Best Contractor Table Saw in 2023

Isn’t it the smartest idea to get a contractor table saw rather than purchasing different saw for a different purpose?

By the way, why does it make sense?

A contractor table saw comes with a powerful motor, larger table, more versatile, reliable and many more features for cutting heavy pieces of wood with optimum accuracy.

Yet, “all that glittering is not gold” fits the saw.

So, with proper knowledge of what the best contractor table saw is helps you get to the right shop. Avoid craze and pursue the following contractor table saw reviews.

My Top Picks

Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saw

I believe you deserve the best thing. But only a few manufacturers make it happen. I therefore and studied to find the worth-investing models to help you get the best contractor table saw at an affordable price.

1. Makita 2705X1 10-inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand

makita 2705x1 10-inch contractor table saw with stand

Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand has earned name and fame with outstanding performance and top-notch features. The saw is armed with a 10-inch sharp blade and 15-amp powerful motor that inspires you to utilize for most heavy-duty applications.

Why not? The 15-amp motor delivers up to 4800 (Revolution Per Minute) RPM for maximum productivity ranging from medium to high. Ripping 4x materials only in a single pass is possible with this gigantic cutting size.

Makita 2705X1 includes Tool-lees technology and an adjustable spreader with its 10-inch blade to protect the blade and get the most intricated tasks done. And removing and installing is simplified with cam lock. The cam lock also works to customize speed and accuracy.

Makita contractor table saw features a couple of onboard pawls to protect kickback that lets you stow autonomously resulting the precision and clean cuts. And the release lever helps rive the knife and adjust with the different height including through and dado cuts.

This innovative table brings versatility to your jobsite. This contractor table is engineered keeping every cutting job in mind. You can get so many jobs done with its 10-inch cutting blade installing on the jobsite or the benchtop.

Beyond that, the 2705X1 accompanies a portable yet sturdy stand that is equipped with heavy-duty wheels. The stand is coated by porcelain that enhances its durability. The best part of the stand is the spring-loaded system that is made easy to fold and get adjusted with the storage.

Things I Considered

  • Armed with a 15-amp motor and a 10-inch blade. It also allows the dado blade for flush cuts.
  • Comes with a portable but durable stand that is equipped with a spring-loaded system to fold and fit in the storage conveniently.
  • Equipped with safety features – anti-kick pawls for preventing kickback and blade guard for protecting blade injury.
  • Features a cam lock that helps to dial speed and accuracy.

2. SAWSTOP CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Table Saw

SAWSTOP CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Table Saw

The SAWSTOP 10-Inch Contractor Saw hits the most safety-conscious woodworkers because of the default safety initiative, cutting performance, and versatility to manage the whole jobsites. It claims to bring stability and mobility on your jobsite.

The saw comes with a 1.75 hp motor that is aggressive with a 10-inch diameter blade offering 0º: 3 1/8” maximum cutting depth. You will get 13/16” depth cut with an 8-inch diameter dado blade.

Coming with a customizable SAWSTOP contractor table saw, you can turn this table saw you’re your inner engineer however you like to see and consume it. The manufacturer’s most customizable table saw allows more than 150 arrangements.

The distinct feature of this model is the professional T-Glide Fence System that comes in 36-inch and 52-inch configuration. The fence itself is made of solid gauge-steel putting rigidness and accuracy in the core.

Along with the glided fence, it associates with an infinitely adjustable rail that can travel smoothly throughout the table. It helps work with trampled wood sheets and longer loads up by expanding the table.

A magnifying indicator makes it easy to see the measurement and an LED light together play a significant role to bring precision and exactness in cutting showing the right cutting position.

The cart of the SAWSTOP CNS175-SFA30 contractor table saw is made of the durable powder-coated finest steel. It prevents rust and corrosion. That gives you mobility and ensures a stable platform for your saw operation both in the jobsite and in your workshop.

Things I Considered

  • Armed with heavy-duty 1.75 hp motor and a 10-inch diameter blade that also allows an 8-inch diameter dado blade.
  • Comes with a 36-inch professional T-Glide fence system and an adjustable rail that helps to get precise cut by expanding the table.
  • Featured an LED light that can help stay your saw by showing the correct cutting position.
  • Comes with a 4-inch dust collector for well-organized dust management, and durable powder-coated steel cart.

3. DEWALT DWE7491RS Contractor Table Saw

Dewalt dwe7491rs 10-inch table saw

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch table saw turned the most worth-investing table saw for the contractor in the market featuring lightweight and compact design. It comes with a 15-amp powerful engine and a rolling stand.

Empowering with a 15-amp motor, it can rip up to 32-1/2-inch. You can get any hardwood within your wink. It comes with a telescopic rail associated with a rack and pinion to adjust smoothly and precisely to inflate the table.

Its rolling stand is made of solid gauge-steel that protects rust and corrosion. You can easily set up and fall apart when necessary. It can roll over steps, curbs and jobsite debris.

This 10-inch saw features outstanding sturdiness that is further designed to set up and breakdown easily. It comes with large wheels for extended portability. You can move the saw with little efforts as it smoothly overcomes any obstacle on the surface.

