Best Timber Framing Chisels of 2021 – [Top Picks And Reviews]

Whether you’re making a treehouse for your kids or yourself, it always cheers people around you up. Making a treehouse is not a big deal that you’ll hire people for.

So, if you’re thinking about making one or you’re doing other wooden work around your house, the first and the most crucial tool you’ll need is a chisel.

A chisel is a hand tool that’ll assist you with cutting wood panel edges.

But what people always get confused about is the chisel they should buy for their job as the marketplaces offer a lot of them in sizes and shapes. In this article, we will break down those for you and help you find the finest.

In a Hurry ? Quick Look at Our Top Picks

5 Best Timber Framing Chisels Reviews in 2021

We researched hours to find the best timber framing chisels for you. While making a list, we took different quality, size, shapes, and budget in concern. Read every review and pick your perfect match.

1. Robert Sorby 285 Timber Framing Chisel

Robert Sorby #285 Timber Framing Chisel

When it comes to wooden work, there is no one better than the British people. Their ships or furniture wherever you point at you’ll find the finest wooden work in the world. For centuries they mastered craftsmanship.

So, in terms of hand tools for wooden work, you can trust them blindly. Well, we did too.

Our editor’s pick is a timber framing chisel also from a renowned British company. Robert Sorby’s #285 Timber Framing chisel is probably the perfect chisel for timber framing.

People often complain about the comfort of using a chisel. Well, our research shows that the longer the chisel size, the more comfortable you’ll get while working. The overall length of Robert Sorby #285 Timber Framing Chisel is 19.5 inches, ensuring the comfort you’ll need while working for a long time.

The 9 inches wooden handle and 10.5 inches blade will provide you extra traction while cutting edges. The 1-inch blade width will provide the perfect job for timber framing.

In terms of durability, Robert Sorby has always been on the top. The sharpness of the blade and quality of steel satisfied craftsmen around the world for a long time.

2. Arno 467856 Solid Steel French Timber Framing Slick Chisel

Arno 467856 Solid Steel French Timber Framing Slick Chisel

Looking for something heavy-duty with high qualities? Well, Arno 467856 Solid Steel French Timber Framing Slick Chisel might be the product for you.

The whole monolith steel body will make sure you don’t face any problem with the broken handle or handle-blade joint quality. The quality of the steel is so good that you can use a hammer for extra force while using it for heavy work and there’ll be hardly any damage to the chisel.

It has a 1.57-inch-wide blade which is 14 inches long and weighs only a quarter ounce in size and shape. The size and lightweights of the chisel make it easy to carry around.

The word ‘Slick’ in the title is meant for the shape of the handle. The handle is a few degrees bent which makes the chisel help with slick work. The blade is sharpened enough to start working right after the delivery. Who knows? You might be cutting the other delivery boxes with it.

Though the whole body is made from a single metal, it has a PVC coating over the handle area. The PVC-coated handle will provide you good friction while cutting some timber frames.

3. Arno 467870 Solid Steel French Timber Framing Chisel with Dipped Handles

Arno 467870 Solid Steel French Timber Framing Chisel with Dipped Handles

Let’s appreciate Arno; the chisels are so good that we had to put two of their chisels consecutively in this list. The performance of these chisels is as grand and beautiful as the Italian river Arno.

The Arno 467870 is slightly different from the former 467856 models. The slick of the blade is 1.18 inches. Compared to the 1.57 inches of Arno 467856 model, it will assist you in more complex cutting.

Well, the weight also decreases with the size. It drops 8 ounces from the previous one. With all those changes, it still maintains a heavy-duty performance.

The interesting fact about this French company is they make these chisels by hand in small batches. As a result, every item offers excellent quality even if they are not in exact shape. Well, if you don’t have third-degree OCD, you won’t even notice those faults.

The anti-corrosive blade will make sure it doesn’t rust on long-term use in a harsh environment. As the size suggests, you can carry it around in your pocket. But we recommend you ensure proper precaution while maintaining.

4. Robert Sorby 287 Heavy Duty Corner Chisel

Robery Sorby 287 Heavy Duty Timber Framing Corner Chisel with Ash handle

From the same British company that topped our list, Robert Sorby 287 is a heavy-duty timber framing chisel. The big dissimilarity between model 285, which is our first in this list, and 287, is the difference in purposes.

Robert Sorby 287 is a corner chisel. So, what is a corner chisel, you might ask? The significant difference between a regular chisel and a corner chisel is that the blade is bent 90 degrees in the middle. As the self-explanatory name suggests that the blade looks like a corner.

