Best Wood Glue Applicator of 2022

Gluing is an essential part of woodworking projects for adjoining wood pieces. It is the most effective and precise way of creating a durable and strong bond. Besides that, gluing will give you with better finishing than screws or nails.

When it comes to applying glue, do you think you can apply glue with your hand?

A big NO! A glue applicator is a safest and most suitable way to apply glue on wood.

It will speed up your work for sure. It is very helpful for applying glue the required amount. For this, you must choose an appropriate glue applicator for your project. To help you with that, I am listing the best wood glue applicators here.

My Top Selections

Top 5 Best Wood Glue Applicators in 2022

1. Rockler Glue Applicator Set

Rockler Glue Applicator Set

The glue applicator set from the Rockler brand is a complete package with all the necessary accessories for applying glue without any squeeze-out.

To avoid the mess caused by overuse, you must put glue in a straight line. The glue line centering feature will help you in keeping the glue bead in the center during gluing edges. This prevents wavy glue lines and minimizes the waste of glue.

The silicon glue brush and glue roller applicator will help you to apply and spread glue on wider surfaces. A gentle squeeze on the bottle will load the brush and you can glue a large surface easily without the hassle of brush bristles on the line of glue.

The roller has a large and wide tip hole that ensures a good flow of glue. The angled head will help you to glue on wider surfaces keeping track of the amount of applied glue.

To fasten mortise and tenon tightly, the mortise glue applicator is included in the Rockler set. The flattened spout will fit into any type of mortise that a traditional spout can hardly reach. It will help you to glue the side of the mortise with the exact amount.

Loading the bottle with glue from the jug could be a mess without using a funnel. The Rockler glue applicator set also offers you a funnel for easy transferring of glue.

All the attachments are made of highly durable materials such as polypropylene, silicone, thermoplastic rubber, and HDPE plastic. These materials are very convenient for the maintenance process.

The cleaning brush included in the set will also ease the cleaning process. You can easily clean all the tight spaces of the accessories with this narrow profile brush. You can use both the bristles on the ends of the brush for proper cleansing.

Why I Picked It?

    • Glue line centering attachment to avoid wavy lines.
    • Mortise glue applicator for fastening mortise and tenon.
    • Cleaning brush ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Silicon brush applicator and roller applicator for spreading glue in wider spaces homogenously.

2. MAX High Pressure Glue Injector Syringe Precision Applicator

MAX High Pressure Glue Injector Syringe Precision Applicator

If you are looking for a glue applicator of versatile use, the high-pressure glue injector syringe from the MAX brand would be the one.

The syringe comes up with two nozzles made of brass. Brass is a metal that does not rust. If you can take proper maintenance, the nozzles will serve you lifelong.

The two nozzles are also different in size: 1/16 inch and 1/32 inch. You can use the smaller tip for gluing tight spaces. Both the nozzles are very useful in dispensing glue at a constant rate.

You can load the syringe in a straightforward way. Remove the brass tip, submerge the syringe in a glue jug, and pull the plunger back until the syringe fills. No pouring of glue occurs in outside areas if you fill the syringe in this way.

The O-ring plunger is smooth in operation and you can easily pull out and push in the plunger for recharge and discharge, respectively. You will never face any blow out of glue during rapid discharge from the syringe. The plunger is supported with an O-ring to withstand blowouts.

You can use this high-pressure glue injector for a variety of purposes, from repairing squeaky floors to tighten loose joints on wood furniture, dispensing silver metal clay in jewelry making, and even for cake decorating.

This glue injector is widely used for the precise placement of silicone beads in making high-performance mechanical seals, gaskets.

Why I Picked It?

    • Can be used for a variety of purposes.
    • Nozzles of two different sizes to reach tight spaces.
    • Brass nozzles. Ensures long time service without rusting.
    • O-ring plunger. Provide ease in loading glue and resist blow out.

3. DCT Wood Glue Spreading Woodworking Kit Roller Applicator

DCT Wood Glue Spreading Woodworking Kit Roller Applicator

Extensive glue-ups are required in projects like cabinet making and more. This glue applicator set from the Deadwood Crafted Tools (DCT) will help you in evenly gluing large surfaces and ensures better joint.

The first feature is the roller applicator which is non-stick. You can use any type of glue without the hassle of getting clogged or stuck to the roller. You can apply glue quickly over wider areas without any mess.

The small-sized dowel hole nozzle applicator is designed for applying glue to hardly accessible areas. This feature is very convenient in application.

The biscuit slots are smaller in size and the biscuits are oval-shaped. To connect both, you can use the half-moon shaped applicator included in the kit. You can cover the slot properly with glue keeping outside areas glue-free by using this half-moon shaped applicator.

While buying, you may think the maintenance will be tough because of so many attachments in the kit. No worries.

All the applicators included in this kit are designed in an innovative way to prevent clogging. You can clean them with a damp cloth and dry them in the air.

Why I Picked It?

