Best Tape for Concrete Walls in 2023

Ever hammered your fingers when driving nails or screws? Well, once I pinched my finger badly while working on a DIY project and vented a lot thinking why there is no alternative to nails or screws!!!

Finally, I have found the solution to this problem which is the Mounting Tape.

While creating holes for nailing ruins expensive and posh surfaces, you can quantify the aesthetic look of your homemaking and DIY works by fixing objects onto any surface with this double-sided and nearly invisible tape.

If you wish to preserve the alluring look of your projects, your time, and energy, then purchase a mounting tape and do the magic of hanging objects invisibly.

My Top Selections

5 Best Double Sided Tape for Concrete Walls

I am giving an overview of the top 5 mounting tapes highlighting all the features so that you can grab one from the various types and levels of strength.

1. EZlifego Double Sided Heavy Duty Multipurpose Wall Tape

EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty Multipurpose Wall Tape Adhesive Strips Removable Mounting Tape

This product outweighs other ones on my list because of its outstanding features to make your life easy to go just like the name of the brand ‘EZlifego’. You will forget to pick up hammers and nails to hang up objects once you buy this amazing product.

The first thing to feature is the holding power. On smooth surfaces, 4 inches of tape can hold up to 1 pound with a terminal amount of huge 18 pounds. The comprising material is the latest acrylic gel which played the role behind the holding power and great stickiness.

This transparent tape is strong and highly durable. It won’t lose its adhesiveness or melt in a temperature ranging from -16C(0F) to 62C(150F).

You can use it to fix items of light or heavy weight such as pictures, stickers, hooks, sticky pads, and even your TV on the wall as reviewed by one customer. This tape can mount anything onto almost all surfaces whether it is metal, glass, plastic, wood, stone, brick, ceramic, leather, or paper.

Moreover, you don’t need to struggle to remove an object without damaging your wall or surfaces. It is easy to detach and leave no trace or residue on the surface when removed.

This tape has an environment-friendly and economic feature of reusability. You just need to wash out the dirt with clean water after removing it from a surface, air dry it and you will regain the adhesiveness of the tape.


  • Leaves no residue while removing to prevent damage to the surface
  • Allows to reuse by simply cleaning with water and drying to regain stickiness
  • Offers up to 18 pounds holding capacity on any smooth surfaces
  • Latest acrylic-gel material ensures the superior adhesiveness
  • Suitable to work within the temperatures range of 0℉ to 200℉.


  • Too strong to come up.

2. XFasten Double Sided Adhesive for Brick, Walls Acrylic Mounting Tape

XFasten Double Sided Acrylic Mounting Tape

The next product on my list is from the brand XFasten which comes up with a motive to simplify your mounting works. If you are looking for heavy-duty tape go for this weatherproof one without a second thought.

It is the exact practical solution to bolts, nails, or screws, and nothing can beat it for a secured and firm bonding to almost all surfaces. Irrespective of the location of the surface, i.e., both indoor and outdoor environments, the tape sticks things like a pro!

It’s usual to be worried about the strength and workability of the tape. Well, rest assured. The XFasten acrylic tape has high initial adhesive strength that sticks the object instantaneously onto the surface and creates a permanent bond. Additionally, you will be free from the hassle of rubbing for a longer period to create a durable bond.

The XFasten Mounting Tape is a great product for all professionals. No matter what is your profession you may need to mount things at least once in a lifetime. From apartment renters to office workers, all use this tape for mounting objects on clean surfaces.

Again, the surface type is not only limited to wood or metal. You can even attach things to concrete walls, plastic, or fabric with this tape in between the two.

Nails or screws damage the surface while glue leaves a messy residue. Though this tape permanently bonds to most surfaces, it will leave your surfaces without causing any depression. So, it’s time to forget nails for forever, isn’t it?

All hail to the tough and industrial-grade acrylic gel that provides strong mounting adhesion on both sides of the tape. It can mount large and heavy tools by a homogeneous distribution of stress over both the object and surface area.

Not just that, strong resistance to the heat produced from sunlight, cold environment, and wetness due to heavy precipitation has made this tape weatherproof. This feature will be a plus for you in sticking accessories in places like the kitchen and bathrooms which get wet constantly.


  • Waterproof design can work in wet conditions
  • Offers 5 lbs. of load capacity per square inch
  • Suitable for concrete along with plastic, wood, metal, and bricks.
  • Double-sided weather-resistant design work in any season regarding the heat and cold.
  • Can be removed without leaving any messy residues on your concrete wall.


