Pole Saw Vs Hedge Trimmer – Which One is Perfect for You?

One of the main problems that garden owners face is trimming and shaping the bushes and cutting down overgrown branches. Not only are unkempt branches and bushes an eyesore, but they also make the gardens dirty and messy. Owners of gardens have been in search of tools to deal with these for a long time.

Pole saws, shovels, hoes, pruning shears, trowels, and hedge trimmers are some of the tools used to tidy up gardens worldwide. But due to the functions of pole saws and hedge trimmers seeming somewhat close, a pole saw vs. hedge trimmer debate often arises in various garden owners’ forums.

Below is a comparison of these two aforementioned tools, which will help you understand their respective uses and let you know if they are interchangeable.

Pole Saw Vs. Hedge Trimmer: Choose Wisely

Pole Saw Vs Hedge Trimmer

What are Pole Saws and Hedge Trimmers?

To get into a comparison of hedge trimmer vs pole saw, first one has to understand what they are and what purpose they are usually being used for.  Only then can one truly grasp the full picture.

What are Pole Saws?

An electric pole saw

Pole saws are chainsaws that are attached to a pole. There are two kinds of pole saws: The heavy-duty gas pole saw, also known as ‘King of the Castle,’ and the lightweight electric pole saw. They are used to cut down thin branches that grow a bit thicker than the stem and are out of the gardener’s reach.

Also, the maximum thickness of a branch that a pole saw can handle is 8 inches. They are specialized to work in high spots where human hands can not reach. The average height that a pole saw can reach is about 15 feet. A basic pole saw unit would comprise an engine, a power-adjustable chainsaw blade, and the pole itself.

There are models where you can even detach the saw, providing you with a handheld chainsaw. It is a very versatile garden tool as a few models are compatible with other attachments. With this tool, you can cut in various shapes, but it is not designed to be used horizontally or on ground level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Pole Saw

Like any other tool, there are some advantages of using a pole saw but there are some disadvantages.

Advantages of A Pole Saw
  • Can cut through branches
  • Can trim trees
  • It can also be used to trim large bushes and prune trees
  • Are compatible with various attachments, making it versatile
  • It can reach a pretty high
  • It can be converted into a handheld chainsaw.
  • Usually cheaper.
Disadvantages of A Pole Saw
  • Gas pole saws can be too heavy
  • Weight can be unevenly distributed
  • It can’t be used for precise trimming
  • Wet conditions are not suitable for its use.

What are Hedge Trimmers?

A hedge trimmer

Looking like oversized scissors, hedge trimmers are a tool used to trim shrubs and, you guessed it, hedges. There are two types of hedge trimmers, manual and powered, run on electricity or gasoline. The manual hedge trimmers are distinctive in shape as they look like a pair of shears having long handles. These trimmers require a long time to work and hence take a toll on the user. As a result, powered trimmers are the go-to trimmers for gardeners nowadays.

The basic powered hedge trimmer unit consists of an engine to power the blade and some additional features such as comfortable handles, dampeners for sound and vibration, a debris shield, etc. Although they come in different shapes and sizes, the long hedge trimmers are preferred by gardeners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are not exempt from having their fair share of pros and cons. They are:

Advantages of Hedge Trimmers
  • Lightweight as well as handheld
  • Precise blades help in trimming efficiently
  • Can precisely shape bushes
  • It can even be used on thin and tall grass, vines, and brambles.
  • Weight is evenly distributed
  • Low maintenance.
Disadvantages of Hedge Trimmers
  • It can be quite costly
  • Reach is limited
  • It cannot be used on branches.

Can You Use Pole Saws As Hedge Trimmers?

Sometimes gardeners try to use pole saws as hedge trimmers. But are they right in doing so? Yes, they are. Well, to a certain point. We know pole saws are used to cut thick branches and trim trees. So, occasionally, you can use pole saws to trim your hedges or brambles.

But keep one thing in mind: the trim will not be precise, as the tool is not designed to do so. So, don’t expect a refined look at the shrubbery of your garden when using a pole saw.

Can You Use Hedge Trimmers As Pole Saws?

When using a  pole saw or hedge trimmer, people often think that as pole saws can be used as a hedge trimmer in some cases, the same can be done from hedge trimmers. This is an entirely wrong conception. You simply can not use a hedge trimmer as a pole saw. Not only do the hedge trimmers lack the reach of the pole saw, but they also can not cut through thick branches. They can only handle branches up to an inch in thickness.

Anything beyond that, and you would be putting unnecessary pressure on the trimmer’s blades. They can only be used to precisely shape and trim the shrubs and bushes in your garden, and nothing more.

Can You Use A Pole Saw To Trim Hedges?


Are pole saws and hedge trimmers interchangeable?

No, pole saws and hedge trimmers are not interchangeable. Pole saws are designed for cutting branches and trees, while hedge trimmers are better suited for cutting and trimming shrubs and hedges.

Can Pole Saws and Hedge Trimmers be used for different tasks?

Yes, pole saws and hedge trimmers can be used for different tasks. In addition to trimming branches and hedges, pole saws can also be used to prune and limbing trees and remove tree limbs from gutters. Hedge trimmers can also be used for shaping bushes and smaller hedges.

What is the proper way to use a Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer?

When using a pole saw, it is important to ensure that the working area is clear and that the saw is balanced to avoid accidents or injuries. Additionally, it is important to ensure that protective clothing, goggles, and gloves are worn when using a pole saw. When using a hedge trimmer, it is important to use the correct length and power of the tool and to ensure that the trimmer blades are kept sharp to give a clean cut. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the hedge is trimmed in the same direction that it grows in and that the hedge is thick enough.

A final word

According to economic theories, the needs of human beings are endless. Although we have perfectly good tools for particular purposes, we still need something more. There is one tool that has been born due to this pole saw vs hedge trimmer debate, which is the pole trimmer.

Yes, it is exactly as you think it is. A hedge trimmer is attached to a pole, giving you a trimmer with a reach of a pole saw. So, if you are looking for a trimmer with a long reach, you can switch to this pole trimmer.

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