How to Restring A Pole Saw: Step by Step Guide

Did your pole pruner string come off?

It looks a bit weird without being strung, right?

It was all good as long as it was already strung for you and you were using it without any tension. But now all these pullies and the long string seems to be strangling.

Do not worry. No matter how technical it looks, restringing it is not that hard. You can do this in no time. Just a few easy steps and you can restring your pole pruner yourself.

To assist you in restringing I have briefly explained the total process. This will help you learn how to restring a pole saw in few easy steps.

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About Pole Pruner

The basic design of a pole pruner includes an upper pulley and a lower one. The string has to be connected using these two. The movement of the string will assist in moving the main cutter.

It requires a long string for the process. The string comes as long as the pole to have easy access for pulling it while cutting.

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How to Restring a Pole Saw – Step by Step

How to Restring A Pole Saw

The total process of restringing is not hard at all. But you must restring it properly following the orders to get it right.

Even you might be able to swing the rope in the wrong way and get the cutter moving. But the result won’t be the same. When you get it to work, you will be struggling to prune the branches. It won’t have enough force to cut down the branch.

That’s why it is very important to follow the orders and string accordingly. Let’s learn an appropriate restringing process step by step.

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Step 1:

On the first step, take your string and start with the upper pulley. Insert the string through the top of the pulley.

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Step 2:

Pull down the string, circling the upper pulley, towards the lower pulley. Bringing it to the lower pulley, let the string move through the space of the pulley as you did for the upper pulley. Circle it with the string and move through it.

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Step 3:

Repeat the same process for the third time. Bring the string through the lower pulley to the upper one. This time insert the string through the lower space of the upper pulley. It is going to be a little hard to squeeze the thick string through this small space, but it is accessible.

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Step 4:

Now its time to tie the knot. Make a tight knot with the string you pulled out from the lower small space of the upper pulley. Try to make a secured knot as it will work as the blockade. You can make two to three knots for the block to be very stable. Make sure you make the knot with the string itself. Do not tie it with the other free end of the string. The long free end of the string is the trigger that will be pulled while making successful cuts.

Thus, you restring your pole pruner on the go.

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Final Words

Pole pruners function using the string mechanism. The string is the most important part of this tool. It is very important to have it arranged in the right way for the total system to function. That’s why it is highly necessary to learn the correct process of restringing a pole pruner.

While restringing, make sure the string is long enough to cover the whole process. When you are tying the knot, tie it very tightly. Make more than one knot for a more secure tie. Follow the steps thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

It won’t be hard for you to learn how to restring a pole pruner. The steps and the process itself is very easy and simple. Hopefully, you can now restring your pruner without any difficulty.

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