    • The kit includes five attachments for evenly gluing.
    • Roller applicator for mess-free gluing over large areas.
    • Dowel hole nozzle to reach tight spaces.
    • Biscuit applicator to cover biscuit slot properly with glue.

4. DCT Wood Glue Applicator Glue Syringe for Woodworking

DCT Wood Glue Applicator Glue Syringe for Woodworking

The Deadwood Crafted Tools (DCT) brand also designed a glue applicator syringe for you to apply a little glue in spaces like a dovetail socket or a lot of glue in a hidden connection.

This syringe is mainly designed for water-based glue that is used for veneering, lutherie, cabinetry, floor squeaks, and even jewelry making and cake decorating. Sometimes the glue applicator is also used in mechanical works like gasket making by joining beads of silicon.

The glue applicator includes two brass nozzles with two O-rings. You must put the O-ring onto the barrel and then screw the nozzle into the barrel. The O-ring both in tip and plunger will reduce blowouts. Regular oiling on O-ring will ensure a smooth and airtight seal.

The syringe can be filled with glue in two convenient ways. You can pull out the plunger and pour glue into the syringe from the top. Another way is to remove the brass tip, submerge the end in glue and fill the syringe by pulling back the plunger.

The glue chamber can hold approximately 20ml of glue with leveling to 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, and 20ml and a tick for each 1ml increase. You can load the syringe with the exact amount of glue you require from these volume levels.

For proper maintenance, you need to be conscious of the glue you are using. Water-based wood glues and silicon will ensure the highest durability of the syringe. It will also be easy to clean.

You can easily clean the syringe with hot water and a brush. Remove the plunger and brass nozzle before the cleansing process.

Why I Picked It?

    • It can be used for a variety of applications.
    • O-rings both in plunger and nozzle reduces blowouts.
    • The simple design ensures two convenient way of loading glue.
    • A glue chamber with volume leveling helps to fill the syringe with the required amount of glue.

5. DCT Wood Glue Roller Applicator Bottle

DCT Wood Glue Roller Applicator Bottle

The Deadwood Crafted Tools (DCT) brand came up with a much simpler glue applicator specifically designed for extensive gluing in a mess-free way.

The glue container can hold almost 237ml of glue which is huge. The bottle is made of transparent plastic to keep track of the amount of glue for refilling on time.

The roller applicator is convenient for uniformly coating large wood pieces. You need to just squeeze the bottle to load the roller with glue. Then roll over the roller on your application area to apply a uniform layer of glue.

You can save your time and your finger from being dirty by using this applicator. The roller is also non-stick which ensures the use of any type of glue without clogging.

A cap is included in the applicator that fits the wood glue bottle. This lid will keep the bottle airtight and prevent drying up of glue.

This woodworking glue applicator is also very convenient for maintenance. The two attachments, glue bottle, and roller can be cleaned with a wet cloth. You need to air dry them to remove moisture.

Why I Picked It?

    • The simple design ensures easy maintenance.
    • A cap to prevent the glue from drying in the bottle.
    • Non-stick roller for spreading glue over large surfaces.
    • Glue bottle with a capacity to hold a huge volume of glue.

woodworking glue applicator

FAQs about Wood Glue Applicator

Can I load any type of glue in the applicator?

No, you cannot. Different glue applicators are suitable for different types of gules. Some are suitable for water-based glue while some get clogged if you use silicone glue or PVC glue.

So, it is wise to check the manual or do some research on the specific wood glue dispenser you are going to buy. You can also read the glue applicator reviews on my website to know if the glue you are using fits with the applicator.

How to load the applicator?

If your glue container is bottle-shaped, then you can use a funnel to transfer glue from jug to bottle. And when the glue applicator includes a syringe you can load it in two convenient ways. You can pull out the plunger and pour glue into the syringe from the top.

Another way is to remove the tip, submerge the end in glue and fill the syringe by pulling back the plunger. But sometimes the fill hole from where the plunger is installed is too small to pour glue. You need to be conscious during filling and cleansing.

How to use the roller applicator?

The roller is a great inclusion in any glue applicator set. It is very convenient for applying glue to large areas. A roller applicator generally fits into the bottle glue container. You need to squeeze the bottle softly to load the roller. Then move the roller over your application surface to evenly glue the area.

Do I need to clean the accessories after every use?

Yes, you must clean. Otherwise, the glue will clog into the syringe or bottle and you will not be able to use it repeatedly. For a long time use, you need to take some measures during and after using the applicator. You need to keep the woodworking glue bottle or syringe immersed in water to prevent the glue from getting hardened.

After every use, you need to keep the attachments submerged in water or flow water through them. Lastly, dry them in the air. Another way is to clean them with a damp cloth and then air dry.

My Two Cents at the End

Once you have gone through the whole review, you might have already decided which one to buy. Each glue applicator is best in serving its purpose. No matter which one you buy, you will not regret it at all. Your every penny will be utilized in the best way.

But still, if you ask me to suggest one, I will go for Rockler Glue Applicator Set because of its all-in-one features. It includes all the necessary attachments for glue application.

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