this joint. The workability of the joint mostly depends on how appropriately you make it.

For efficient joint, cut the tenon professionally with a tenon saw. Your whole project will be at a stake if your tool fails to cut required-sized tenons.

We tried to help you in this article to select a best quality tenon saw. Each review is written after a thorough analysis. I hope you choose the right saw for your work.

If you ask me for suggestions, I will vote for all the three saws from Spear and Jackson for their extreme robustness.

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