The Dewalt contractor table saw is equipped with a computer-adjusted plate to reduce vibration. By doing so, it helps you get the most desired precision and cutting results. Along with that, it accompanies a 2-1/2 diameter dust port that is connected with a vacuum that efficiently manages dust.

The saw is designed to be conveniently carried to job sites. It comes with four foldable legs which can be manipulated as the base folding from the bottom of the saw to work on it.

Furthermore, these legs can be folded up back to shape a smaller kit so you can transport from site to site with the attached wheels.

Things I Considered

  • Lightweight compact design that is conveniently transported site to site rolling by the attached wheels on the legs.
  • Armed with a 15-amp giant motor that has 32-1/2-inch cutting capacity with 32-1/2-inch cutting limit.
  • Computerized plates to help reduce vibration.
  • Convenient on-board storage lets you save space in the workshop.

4. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Contractor Table Saw

powermatic pm1000 table saw

Powermatic PM1000 table saw comes with strength, stability, desired performance and impeccable construction within a budget. The saw body including extension wings, the fence and all other parts are made of solid materials with high resistance capacity.

The Powermatic contractor table saw is modest with the motor that only requires 115-volt power to run off. And it can be managed by a 1-3/4 hp motor. You’ll get 4200 rpm with this power. It allows an 8-inch dado blade with a cutting capacity of 13/16.

The 465-pounds contractor table saw is not a kind of portable one. But the heavy-duty table saw offers convenience and safety in dealing with the saw. The power switch is such a feature that protects your hands from the potential risk by placing it conveniently.

A 30-inch fence is featured with the saw for cutting accuracy. It is mastered by Accu-fence technology that expands the table, your cutting precision, and safety. The fence comes with a lock that secures stability. And rail helps the fence to travel smoothly.

Its steel-made miter gauge is engineered to get adjusted with the cutting position. It can pivot up to 60-degree making it the flexible tool. The dust collection system is another worth-mentioning feature. It collects sawdust via a hose– it is easy and time-saving.

Things I Considered

  • Consumes less power. Only 115-volt is enough to run the saw for efficient cutting.
  • Features an Accu-fence technology to expand the cutting table and helps get accuracy. And includes a large table.
  • Well-designed dust port to keep you healthy and cutting line clean to see.
  • Steel-constructed miter gauge makes it a flexible saw. It can pivot up to 60-degree to adjust.

5. Delta 36-5000 Left Tilt Contractor Table Saw

Delta 36-5000 Left Tilt Contractor Table Saw

Our contractor table saw reviews picked Delta 36-5000 table saw for the professional woodworkers. The model hit the list with the tube-shaped design and safety initiatives along with the precision cutting feature. It is fully realized when you come to cut a larger piece of wood.

The Delta 10 inch contractor table saw is made with a professional outlook for heavy-duty application. The tubular design of the saw ensures durability and steadiness. The 230-pound saw seems to be tougher, but who cares? The wheels on the legs make it easy to move around. It has two fixed and a swivel wheel.

Coming to the power, the saw runs off a 15-amps induction motor. The left tilt contractor saw can manage up to 45-degree to the left making it the best for left tilt cutting saw in the market.

With the blend of dual rip windows, Biesemeyer style fence and the cast iron, precision cutting becomes a common reality for Delta. The cast iron tabletop is well-stamped with the extensions wings that make easy to get adjusted over time as per the need.

Getting injured by dealing with a saw is a common affair. Featuring a blade break, Delta protects the craftsman from unwanted injury by stopping the blade in milliseconds. Moreover, the saw is easy to assemble as it comes with fewer parts.

Things I Considered

  • Features the Biesemeyer fence that also combines with dual rip windows that results in accurate cutting.
  • Lightweight,it weighs only 230 pounds. Moreover, it comes with two fixed and one swivel wheels to move around.
  • Equipped with a blade brake to ensures safety from blade injury.
  • Well-engineered and easy to assemble.

What to Look for When Buying a Contractor Table Saw

Best Contractor Table Saws

Purchasing a contractor table saw for best quality and performance requires a huge investment.

So, it’s important to learn the all essential features to get the maximum benefit out of the purchase. The following section will offer you the basic knowledge of what I call the best contractor saws.

Safety Initiative

“Safety comes first” is the saying is quite known to all craftsmen. When it comes to dealing with any power tool, it’s important. And when it relates to cutting tools, it becomes even more important.

Luckily, all manufacturers are found to show honest concern over the matter adopting several safety features along with others.

You deal with a sharp blade from very close that involves serious haphazard sometimes it may cause life-long damage. The manufacturers feature a blade guard that protects the craftsman from the potential injury caused by the blade.

However, the blade guard shares a demerit. It may sometimes thwart your view. Finding a saw that features a plexiglass or crystal blade guard to eliminate such issue.

Along with it, another security issue that also hinders the clean and accurate cuts is the kickback. Manufacturers adopt an anti-kickback pawl and splitters to get rid of such a delinquent.

Make sure you’re getting these two come with your saw. The best contractor saw offers more safety features such as a riving knife and a vibration protection magnetic switch.

