Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw – Which One is Perfect for You?

If your household has room to spare, having a garden or even an orchard is a great way to add some much-needed beauty to it. Not only does a garden add beauty, but you can also grow trees that will give your fruits. These will not only provide you with occasional snacks but also can be a source of income. But with these trees comes the need for maintenance once the branches become too big.

Pole saws are the best tools to deal with them. People nowadays use both electric and gas-powered pole saws to maintain their gardens. But there is a debate among the users about which one of them is better.

Down below I have provided a comparative analysis of electric vs gas pole saw which will help you make up your mind.

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Electric vs Gas Pole Saw: In-depth Analysis

Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw

Electric Pole Saws

Electric pole saws are as the name suggests, run by electricity. There are two versions of it, cordless and corded. You have to have the corded one connected to a power outlet at all times while the cordless ones are run by rechargeable batteries. If you add an extension cord, you will have more mobility while using this. It is very lightweight and easy to use. This pole saw is very much suitable for occasional use.

Gas Pole Saws

Gas pole saws, on the other hand, are run by gas and oil. They have been in use for a longer amount of time than their electrically run counterparts.  They have been dubbed ’King of the Castle’ due to their unmatched power. The ratio of oil and gas while using this saw should be either 40:1 or 50:1.  They are heavy-duty equipment, which makes them heavier than electric pole saws.

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Comparison: Gas vs Electric pole saws

Now that you have known what gas and electric powered pole saws are, we come to the matter at hand: which one should you choose, gas or electric pole saw? This choice has to be made depending on various factors.

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Which pole saw is safer?

As we always say, safety first. So, the first thing you should look into while using a pole saw, or any mechanical equipment for that matter is safety.

Most poles saw users suffer from headaches and back pain due to the kickbacks from the device. As pole saws are used to cut branches of various thicknesses, they sometimes jerk up after coming in contact with uneven surfaces of tree branches or any kind of foreign object.

If you are handling powerful and heavy pole saws, this jerking motion can result in the device being twisted out of your hand, resulting in further and more severe injuries. For this reason, it is better to use an electric pole saw. As they are less powerful and light, they are easier to handle.

While we are on the subject of safety, you can never be too careful while using a pole saw. Make sure to wear safety gear such as hats, gloves, and goggles at all times.

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What is the purpose of your saw?

The effectiveness of a pole saw depends on its function. For professional users who want to cut through big trees which have thick branches, a gas pole saw is the tool of choice.

On the other hand, for smaller backyard gardens with smaller trees with thin branches, it is better to use electric ones.

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Which pole saw is more eco-friendly?

When using any sort of mechanical equipment, we have to keep an eye out for how eco-friendly it is. The last thing you want is to get on the bad side of Greta Thunberg.

Gas-powered tools usually cause more damage to the environment by releasing pollutants. Although gas-powered pole saws are more powerful, they are detrimental to the environment. They also emit a very loud noise, which causes sound pollution.

On the other hand, electric pole saws are much more energy-efficient and therefore, eco-friendly. They don’t even emit much noise when being operated as well. So it is better to use them if you want to conserve the environment.

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Which pole saw is more cost-effective?

Cost-effectiveness is another factor that affects people’s decision to use pole saws. Rational human beings will always look to minimize their cost while using any kind of device. The cost of pole saws varies based on brands, types, and sizes.

Generally speaking, you have to spend a bit more on electric pole saws than gas-powered ones. But once you think about the long term, the costs tend to equal as you have to refuel the gas-powered pole saws more frequently.

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Which pole saw is more powerful?

The gas pole saws are the undisputed winners in the power department. You don’t get dubbed ‘King of the Castle’ for nothing.  These powerful devices are used to chop down large tree trunks and trim thick branches. Although it is pretty difficult to handle due to sheer weight, the weight is not unevenly distributed.

But if you don’t have large trees with thick branches, there is no virtue in using a power saw. In this case, stick with an electric one.

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Which pole saw is easy to use?

As the gas pole saws are undoubtedly the most powerful, their electric counterparts are without any doubt easier to use. The gas-powered saws require greater experience and skill to be handled properly. But the lightweight electric pole saws are easier to use for both pros and amateurs.

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Which pole saw is more versatile and flexible?

Flexibility and versatility are two of the most sought-after qualities in mechanical tools. In this particular case, gas pole saws are more flexible and versatile than electric ones. As they don’t need to be constantly connected to a power outlet, you can use them in places that are hard to reach. So, they can be used for a variety of purposes. But the electric saws can only reach up to a certain length and can only be used for cutting or trimming thin branches.

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Which pole saw is more durable?

Another key quality that any tool must have is durability. This depends on the parts that the tool is made of. Usually, gas pole saws tend to be less durable as they vibrate too much during use. This can be solved by using a vibration-control extension. But if you are not willing to go through all this trouble, just buy an electric one.

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Which is better: Gas or Electric Pole saw

From the above analysis of electric vs gas, pole saw, it is easy for one to think that electric pole saws are the better tools. But in reality, as both of them have almost entirely different functions, it is better to use them for their particular purposes as you can neither cut thick trunk and branches with an electric pole saw, nor it is sensible to use gas pole saws for mere trimming.

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