  • Not suitable for delicate wall surfaces.

3. Gorilla 2 Pack Tough & Clear Double Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided Mounting Tape

Whether you are making your picture ledge, bookshelves, pantry, or other DIY projects, you need to fasten materials permanently. To save you from the toil of hammering nails for these works, the Gorilla brand has come up with a mounting tape that offers you a permanent joint.

In one word this is a magic tape. I said so because it is a crystal-clear tape that people will get confused thinking about how the objects are hanging on the wall or glass! You must have done some magic to hang them.

But you may be caught up with your magic if the tape gets yellow over time. Let us assure you, there is no chance of yellowing this Gorilla mounting tape.

The tape comes in a roll which will enable you to cut tape according to the weight of the object to be sustained. Each 4-inch of the tape can withstand 1 pound weight with a highest of 15 pounds if several straps are used.

It is recommended to apply tape vertically to the back of the object for uniform distribution of weight. To get better results without failure be cautious of the depth of the object attached. The permissible depth of the object is 0.75 inches.

This industrial-strength tape sticks to all smooth and rough surfaces such as brick, concrete, stone, glass, metal, plastic, tile, wood, and more. You must ensure complete contact of the tape to the surface to avoid falling.


  • Crystal clear design eradicates the need to use nails and fasteners
  • Does not yellow soon to keep the area neat and clean
  • 15 pounds load capacity for heavy-duty use
  • Waterproof design makes it suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Double side adhesive coating for easy hanging.


  • Not possible to reuse with cleaning or any other ways.

4. UALAU Double Sided Heavy Duty Clear Sticky Adhesive Mounting Tape

UALAU Double Sided Mounting Tape

If you are like Monica Geller who wants to keep every little thing organized on little shelves or hang them on the wall, then the mounting tape from the UALAU brand will be your go-to tool in keeping things neat and orderly.

The tape is made of Nano-PU gel which is a highly viscous material. This viscosity plays as the catalyst in the traceless, residue-less, easy removal of the tape from surfaces. The use of nanotechnology has aided the more diverse application of tape.

It is a crystal-clear alternative to nails and other fasteners which plays a vital role in neater and stronger attachment of small things on smooth, clean, and non-porous surfaces, for example, brick, concrete, stone, glass, metal, plastic, tile, wood and more!

The most practical fact is that you can use it in all aspects of your life such as hanging utensils in the kitchen, important posters and schedules in the office, artwork in the living room, fixing carpet to the floor, and so on. The tape can withstand a weight of 2.2 pounds which is perfect for sticking little things.

Lastly, the tape is very budget-friendly since it is recyclable. After cleaning dirt with warm water and drying it, you can reuse the tape with no change in the adhesive property.


  • Acrylic Nano gel ensures strong adhesive bonding on any smooth surface
  • Allows stretching, bending, or cutting to any size for maximum convenience
  • Comes with a cutter to make your work more comfortable
  • Easy to tear off without leaving any residues or damaging the walls
  • Easy to reuse by cleaning with water.


  • Might tear your painted wall when removing.

5. Scotch-Mount Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape 414H

Scotch-Mount 414H Extreme Double-Sided Mounting Tape

For your toughest job, you need the strongest tape. I am introducing you to the last product on my list which is from the brand Scotch with the highest strength for holding things.

The more weight you need to counteract, the more hammering is required to drive nails. This extreme mountain tape can confront a huge weight with just a 5 feet strap eliminating the hassle of drilling nails. Each 2-inch tape can hold up a weight of 1 pound.

It is nothing but a breeze for this tape to hold items of up to 30 pounds. Don’t react like, “Woah! Really?”. Defying gravity is like a cakewalk for this tape because of the 3M industrial strength adhesive on both sides.

The tape lies in between the object and surface to create the strongest bond between the two. Whether you are mounting shelves in your new apartment or adding wall organization to the garage, it will aid you in doing so with its ultimate strength.

Oh! Wait. Something important is missed out. The tape is highly weather-resistant which means you can use it to hang things like addresses, numbers, or mailboxes outside of your home for a long-term.

It is specifically designed for surfaces like painted drywall, painted/finished Wood, metal, acrylic, smooth stone, and painted concrete.


  • Offers superior adhesive strength on contact
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can hold up to 30 lbs. when using 30”
  • Requires no tools to apply or remove
  • Suitable for 50°F to 100°F temperature applications.