A corner chisel is a must when it comes to timber framing. For a specific frame connection part, there’s no more straightforward solution than a corner chisel. The 18.5 inches long corner chisel includes a 9.125 inches wooden handle.

Everyone that works with steel knows how good Sheffield steel is! The perfect sharpness and edge retention all comes in Robert Sorby 287 heavy-duty timber framing corner chisel.

Well, ensuring a high-quality product is always a priority for Robert Sorby company. Before leaving their company perimeter, every hand tool, like a chisel, goes through a diamond hardness test.

5. Arno 467863 14 Inches Long Solid Steel French Timber Framing Chisel

Arno 467863 14 Inches Long Solid Steel French Timber Framing Chisel

Many craftsmen prefer precise sizing when it comes to hand tools. The French company Arno kept that in their mind. That’s why they bought Arno 467863 series, which is just in between the previous two Arno products on this list. The blade is 35mm wide, which is 5mm shorter and longer than the other two, respectively.

Arno’s single solid piece design can work heavy-duty jobs in extreme conditions and sustain any damages. The 58-60 Rockwell hardened cutting edge lowered the chance of flying steel when struck.

Like the previous two Arno products, this can also work as slick as the handle is bent a few degrees from the regular. The whole handmade product might not give you the perfect finishing, but the quality tops other excellent tools available in the market.

The dimensions are pretty much standard, with 14 inches long and 1.375 inches wide blade. The handle comes with a PVC coating to ensure suitable handling while doing timber framing. The overall chisel weighs only 25 ounces.

What is a Japanese Chisel?

The short answer is ‘Nomi.’ Nomi is actually chisel in Japanese.

So, what’s all the fuss about these chisels?

Well, everyone knows about the quality of Japanese products. In terms of woodworking tools, Japan shines there too. The Japanese chisels are made from hard carbon steel and they have many types of chisels.

Japanese attention to detail while making chisels is excellent. Most Japanese timber framing chisels offer wooden handles. To ensure the handle serves for years, they use Red Oak, Ebony, and Sandalwood.

And if you’re thinking about buying one, we are here to give you some tips too. While purchasing a Japanese chisel, look if there’s any hoop present at the end of the handle. If there’s a hoop or ring at the end of the handle, you can strike it with a mallet while using. Otherwise, don’t use a mallet or hammer; it’s not designed for that kind of force.

Woodworking Chisel vs Timber Framing Chisels

Chisels are chisels; that’s what it’s supposed to be. But the reality is even they do similar types of woodwork, but there are a few distinctions between them. So, the first and significant difference is the uses.

And there are many forms of chisels, which are indispensable for any woodworking project. The woodworking chisels are a broad category of chisels and it’s easier to get confused about their uses. And most often you mix them up with timber framing chisels. So, here is how you should differentiate them.

When you need to make laces and slit in trunks, you should get the timber framing chisels over regular woodworking chisels. The reason is when you’re working with large wood blocks and timbers with large dimensions, you will need longer blades with durable steels.

The timber framing chisels offer a longer blade with longer handles which helps you get significant woodwork done efficiently.

FAQs about Timber Framing Chisels

What is timber framing?

Ans. Timber framing is a style of construction that uses heavy timber in columns and beams. It’s pretty cheap, and anyone can do it in their spare time. Timber framing tools is often seen in tree houses or farmhouses. Mortises and tenons are the main attraction of timber framing.

What is a framing chisel?

Ans. Well, the first thing about framing chisels is their blade. A framing chisel comes with a broader blade than regular woodworking chisels and with the strike of a mallet, it works perfectly in timber construction.

Gouging wood, making notches are also the primary work of a framing chisel. The regular framing chisel’s blade sizes vary from 1.5 inches to 2 inches.

How to sharpen a chisel?

Ans. There Are multiple ways to sharpen a chisel. The first is to use sandpapers. While rolling on sandpapers, make sure to adjust the rolling angle to the blade angle.

If the chisel blade is in the worst possible worn state, we recommend you use a grinding wheel for sharpening and make sure to have proper precautions.

What are the basic safety precautions to use a chisel?

Ans. While using a chisel, always cut from your end and use a soft hammer or a mallet for extra force.

Chisel is not a screwdriver, so don’t use it as one. It damages the blade edge.

While carrying it in your pocket, get a safety bag. Otherwise, don’t carry it in your pocket.

Final Words

To sum up, we tried to break down everything about the market’s best timber framing chisels. Now, it’s your time to decide what size or shape you need.

It could be our top choice, Robert Sorby 287, if you need something durable and easy to handle.

Otherwise, you can take a single solid body Arno with your preferable size for heavy-duty. We wish you good luck and hope this piece has helped you find what you were looking for.

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