Best Plug Cutter Set for Woodcraft – [Top Picks & Reviews]

Ever wondered how all the pro-DIY makers create such amazing crafts or furniture pieces that seem to have no joints at all?

With the right tool, making the perfect-looking woodcraft is no big deal. And the right piece of tool for the job is a plug cutter.

A plug cutter is something that you use to make wood plugs to mask the screw heads. Some of the best plug cutter reviews will release you from the one mind-boggling job in selecting the right one among the overwhelming number of options.

In the following section, we present you 5 premium quality plug cutters to help you chose one that meets your requirements. Let’s check them out.

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In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks

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Top 5 Best Plug Cutter Reviews in 2022

Read our unbiased reviews and grab the one that satisfies your requirements.

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1. Rocaris 23-Pack Champher Drilling Tool

Rocaris 23-Pack Woodworking Chamfer Drilling Tool

The product is undoubtedly one of the finest toolsets from the brand Rocaris. With 23 pieces of tools, it is a whole package that includes eight plug cutters, six hex shanks, seven countersink drill bits, one L-wrench, and one center punch.

The set has eight plug cutters, four of which are chamfered cutters. Whether you need to top up the countersunk holes or create straight plugs, the tool does both. You can cut four different diameters to make tapered or straight plugs.

The product will enable you to create plugs for decorative purposes, hide any unconventional screw heads, or blemishes.

The Rocaris 23-pack has three-pointed countersink shank drill bits in seven different sizes. You can drill plot holes of any diameter from 3mm to 10mm. The bits are made of high-speed steel to prevent the tools from abrasion, making the product durable.

The five-edged chamfers will make the job effortless as you can have an easier and faster discharge of the sawdust.

It includes six different sizes of 5-flute hex shanks which are also made of high-speed steel. The titanium coating gives a polished cutting edge and minimizes friction. The shanks are suitable for thick woods, fiberboards, plywood, PCB boards, particle boards, wooden planks, and more.

The toolset also comes with an automatic center punch. You will never have any drills wandering once you make the marks with the 5-inch spring-loaded center punch.

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2. Snappy Tools Tapered Plug Cutter Set

Make it Snappy Tools 3 Piece Tapered Plug Cutter Set

The next product on our list is the Make it Snappy 3 Piece Tapered Plug Cutter Set. Whether you are a professional wood craftsman or a newbie in woodwork, the product can be a good addition to your toolsets.

The product includes three plug cutters of diameter ¼, ⅜, and ½ inches which are some of the most conventional and useful sizes for almost all woodworking jobs. The tapered round plugs are tight-fit, and you won’t require additional glue to attach those into holes.

The sharp and hardened cutting edge works equally well on soft and hardwood. The material is also heat-treated to prevent producing excessive heat while cutting which results in a wood-burn. So, you can create as many plugs as you want without worrying about a burn on the blades or wood. However, we would recommend you follow the suggested speed while cutting.

While getting a tool for woodwork, most people wonder whether it will be durable or not. With this product, you won’t have to worry about that because it is made of hardened steel which makes it long-lasting.

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3. Snappy Tools ¾ inch Plug Cutter

Snappy Tools Plug Cutter

Another product from the brand Snappy makes to our top 5 list. And why not? It is obvious that they know which features are best required for a quality tool. So, let’s have a look at the Snappy Tools Plug Cutter.

It has a ¾ inches cutter, which can cut both hard and softwood. It is a two-in-one and you will not be needing separate tools for two types of wood. And no need to worry about wood burns. It is made of hardened steel and won’t cause any burns.

Another plus point of the quality material is that it effortlessly cuts the hardest wood without breaking or deforming. The firm-built product is sure to be one of your once-in-a-lifetime purchases.

With two sides, one chamfered and one tapered, it produces tapered plugs with a slightly smaller radius at the end, making it easier for insertion. A little diameter difference between the top and bottom ends makes the cork a tight fit for a ¾ inches hole, which means no glue usage.

If you are just starting with wood DIY projects, and don’t want to have large toolsets, this product can be an ideal choice for you.

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4. Rocaris 8pcs Wood Plug Cutter Set

Rocaris 8pcs Wood Plug Cutter Drill Bit Set

If you are confused about choosing the right sized cutter and don’t want to have a set with many pieces that you won’t require, the Rocaris 8pcs Wood Plug Cutter will be the most perfect fit. Let’s check out the features of the product.

It includes eight plug cutters, four chamfered, and four standard straight cutters. So, you can use the chamfered ones for filling countersunk holes and standard ones for other counterbored holes or decorative purposes.

The sharp cutting edges make sure the corks are well finished and make the perfect fit for the holes to be filled. And not just that, with the eight-piece tool, you can create ¼, ⅜, ½, and ⅝ inches tapered or straight plugs.

