Best Wax for Table Saw in 2022

Who doesn’t want their table saw to last long and work smoothly? Well, a rough wood surface can not only make your work messy but also can make you cranky while working.

So, adding some coating might do the trick for your table surface. But the market offers many choices for waxing. It literally takes a lot of time to decide which one to use. Some of them are pricey, others might not offer good quality.

Considering all those factors, I have done the research to help you in handpicking the best one for you. This article will not only save your time, but it will also provide enough information to decide which one matches your budget.

In a hurry? Here’s My Top Selection

5 Best Wax for Table Saw of 2022

Here is the list of the top five wax for your table saw; any of which will undoubtedly be the best choice.

1. Minwax 785004444 Paste Finishing Wax, 1 lb, Natural

Minwax 785004444 Paste Finishing Wax, 1-Pound, Natural

Like everything else, your table saw needs protection from rust. Well, the winner of this list is something you’ll love to have. Minwax Paste Finishing Wax will make your tabletop smooth which will make the wood cutting smoother.

Minwax, a trusted wax supplier for furniture, antiques, tables, doors, etc for Over 100 years, It’s more like wine. Their product got better with the age of the brand.

When it comes to table saw, everyone’s concern lies with the table. Without a smooth tabletop, even an experienced woodworker fails to deliver a smooth cut and it always gets messy.

If your works are getting messy, then it might not be your skill or the saw causing the problems. The problem lies with your tabletop. You just need a better coating over your table surface.

The other perks of the product are using it takes no extra measurement or precaution. It only takes a cloth to use on any surface. It is advisable to use the wax on the raw surface with previously finished wood. I recommend you to give two coats 10-15 minutes prior to the first one with a bare surface.


  • Bring a perfectly polished look to any of your finished wood
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Suitable for furniture, antiques, cabinets, doors, and even paneling,
  • Dry quickly to save your time
  • Sustain for a long time with a quality finish.


  • There might be a slight odor.

2. Glidecote V207501 Woodworking Aerosol Lubricant

Glidecote V207501 Woodworking Aerosol Lubricant

Something that works faster than paste is always a plus. So, if you’ve extra bucks in your pocket, I recommend you to go for my premium pick. Glidecote offers something premium, which is also great for nature.

Glidecote Woodworking Aerosol Lubricant doesn’t contain silicone or petroleum oil, so you don’t have to worry about your tabletop getting any stains.

The unique fast-drying technology will give your table a glossy furnished look three times faster than other traditional. If you’re having problems with “hang-ups”, then this could be your solution on sliding surfaces.

It is a multipurpose lubricant that you can use on multiple surfaces other than a table surface. It works on drill presses, lathes, band saws, and miters.

When I say it’s environmentally friendly, don’t take my words for granted. The CARB compliant plays the role behind making the wax safe for the air.

There’s no extra work to do while using it. You won’t need to wear any gloves or any other protective gear. Just spraying over the table surface is enough to make it work.


  • No presence of silicone or petroleum that prevent the wood from staining
  • Do not interfere with the finishes or glues for a better finish
  • 3 times longer lifespan than any traditional paste wax
  • Suitable for a table saw, lathes, miters, and others
  • Slide easily for a smooth working experience.


  • A little bit thinner than original.

3. SC Johnson Paste Wax- Best for Money

SC Johnson Paste Wax- 16 oz (1lb)

Moving on, let us introduce you to the most popular and also the cheapest one on my list. Some users use it for daily use to clean the wooden floor surfaces. It has excellent capabilities in terms of renovating wooden antiques.

So, how good does it work on a table saw bed? If you want a smooth and long-lasting wax at a lower price, then SC Johnson Paste might be the just product to purchase. While keeping your table surface smooth, it can also serve your furniture polish.

It takes a little more than the other premium product in this list in terms of drying time. This paste Wax takes half an hour to dry, and there’s no extra task before using it.

Talking about wax, most people tend to believe there would be an odd smell. Well, let us assure you that SC johnson Paste Wax is entirely odorless.

