Best Picture Frame Clamps for Woodworking [Details Reviewed]

In woodworking, you need to operate the saw in a straight path, drill straight, or route in the correct curve. You must have felt the need for an extra pair of hands to do these jobs with better control over the tools and wood pieces.

Clamps are like extra hands to help you out in your works. Their main purpose is to tightly hold wood pieces for proper drying of the glue.

You can also use them to resist the moving of woods during drilling, chiseling, or assembling pieces together.

You might be thinking to purchase this quintessential tool for your workshop. But how could you choose one from the plethora of options available? I am listing the best 5 Picture Frame Clamps for you to choose from.

My Top Picks

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Woodworking Frame Clamping Strap Holder
POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Woodworking Frame Clamping Strap Holder
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Relitec Positioning Squares Picture Frame Clamp
Relitec Positioning Squares Picture Frame Clamp
Check Latest Price
HORUSDY Band Clamp Woodworking Picture Frame Clamp Strap Holder
HORUSDY Band Clamp Woodworking Picture Frame Clamp Strap Holder
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Bessey Tools VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp with 4 ClipsBessey Tools VAS-23 2K Variable Angle Strap Clamp with 4 Clips
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Platte River Framing Project Clamp Woodworking Picture Frame ClampPlatte River Framing Project Clamp Woodworking Picture Frame Clamp
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SEDY Band Frame Quick Release Strap Clamp For WoodworkingSEDY Band Frame Quick Release Strap Clamp For Woodworking
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HEWEGO Angle Clamp Multifunctional Picture Framing HolderHEWEGO Angle Clamp Multifunctional Picture Framing Holder
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Top 5 Picture Frame Clamp Reviews in 2021

Let’s now read detailed reviews of the above-mentioned professional picture frame clamps.

1. BEST BUDGET: POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

POWERTEC 71017 Quick Release Band Clamp

POWERTEC manufactured a versatile clamp that can work for any shape. This tool puts the control of the whole setup just in the palms of your hands.

This strap clamp is designed ergonomically for extreme ease in use, for your comfort in handling, and above all to get your job done most effectively.

You can use this tool for a variety of shapes ranging from square, round to atypical shapes. The high-strength nylon webbing can withstand high tensile force providing you a secured clamp that perfectly works without failure.

The tool has two layers of adjusting capacity. Through the quick release levers, you can customize your workpiece to the jaws ensuring your desired firm positioning and configuration. For additional tightening and band tension adjustment, there is s hand screw attached for your ease.

The clamping jaws have a unique design made with premium quality hard plastic. These jaws will provide firm and steady pressure on your workpieces without causing any scratch or harm to the items. They are very non-marring in touch.

This DIY picture frame clamp works for a variety of items such as picture frames, chair frames, drawers, barrels, boxes, cabinets assembly, and many more. You can use this outstanding clamp for a durable, streamlined, and ultra-practical bracing system.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Ergonomic design to use for a variety of items in a regular or irregular shape.
  • Quick-release levers and hand screw provide two layers of adjustment for a firm bracing.
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing ensures safety and accuracy with adequate band tension.
  • Hard plastic clamping jaws provide non-marring tightening to the workpieces.

2. BEST FOR MULTIPURPOSE: Relitec R Positioning Squares, Right Angle & 90-Degree Corner Clamp

Relitec R Positioning Squares, Right Angle & 90-Degree Corner Clamp

For a precise 90-degree right angle woodwork, the Relitec R brand offers you 12 sets of 90-degree corner clamps with a variety of sizes at an affordable price.

The clamps are made of high-impact plastic in a thick and wide shape. They provide a strong and durable connection to your workpieces. The clamps are also lightweight for better usability.

The clamps come in a variety of sizes: 3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch sizes to work with several woodworking projects at a time. You can attach them firmly to wood pieces of any thickness.

Each clamp has embossed gradation in inches and millimeters on both the inside and outside edges. You can use them for accurate measurement during clamping. There is also a handy notch leveled with angles 45-degree and 22.5 degrees to ensure squaring accuracy.

These clamps are very essential in ensuring balanced project outcomes. You can fit them quickly and easily into your square workpieces. They are specifically designed to work like a breeze for creating a precise right angle in square shapes.

The clamps square up perfect corners for gluing and assembling your boxes, drawers, cabinets, frames, etc. some carpenters even find it convenient in incorporating these items into their jigs and fixtures.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • High-quality material for optimal durability and lightweight.
  • A variety of sizes to meet your different needs in different projects.
  • Precise 90-degree angled clamp to square up perfect corners.
  • Embossed gradation in inches, millimeters, and degrees for perfect measurement.

3. BEST PREMIUM QUALITY: HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder

HORUSDY Woodworking Frame Clamp Strap Holder

If you are a carpenter working with an assortment of shapes, then the band clamp from the HORUSDY brand is perfect for you. This tool is a ‘must-have’ for an enthusiastic woodworker like you.

This clamp is ideal for squares, rectangles with plastic corners attached, and any irregular shape when it is removed. They are widely used for assembling picture frames, drawers, chair frames, or other items of various sizes and configurations in gluing or fixing them.

This tool is equipped with two features for appropriate adjustment. The quick-release lever is for adjusting the workpiece to the plastic corners. The convenient hand screw is to maintain the tension in the band.