Also, the carbon steel material makes sure you get to use the product for a very long time. So, cut perfectly-shaped decorative or filler corks relentlessly without worrying about any break or deformation.

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5. Snappy Tools 3/8inches Plug Cutter

Snappy Tools Plug Cutter

We are going to end our top five product lists with the Snappy Tools ⅜ inches Plug Cutter. The product is ideal for those who need this particular-sized plugs for a specific project.

The cutter creates nice tapered ⅜ inches diameter plugs with ¾ to 1-inch length.  The slightly tapered ends make it easier to insert the corks into counterbored holes.

It also fits tightly so that you don’t have to use any additional glue. And no glue means, your work will be much faster and tidier up.

Moreover, the hardened steel material enables cutting through hardwood as well. You need to just tune the speed to the recommended level for the best outcomes.

While cutting plugs, check whether the blades are overheating. If it is, then we would recommend you to keep it rest for a bit and then start again.

The material also makes the product durable and provides a good value for your money.

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What Are Wooden Plug Cutters?

A wooden plug cutter is one essential tool when it comes to giving your woodworks a finished look by hiding all the screw heads or decorating it with different sized corks. Let’s break it down for you.

When making a joint in any wooden structure you use screws. And while making a hole with a counterbore drill bit, a deeper hole is created so that the screw head remains ½ to 1 inch beneath the surface. This leaves a small hole to be filled up by a cork, which is then sanded down to create a flat surface. A plug cutter is used to cut the cork or plug which you insert into the counterbored holes.

Plug cutters come in different sizes and forms. Some produce straight corks while others create tapered ones. The size of the cork should be such that it fits the hole it is intended to fill. And for that, choosing the right cutter size comes as a necessity.

Another use of the plug cutter is to create cork for hiding deforms or blemishes on wooden structures. Properly sanded down plugs with a finished surface surely gives your piece of furniture a more attractive look.

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Ways to Use A Plug Cutter

Most people avoid using a plug cutter thinking it is somewhat troublesome. No, it’s rather easy actually. Let us walk you through the steps of using a wood plug cutter.

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1. First, you need to measure the hole diameter and length for which you need plugs.

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2. Next, take some pieces of wood that remained after the construction of your wooden structure and mark off the places where you will drill. While marking, make sure you note the dimension as well.

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3. Now drill on the marks with the right size plug cutters. You can use the cutter with a hand drill or a drill press. However, we would recommend using a drill press for creating perfectly shaped pins and not alter the dimension.

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4. Then you can use a flat head screwdriver to cut off the bases of the plugs.

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5. Once you have all the pins cut off, select the right sized one for the particular hole, glue the pin and the hole and insert the plug into the hole.

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6. You can use a hammer to tap the corks inside such that it enters ¼ inches deep into the hole.

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7. While inserting the plug align its grain to match the timber’s grain.

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8. Lastly, after the glue has dried, remove the excess part with a chisel and sand down the timber.

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FAQs about Plug Cutter

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What is a tapered plug cutter?

Ans. Unlike a standard plug cutter, the tapered ones create slightly tapered corks, with a very small variation in the top and bottom diameter. They also produce smooth plugs than regular cutters. The advantage of a tapered plug over a regular one is that it fits the hole more thoroughly, even if the pin is slightly oversized or undersized.

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Can I use a plug cutter without a drill press?

Ans. Yes, surely you can. However, maintaining the alignment can be a bit difficult while using a hand drill. Nevertheless, you can do it following some steps which will require you to create a template using a spade bit.

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What are plug cutters used for?

Ans. Plug cutters are used to cover up the holes of counterbore screw holes. For any furniture or other timber projects, the visibility of the screw heads affects the overall look of the piece. For giving your work a more impressive and attractive look, plugs are used to hide those screw holes.

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How long does a plug cutter last?

Ans. Most plug cutter bits are made of carbon steel or high-speed steel. And these materials don’t break or deform easily. However, the durability of the cutter depends on how you use it. If you handle it with care and maintain accurate pressure and speed while cutting, most cutters last longer than expected.

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My Two Cents at the End

A plug cutter may not be a must-required tool; however, it can affect the appearance of your furniture or other woodcrafts to a great extent. You have created the project with so much attention and care, so why compromise with the finishing? And for that, you will need a plug cutter.

Then comes the struggle of finding the right product. To ease you of the tiring job, we have reviewed some of the best plug cutters and incorporated all the little details that you need to know about the tool. Read them and choose the right one for yourself.

From the reviewer’s side, the vote will go for Rocaris 23-Pack Woodworking Champher Drilling Tool for the high adaptability it offers.

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