So, the bottom line for the SC Johnson Paste Wax is if you’re looking for quality and under the budget, this one is the way out to your budget.


  • Ensures hard finish with its buffable wax formula to withstand abuses
  • Provides a rich luster with lasting beauty to make your work beautiful
  • Delivers tight protection to your sealed wood surfaces for longevity
  • Suitable for hardwood, metal, leather, plastic, and even vinyl
  • Offers a complete user-friendly application.


  • It May smell like car wax that can be disturbing for a few people.

4. Bostik 10220 Aerosol Top-Cote

Bostik 10220 Aerosol Top-Cote

The table bed’s surface is always essential while you’re cutting some wood pieces with a saw. Bostik 10220 Aerosol Top-cote is something dedicated to the cause. It will give you a durable coating that is also anti-corrosive and ensures low friction on the table surface.

It dramatically lowers the friction of any surface, which can make your wood sliding easier. It’s also resistant to dirt, dust, and moistness. So, whether it’s an iron surface or wood table, it will resist rusting and corrosion of iron as well as oxidation of wood.

You can use this top-cote not only on your tabletop but also on the jointer bed, hand tools, or any other metal in your workshop. Remember to use it only in the surface coating as it has low-temperature ratings and not designed for internal use.

It’s not rocket science using Bostik Top-Cote. It only takes regular spraying over the surface and lets it dry. There’s no extra buffing or polishing needed. The coat will keep your surface good as new for a long, long time.

Moreover, the product comes relatively at a lower price than most top-cotes in the market. It also shares a good number of reviews on the internet.


  • The coating prevents rust to keep your item protected
  • Repels dirt, dust, and moisture to prolong the lifespan of your item
  • Low temperature rated to work in home condition
  • Automatically decrease the sliding friction for smooth working
  • Suitable for table and tool surface sealant.


Cannot work properly underwater or under tough pressure.

5. Trewax Clear Paste Wax

Trewax Clear Paste Wax

The final one on my list comes from an elite manufacturer. They started manufacturing around 1933 and are still ruling the industry. Trewax is a natural paste wax that contains Carnauba, which is known as the world’s hardest wax.

Carnauba, which is also known as a Brazilian wax, comes directly from the Carnauba palm tree. The wax is fully nature-friendly.

People often complain about the frequent use of coating as most of the coats wear off fast in heavy use. If you do have the same problem, then I recommend you to use Trewax Paste Wax.

If you’re confused about what to do with the rest of the paste wax, let us tell you how multipurpose it is. When you’re done with the table saw, you can use it in hardwood floors to make your wood panel glossy.

Even if you own something like a marbled floor or bronze tools, it will do a great job. The smallest pack is only 12.35-ounce, but it covers approximately 800 square feet. It is not slippery and takes a little time to dry off.


  • Ensures quality finishes while delivering luster and long wear
  • Features Brazilian Carnauba for a long-wearing finish
  • Reducing friction to ensure a smooth experience
  • Can cover up to 800 square feet
  • Dry quickly for fast working and non-slip to prevent an accident.


  • The smell might not be pleasant.

Things to Consider When Picking the Right Wax for A Table Saw

Types of Wax

There are two types of wax you should pick among all – Beeswax and Carnauba. They both work well to protect your saw from rust and scratches when working.

Beeswax consists of ingredients collected from ingredients obtained from beehives. It helps the wax leave a smooth finish on the surface.

Carnauba, on the other hand, consists of strong ingredients that are even harder than concrete. So, you will get the solid and durable hard scratch-resistant finish.

How Easy It Is to Use

You do not have the whole day to apply wax to your table saw. Pick something that is easy to apply and quick to dry.


You do not want to spend money on wax every week. Make sure to pick something that offers superior longevity. It will prevent your spending every week.

Is It Toxic?

Some waxes come with toxic ingredients that are toxic. These can create some health hazards for the users. Check the manufacturer’s website or the body of the container to know the ingredients. Watch out for silicone and abrasives as well. Go for one with petroleum for a smoother finish.