Weight and Build Materials

The contractor saws tend to be the lightest among the stationary table saws. However, sometimes that would not be enough when you require to move it around the shop or job site. A contractor saw can weigh up to 400 pounds. Some of them are even lighter than that.

Once assembled, a saw is supposed to remain set up for a long time. Nevertheless, you might need to move the saw occasionally. If the situation is like that, a contractor saw with a portable feature is the best option for you.

The weight and the material of the tabletop is another factor you need to pay close attention. The table of the saw is made of solid cast iron to make them sturdy and endurable for housing the heavy wood piece. Thus, they make it rust and corrosion-resistant.

Some manufacturers build the table with stainless steel or stepped metal. And it similarly makes the table durable and strong. But the best part is less weight. Thus, they offer you maximum comfortability to move around.

With no intention to move around, you can prefer a heavier one. Because, the heavier on that is made of cast iron parts offers wider solidness, precision, and less vibration.

Build Quality

When you decide to purchase a contractor table saw, you decide to heavy workload on the saw. Such a decision makes it inevitable to get a well-built saw for unlimited enduring capacity.

Many materials are used to build saw parts– such as treated steel, aluminum and cast iron. All manufacturers emphasize on building all parts durable and sturdy using solid materials.

You can get one or several parts made of solid cast iron, steel or metal. Claim cast iron trunnions that are compatible with the motor. You’ll likewise need to search for a cast-iron worktop, a steel edge, and tough metal flywheels for making changes following the edge settings.

Some manufacturers build parts with plastic. You can accept only handles and catch surfaces made of plastic. And avoiding aluminum is also recommended.

However, if you prefer portability, cast iron would be quite challenging for you.

Glided Fence and Miter Gauge

These two pieces should necessarily be found in your contractor table saw. They come together and bring a significant result in cutting any materials.

The stability and control over cutting are essential for clean cuts. Fencing does this by expanding and stabilizing the working surface. And a solid miter gauge will make angle cuts possible. Make sure your saw has these two.

Size of the Table

A professional craftsman generally needs a bigger working space than a hobbyist. However, contractors with varied needs hit different sizes of tables.

For example, cutting a door on the table will require a smaller table than cutting a kitchen worktop. So, let your project and needs to decide the size of the table.


You can compromise with some factors of the saw, but never with the blade. It involves another aspect – the material of the blade. Your (every) different assignments will require different blades. That’d be quite wrong decision to cut all type of materials with a single blade. So, the blade should be strong – no doubt.

Blades are made of several materials for several cutting projects. Find a blade that is made of steel or carbon steel for cutting woods. If you like to cut harder materials like metal, diamond-tipped blades are best performing one. Some craftsmen like tungsten carbide-made blade for cutting plastic and PVC.

FAQs about Contractor Table Saws

Let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions about contractor table saw and what professionals say in reply. Maybe this little information will help you a lot in the long run.

What is the difference between a contractor table saw and a regular table saw?

A contractor table saw is designed for professionals and DIYers, usually with a powerful motor and increased durability. It is typically larger and more powerful than a standard table saw, making it better suited for heavier-duty jobs such as building furniture and cutting thicker materials.

How do I know if a contractor table saw is right for my project?

If you plan to do a lot of cutting and need a saw with a larger capacity and more power, a contractor table saw may be the right choice for you. It is also an excellent choice for projects involving thicker materials and larger pieces of wood.

What is kickback?

Kickback is a common issue with the contractor table saw. The kickback pushes the pieces of woods right back to the table causing inaccurate and imperfect cuts. It also creates health issue if the saw comes without proper protection.
Fortunately, most contractor saws nowadays tend to feature anti-kick pawls and splitters to prevent it.

How many teeth should a blade have in per inch?

The answer depends on what you like to cut with your saw and the type of saw you use. Let me guess you’re using a contractor table saw.
The number of teeth decides how efficiently and speedy cutting you can get with your saw. A blade with more teeth in per inch will cut slower than a blade with fewer teeth per inch. But the final finishing would be finer with a blade that has more teeth in per inch and the vice versa.

What safety features should I look for in a contractor table saw?

Safety features in a contractor table saw include an adjustable riving knife, blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and a blade stop. A dust collection system is also essential for keeping your work area clean and free of sawdust.

How do I clean and maintain my contractor table saw?

To keep your contractor table saw in top working condition, clean it regularly. You should also inspect the saw for worn or damaged components and replace them if necessary.

How do I ensure my contractor table saw is properly aligned?

To ensure your contractor table saw is properly aligned, ensure the blade is parallel to the miter slots, the edge is square to the tabletop, and the fence is similar to the blade.
What types of blades are compatible with contractor table saws?
The most common blades used with contractor table saws are ripped and crosscut blades. You can also find specialty blades designed for specific types of cuts.

Final Words

We’re now at the end of the reviews of the best contractor table saws. You have been provided with the top-performing contractor saw from the reputed power tools manufacturers, including the top features.

The perfect cutting job requires nothing but one of the models I listed above and along with master skills. When your skill of cutting would join with the right saw, perfection and precision would be a regular companion.

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