Best Double Sided Tape for Woodworking of 2021

While working around your shop, ever wondered how many times you need to temporarily stick wood parts together?

Bolted or screw joints can be a solution, but won’t they require an extra effort of hammering and cause depression to your workpiece?

Well, in that case, a double-sided tape will be the best possible option for you to hold things temporarily. Plus, it can be removed easily after the work is done that too without causing any damage and leaving any residue. You will be a fan of double-sided tape once you use it, no doubt!

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks

Top 5 Double-Sided Tape for Woodworking Reviews

But before buying a double-sided tape you need to know the adhesive strength and other specifics of the tape. You are at the right address to get introduced to the top 5 double-sided tapes for woodworking. Read on and find out more.

1. LLPT Residue-Free Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

LLPT WT258 Double Sided Tape for Woodworking

This product comes first on our list by outweighing other ones with all its perks that will offer you neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship. The double-sided tape from the brand LLPT is a great shoot for the professional woodworker who is looking for an industrial-grade tape.

Let’s know about the specifics that have decked out the tape!

The mainstay of the strong adhesion of the tape is the silicone-based adhesive that offers you primo quality elasticity and a high heat resistance of up to 120-degree on a Celsius scale. It will create a strong bond by holding up a maximum of 28lbs of weight per square inch. Additionally, it will neither leave any sticky material nor tear out fibers of wood while peeling it off from the wood surfaces.

Moreover, the thickness of the tape is optimized in such a way to ensure easy application on and removal from wood surfaces without any twisting, jumbling, and splitting of the tape. The easily peelable yellow colored paper backing is a plus to the convenient application.

However, don’t underestimate the tape for its thinness. With that thickness, it will provide you a great balance while shaping, cutting, routing, turning, and slicing the wood pieces that are attached with the tape. It will never cause any sliding or detachment of connected parts during operation on the CNC machine bed or router table.

The most important thing is that the tape is specifically designed with the intention to temporarily attach the templates to your final workpiece. Besides, it can adhere to numerous materials such as plastic, metals like aluminum, steel, and wood for sure.

2. XFasten 3-pack Double Sided Tape

XFasten 3-pack Double Sided Tape

Nothing can be more appropriate to purchase than a tape that can be used both for your woodworks and other activities as a hobbyist and homemaker. Our premium pick from the brand XFasten is that must-have tape for you.

This woodworking tape can work for you for anything in your imagination and reality. You can use this tape for stable adhesion of wood pieces to cut by CNC machine and for temporary decoration of events at any location whether it is an auditorium or a classroom.

What’s more, it is perfect for homemaking works such as fixing carpet to the floor, adhering sheets that are laminated on walls, attaching lights and other accessories on the wall, wrapping gifts; and lastly even making guitar as a hobbyist.

Next, the transparency of the crystal-clear tape will not hamper the color and texture of the surfaces you are using it on. You can use this tape as a shield on your sofas and other similar furniture to save them from the nail scratches of your loving pet. You can even use this tape for invisible stitching of your clothes if you don’t have time for needles and thread.

The adhesive property of the tape ensures a strong bond to any surface whether it is as flat as a pancake, irregular, or wavy.

And finally, the ease of installation. The application of this tape is not rocket science. You need to cut your required sized tape from the roll, remove the backing, and fix it. That’s it. The removal of the tape will not cause any headache of leaving residue on you too. Happy installation and uninstallation!

Moreover, the tape can withstand ultraviolet rays, excessive temperature, and humidity. And all these resistance properties have made this tape an ambidextrous one for works both inside and outside of the home. The tape will not yellow a bit if you use it for a long period.

3. Lion Tape Double Sided Woodworking Tape

Lion Tape Double Sided Woodworking Tape

Moving on, the next product on our list is from Lion Tape brand that is solely designed for enthusiastic woodworkers like you. This tape will be a savior of your time and energy in both your intricate and simple woodworking tasks.

Why buy a tool if you can not install and use it conveniently? The double-sided tape from Lion Tape is absolutely free from this drawback. It is nothing but a breeze to apply this tape in between your template and final workpiece while routing and shaping the template.

You need to just remove the yellowish backing and that can be pared off by your fingernails. Additionally, you can cut the tape to your required size by your hand, or a cutter can be used.

Strong yet easily peelable is a quintessential gadget for double-sided tape in woodworking. Rest assured, you can make firm temporary joints in aligning and positioning two wood pieces with no headache of residue and damage while removing.

This tape is very budget-friendly as you can use it repeatedly on the same template while routing similar wood pieces without compromising the adhesion of the tape.

The optimized thickness of tape fits the bill for easy cutting, routing, shaping, and anchoring without any twisting, muddling, and breakdown.

So, why not buy this tape?

4. XFasten Clear & Removable Double-Sided Tape

XFasten Clear & Removable Double-Sided Tape

If the brand has products made with accredited laboratory and construction standards, isn’t it normal to top several products from that very manufacturer? Well, we are talking about the brand XFasten which another product has made its position on our list of top five woodworking tape.

This tape is the same as the previous one from the brand but a little bit wider and longer in roll length. Let’s lowdown on the specifics the product has!

This tape is an empowering tool for every homemaker. You can come up with neater-looking DIY projects and mounting works both temporarily and permanently with its application like a pro! What made this tape a primo in the application? All credit goes to the silicone composite adhesive material that enables convenient hassle-free fixing of the tape on any surface.

It will not curl, break, tangle or split at all during its installation. What about the uninstallation process? Well, it is also an easy-peasy task to peel off the tape from the working surface with eliminating all the risk of any damage, stickiness, and chipping off your paints or wood fibers.