  • Not supremely adhesive compared to others on the list.

Tips for Selecting the Right Mounting Tape

Tape For Concrete Wall

A wrong tape may cost you losing things that are very close to your heart. Choosing the right tape is not an easy task when you see advisements like, ‘one tape that fits all’. Don’t get allured by these ads and buy a tape. Rather you need to consider the following things before making a purchase.

What are the surfaces to be bonded: For an efficient bond, you need to choose a tape depending on the surface you are attaching the object. ‘The smoother the surface the thinner the tape’- follow this rule. For surfaces like glass, aluminum, PVC chooses a thin tape while for coarser surfaces (wood, concrete, brick) a thick tape will do the work.

Surface property: The surface energy means what is the attraction or repulsion force of a surface when something is attached to it. Adhesiveness is directly proportional to the surface energy. For example, silicone has lower surface energy, which means no matter how highly graded the adhesive of the tape is it won’t stick to silicone surfaces. Surfaces like glass, glazed tile, and pure metals offer higher surface energy and strong adhesion to mounting tape.

Temperature resistance: High temperature may melt your mounting tape; conversely colder weather affects the adhesiveness of the tape. You must consider all the environmental factors like temperature, humidity, dirt in the air, before buying a tape. For lower temperatures, choose a tape that is resistant to a colder environment. The same suggestion goes for hot weather conditions.

What Features to Look for?

Not all tapes will meet your desires and requirements. You must be looking for some specific features in a mounting tape. What are they? Ask the following questions to yourself for ensuring all your desired features are present in your purchased tape.

  • Do you need to mount things permanently or temporarily?
  • Is the tape removable?
  • Will it leave any trace or residue if removed?
  • Is the tape reusable or recyclable?
  • Has the tape adequate temperature and weather resistance?
  • Do you need rolled-up tape so that you can cut a strap according to your need? Or the precut squares will be okay?
  • Will the transparent tape be yellow over time?
  • What is your required thickness and width of the tape?

To be short, buy a tape that is compatible with your purpose, your attaching material, and the weather condition of your place. Never go for a tape without knowing the answers to the abovementioned questions.

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FAQs about Mounting Tape

What is the mounting tape?

From the name, it is evident that this tape is used for mounting things on the wall or other surfaces. It is a double sided tape with a thin adhesive layer on each side. One side of the tape sticks to the surface and the other side to the object, making it invisible in the end product.

How do I prepare the concrete wall before taping?

Before applying the tape, make sure the wall is clean and dry. A wire brush can be used to remove any dirt or debris from the wall. Additionally, you should use a primer to help the tape adhere to the concrete.

What are the advantages of mounting tape?

The advantages of this tape are so many. It is economic; requires no power. Creates instant adhesion between the surfaces, with no need for drying up. It is easy to apply and clean; leaves no residue when removed. It is resistant to temperature, water, air, and other environmental factors.

What kind of tape sticks to concrete?

Tape with strong adhesive will stick to concrete walls. Double-sided strong tape, gorilla tape, and even top-class masking tape will work too.

What type of tape should I use to adhere to concrete walls?

You should always use a tape specifically designed for concrete surfaces. Look for a product that is designed to stick to concrete, masonry, stone, or other porous surfaces.

How long does tape for concrete walls last?

Depending on the specific product you are using, the tape can last from several months up to a few years. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

What kind of tape should I use for outdoor applications?

When using tape for outdoor applications, make sure the tape is designed for outdoor use. Look for a product specifically designed for outdoor use that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and able to withstand extreme temperatures.

How do I remove the tape from concrete walls?

To remove the tape from the wall, you may need to use a scraper or putty knife. If the tape is particularly stubborn, you may need to use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. Make sure to wear safety glasses and gloves for protection when using a heat gun.

Wrap Up

You will forget about nails and screws in simple home fixes once you get to know about the versatile application of this easy-peasy, inexpensive alternative- mounting tape. For this, you need to buy one.

All the five mounting tapes that have been reviewed have their features to be distinguishable from others. You need to choose one according to your needs. Whichever you select, do not keep any doubts about it because these are the best tape for cement walls available in the market.

If you insist on further narrow down this list, I will prefer EZlifego Heavy-Duty Double-Sided Tape and XFasten Double-Sided Acrylic Mounting Tape on my shortlist. But the final decision is yours. So, choose wisely.

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