Do Not Ignore the Smell

Do you like the smell of wax? If not, consider having one without any bad smell. I know some people love the smell of the wax. But that does not mean you will like it.

Why Are You Buying This?

Lastly, consider your needs and applications. Why are you picking this wax? You will find different colors of wax including clear, light, and dark wax. Know the wood or materials you are going to use your saw on and then pick one accordingly.

If you work with wood or something that requires no color, dark wax will leave color on that and it will make the scenario worse.

How to Use Paste Wax

No matter how good your product is, if you don’t have the basics of applying wax, it could get messy. Here’s the stepwise guideline for using paste wax.

First, wipe clean the whole surface and make sure the surface doesn’t have any dirt. After that use a light coat over the entire area of the table body. Remember to apply uniformly with a cloth. Then let it dry. Every wax paste has its own drying time. It’s mostly around 10 to 15 minutes.

After the drying of the first light coat, buff the whole surface with another clean cloth. Remember to apply a circular motion while grinding or polishing the area. By the end of the buffing, you’ll have a brand new, glossy, and low friction surface that you’re expecting.

If you’re using natural waxes, you might not need any extra precautions. But if you’re confused and don’t know the specification well, use a pair of gloves for safety.

Paste Wax vs. Top-cote

The more relevant question is if you’re looking for something durable or aesthetic is your goal? Paste wax and top-cote serve different purposes. Though people always get mixed up with the concept.

A top-cote will ensure the durability of your wood surface with a long-lasting coat. It isolates the surface from the air, which decreases the chance of oxidation in wood. In terms of iron or steel, it works as an anti-rust element.

Wax is relatively less durable than top-cote. It might wear off sooner than you think. But when it comes to glossy finishing and sound reflection, it sure does leave an aesthetic view.

In terms of applying them on the surface, wax takes a little more work than top-cote. Top-cotes are typically sprayed system cans. On the other hand, wax needs some force with hands to apply and buff in the end.

So, decide what you need, the bottom line is wax is more robust when it comes to removing it. It is more water-resistant, and it can get messy if you try removing it with third-party chemicals.

FAQs about Wax for Table Saw

What does paste wax do to wood?

Paste wax seals off the surface of the wood. It puts a thin coat over the surface to resist air from getting in contact. Areas with more humid air can cause the wood to fatigue. On the other note, if you’re looking for a smoother table surface, then coat does that too. It minimizes the friction on the table surface.

Can I use car wax on my table saw?

Yes, but with precautions. As for car waxes, most of them contain silicone oil as an ingredient to make your car shiny and water resilient, it could damage your wood panel. Silicone oil is not eco-friendly. So, I recommend using paste wax to use for wood, floor, and furniture.

Should I apply wax on a table saw?

Well, apart from other usefulness of wax, it’s incredible how fast you can clean your table after waxing! As it makes the surface smooth and decreases the friction, the cleaning gets a whole lot easier. It stops oxidation. Oxidation is actually when the surface gets contact with the Oxygen in the air, wood might lose its texture and the saw can get rust.

How do you make a table saw sled slide better?

The trick is to apply a light coat of any paste wax from the above list to the sled bottom and let it dry. After the light coat dries, then start polishing, this will make the sled lose friction and give you a smooth table saw sled. The low friction surface will offer better sliding.

Can I use beeswax on my table saw?

Yes, you can use beeswax on your table saw and it will work great. You will get a smooth finish with this type of wax.

Can I use Turtle wax on wood?

Yes, you can use it on the wood. But remember that it might have silicone that can damage the hardwood.

Is furniture wax durable?

Furniture wax is supposed to improve the shine of the pain. It is not meant to be durable.


To recapitulate, I would say it is your preference whether you want something premium or something under the budget. Remember to pick something durable and long-lasting like my winner of this list Minwax Paste Finishing Wax for a better service and experience with your table saw.

I tried to make a list of all types considering the good quality of the product. Hope this list will put you at ease while assessing the market for wax paste for your table saw.

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