The woven canvas strap is easy to handle. You can exert your required tensile force on the strap without thinking about tearing it off.

The clamping jaws are square in shape. You can use them reliably because they are non-marring means do not cause any damage to your workpieces.

You will not be satisfied with using a tool if you can not hold them comfortably. The handle of this clamp is made of solid rubber to offer a skid-resistant handling experience.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • The quick-release lever enables easy adjustment to the workpiece.
  • Convenient hand screw to adjust the strap tension for further tightening.
  • Rubber handle for a soft anti-slip grip.
  • Can be used for regular and irregular shapes.

4. BEST STURDY CLAMP: Platte River Framing Project Clamp

Platte River Framing Project Clamp

If you are looking for a simpler design to avoid all the sophistication of adjustment, the 4′ X 4′ framing clamp from the Platte River brand is perfect for you.

This tool is ideal for carpenters who only deal with square or rectangular shapes. Maybe you are a photo frame designer, then go for this framing project clamp without any hesitation.

You do not need to adjust band tension, strap length, etc. when using this tool. This wood picture frame clamp expands quickly for clamping small and large projects before gluing and fixing.

This clamps for picture framing works perfectly for a varying dimension from 3″ x 5″ up to 4′ x 4′. You can use this clamp to hold the square or rectangular items while driving nails or gluing.

The threaded steel rods are sturdy and will not damage for repeated use. The four clamp corners hardly mar your workpieces during adjustment.

There are also four knurled nuts to tighten the clamp corners to the workpiece and threaded rod. They are made of brass for rust resistance ability.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • A simpler design for easy use and handling.
  • Expands quickly for clamping without any sophistication.
  • Non-marring clamp corners.
  • Steel rods and brass nuts for firm connection and high durability.

5. BEST MULTIFUNCTIONAL: HEWEGO 90-degree Corner Clamp

HEWEGO 90-degree Corner Clamp

You can add a basic clamp from the HEWEGO brand to your workshop for clamping small projects to an exact 90-degree angle.

It has a similar design to the clamps that welders use. It can hold wood of different thicknesses up to the 3-inch clamping capacity at an exact 90-degree angle.

This clamp is made of aluminum alloy for the hardness the material provides. It provides high durability to the clamp with excessive rust-resistant capacity. It is very easy to operate and works like a breeze to attach corners with confidence.

The jaws are very convenient to adjust. You need to unscrew the nuts, put the wood piece into the jaws, and tighten the nuts for the adjustment.

The jaws will provide you a firm holding without causing any damage to your working items. You can rotate the jaws and screws to adjust different thicknesses of wood.

This tool is generally used for a group of four jaws and fit for woodworking, fish tank fixing, picture frame reinforcement, etc. a simple bump can ruin the lineup of your setup, while this tool will fix that problem in no time.

Why Did We Pick It?

  • Simple design ensuring easy adjustments.
  • Exact 90-degree angle for precise and secure assembly.
  • Made of aluminum alloy for high durability and rust-resistance.
  • Rotation of jaws and screws enables adjustment of different thicknesses of woods.

Picture Frame Clamps for Woodworking

FAQs about Picture Frame Clamps

Knowing professionals’ answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about picture frame clamps for woodworking may help you pick the finest one from our list.

What are the rules of clamping?

Ans. You need to follow some basic rules during clamping for getting your work done effectively. The rules are:

  • To prevent damage, always put scrap wood between the clamp jaws and wood piece.
  • Apply clamp load perpendicularly to prevent slippage.
  • Use a minimum of two clamps to prevent rotation.
  • Avoid overtightening of the clamp. This will damage both clamp and workpieces.

What should I avoid doing?

Ans. You must avoid doing some specific things during clamping. They are:

  • Avoid using extra-large clamps.
  • Avoid using a clamp with a bent frame or jaw.
  • Avoid using wrenches, pipes, hammers to tighten clamps.
  • Do not use any type of clamp for any job. Use a specific type for a particular job.

How many clamps do I need?

Ans. The number of clamps you need depends on the scale of your work and the workpieces that you are working on. As a beginner, avoid buying all the clamps like fashion models buy shoes. For now, you can buy a couple of clamps. But if you expand your work, buy some according to the need.

What are the safety measures to be followed when using clamps?

Ans. The following safety measures you should consider:

  • Wear safety equipment like gloves and safety goggles.
  • Select a clamp considering the size and thickness of the work material and required holding capacity.
  • Remove clamps with bents.
  • Ensure proper contact between wooden parts and clamps before tightening screws.
  • Do not remove the clamps before drying the glue properly.

My Two Cents at the End

Clamping is a basic need in woodwork to resist the movement of wood pieces during drilling or gluing. To get accuracy and firmest support, you need to invest a high amount of money in buying clamps. But do not spend money lavishly without proper research.

This review article provides a thorough overview of the 5 best picture frame clamps available in the market. Have a look at each one, especially on features to choose one clamp that will serve your purpose. All of them are best at doing their specific jobs.

But still, there must be top one or two clamps that outweigh the other three or four. In my opinion, POWERTEC 71017 Band Clamp and HORUSDY Band Clamp are the two best woodworking clamps because of their versatile application and high holding capacity.

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