How to Square A Board with A Table Saw?

Square A Board with Table SawLooking for the simplest way to square a board?

While some people struggle to get a board square, it’s pretty easy to do. Pro woodworkers use different saws to square boards.

You can do it in several ways – using a planer, jointer or your versatile table saw. If you like to square boards using a table saw, the following tutorial is going to help you.

Not knowing how to square a board with a table saw will spoil your time and wood pieces. It’s not exactly what you mean by simple, yet squaring a board is a fundamental task for a woodworker.

Things You Need to Start

A professional woodworker is not complete without the essential pieces of stuff. Make sure you have the following tools before you start off the processing.

  • ​Table saw
  • Ruler & Pencil
  • Fence
  • Featherboard

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​Things You Need for Safety

  • Splitter
  • ​Earmuffs
  • ​Protective goggles

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How to Square a Board with a Table Saw – 7 Steps Expert Formula

How to Square A Board with A Table Saw

Learning what are the steps to square a board is essential before you get going for a square shape. The following section will tell you all possible ways to get the desired result. Let’s jump into the step by step activities.

To ensure you get a grip on squaring the board using the table saw, this set of instructions will guarantee you are not clutching at straws.

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Step 1: Draw your plan on the wood

Draw your plan on the wood for Square A Board

Decide how you like to see the board after you put your all-out endeavor to reshapea dull piece into a square. Transfer your inner plan from head to pieces you intend to materialize. Take a ruler and a pencil to draw the board according to your plan. The drawing will no doubt force you to operate the blade masterly.

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Step 2: Use a fence to get your desired length

A table saw comes with a fence that helps to get the precision cutting and whatever the width you need. You need to place the fence according to your drawing and then lock the fence. Now put the board on the table and chop off the piece.

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Step 3: Take advantage of the feather board’s magnetic property

Squaring a long board should not be a big deal with a table saw. The saw comes with a feature board that is equipped with magnetic power for customizable cuts smoothly.The magnetic property of the feather board makes it further easy and practical. You don’t need to screw the board before squaring the board. Just push the board towards the side of the fence and hinge the feather board on its side using the magnetic property of the latter.

Simply push the board towards the side of the fence and pivot the plume board on its side utilizing the attractive property of the last mentioned.

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Step 4: Activate the Splitter

If the whole length and width of the board aren’t equally dried, there might be a complication when the blade comes in contact with the wood. The table saw features a splitter to avoid such complications.Activate the splitter by joining it to the yield end of the table saw’s blade utilizing the drill.

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Step 5: Adjust the blade height

Adjust the table saw blade height for square board

With all the above ensured precisely, set the blade for squaring. The height of the blade would be better determined by the thickness of the board.Putting the blade a little bit higher than the material is a common practice. Lead the blade to a little above the board for perfect cutting.

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Step 6: Adopt safety gears

Dealing with a power tool involves several risks – no matter how efficient you are.It can directly harm your hand and other parts of the body. So, make sure you have taken all the safety gear before you start your table saw. wear protective goggles and earmuffs to protect your eyes and ears from potential peril.

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Step 7: Push the board towards the working table saw

You’ve ensured all the steps mentioned earlier, now time to turn on the table saw.Place the board on the table and gently lead the board towards the blade. Keep your hands off the board to avoid direct contact with the blade. As it’s halfway, it can harm you seriously.

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Summing Up

Getting a square cut isn’t tough at all. Several tools and techniques are applied to get a square cut. This tutorial aims to show you how to square a board with a table saw. While some craftsman prefers to use planer or jointer, the table saw remains unrivaled in ensuring its equal edges.

But the things you should not disregard is the estimation period of the instructional exercise – things could go pear-formed on the off chance that you do. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy cutting from now on.

Any questions or like to add something? Put them in the comment box below.

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