Have you ever thought of an invisible shield on your furniture? You need to protect your furniture and tools from the accumulation of dirt and the scratches of your arrogant pet. No worries. The XFasten crystal-clear tape is there to help you out. Apply a layer of this tape on your sofas, leather seats, and other furniture preserving the aesthetic look and color beneath.

If you have a roll of this tape at your home, you are also free from the headache of sudden, temporary, and small-scale decoration both in an indoor and outdoor location. This a great tool indeed, isn’t it?

5. LLPT WT120 Double Sided White Woodworking Tape

LLPT WT120 Double Sided White Woodworking Tape

If you are looking for a woodworking tape for precise and perfect temporary joints in the alignment and placing of wood parts, this LLPT tape will definitely fit the bill.

Don’t be surprised to find another tape from the brand LLPT. It’s obvious because the brand knows what features are required for standing out in the crowd.

So, now, the bells and whistles of the tape!

Whether you are a pastime or a professional woodworker, you need stable joints in every step of your heavy-duty project. Nothing can beat the tape from LLPT brand in adjoining wood pieces firmly no matter what purpose you are using it for.

You can use this tape for a wide range of adjoining works such as temporary fixing of parts before nailing or screwing, test installation of drawer borders, and also exact positioning of wood pieces in the making and shaping of drums or planes.

So, what has made this tape that strong? All hail to the butyl silicone material that is used as the adhesive material on the back of the tape. the optimum thickness is a plus in the strength of the tape.

These two features enable you in the easy installation and uninstallation of the tape without any breakdown, tangling, splitting of the tape as well as chipping off the wood fibers. Additionally, this tape is totally free from the downside of leaving gummy residue on your workpiece after peeling off.

What’s more, this tape also has a wide application in easy home and office mounting works. The officials can take signatures on it, use it on nameplates making, mounting photo frames, and so on.

How Tapes are Used in Woodworking

Whether you consider tape as a ‘tool’ in your woodworks or not, it doesn’t affect the popularity of using tape in making both temporary and permanent joints. Tapes are the handiest tool in your workshop that will save your time and energy from the hammering process of nails and screws.

Won’t it be great if you have a list of all the woodworking tapes? Here we are. Continue reading to know more.

Double-Sided Tape

From the name, it is clear that the tape has adhesive on both sides of it. The type of adhesive can differ depending on the bonding strength you require. Some tape has the same adhesive on both sides while some have different on either side. It is because you may need to stick one side permanently and the other temporarily for easy repositioning. Some tapes are regular in shape while others may be designed in mesh for a strong bond.

While leaving residue on the workpiece is common for any woodworking tape, the double-sided tape leaves no annoying residue while you remove it. This tape is perfect for all kinds of projects in the shop.

You can attach the template or jigs to your final workpiece for cutting, routing, shaping, pattern turning, and anchoring.

Masking Tape

This tape is mostly used in marking and labeling wood parts in your shop. It is practiced by the professional woodworkers to mark the mating parts while mantling and dismantling an antique piece of work for the repairing.

In making dovetail joints this tape is also useful to peel off the end grain for guidance in sawing process. Besides, for darker-colored wood, it is tough to detect a pencil mark on it. In that case, the woodworker prefers masking tape in marking a center point or cutting point.

This tape is also used widely in protecting the edge of your workpiece while cutting or scraping the planes.

Painter’s Tape

This tape is the most useful one in painting your woodwork projects. While painting you need to protect the edges, floors, and parts of your furniture. the annoying color splashes will ruin the aesthetic of your crafts and furniture. You need to just safeguard those areas with the blue or green colored painter’s tape. Don’t make a mess by using masking tape instead of the painter’s one. The painter’s tape is specifically designed to resist the seeping and deflecting of paint drops and offer you the best quality painting experience.

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Guard Tape

This tape comes up with the motive of safeguarding you not your workpiece. This tape is undoubtedly one of the must-haves in your workshop for protecting your fingers and hands while doing the carving works.

This tape is neither double-sided nor sticks to other surfaces. The unique design makes it only attachable to its own strap. Roll up the tape on your finger to withstand any pinching or injuries. This tape will also offer you a better gripping experience on your hand tools because of its high friction property.

FAQs about Double Stick Tape for Woodworking

Are the mounting tape or carpet tape an alternative to the double-sided tape for woodworking?

Ans. The answer is no. These two tapes are a little too thick for the things in a woodwork shop. They not only leave a sticky residue but also chip of the fibers of the wood. A double-sided tape is perfect for all kinds of projects in your shop because of its thinness and better holding power.

How to use double-sided tape in template routing?

Ans. You need to first make a template. Attach the tape to your workpiece, then remove the paper backing, and finally fix the template to the other side of the tape. You can then rough cut the shape with a saw and final shaping with a router bit on a router table. You can also remove the tape without any damage and leaving residue once you are done with template routing.

What are the uses of double-sided tape in woodworking?

Ans. You can use the tape in precise and perfect aligning of wood parts. For example, mounting a temporary hardboard top to an existing workbench, applying an auxiliary fence to miter saw, making a simple easy to use taper jig, and even holding hardware in place and project parts together for assembly.


You will be just amazed after using good double-sided tape for your woodworking joining purposes. Though nails and screws are widely used in temporary joining works, why not purchase something hassle-free and convenient both in the application and final output?

We hope we have relieved you from the tension of choosing the best double sided tape for woodworking from this broad marketplace. Not only that, but you have also got an idea of all the tapes available in the market that can be of utmost help in the successful completion of your woodworking project.

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