Best Dovetail Markers of 2023 – [Top Picks & Reviews]

Looking for a dovetail marker?

You may find tons of options for dovetail markers. But not all are worth the money you will be spending.

Dovetail marker is the core tool for making dovetail joints. Your carves can come out messy or totally wrong Because of slight misproportions.

That’s why the precision of the tool along with flawless annotations are important. And you can get such features only from the best dovetail markers.

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Our Top Picks

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5 Top Dovetail Markers Reviews in 2022

This dovetail marker review includes 5 of the best dovetail markers to look out for. Hope you get yours in these.

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1. Newkiton Dovetail Marker for Hardwood & Softwood

Newkiton Dovetail Marker for Hardwood & Softwood

Are you a beginner in woodworking? Then this is the dovetail marker that you should be using at the start of your woodworking journey. Everything, in the beginning, seems to be so confusing and a little complicated. That’s why starting with simple useable tools is the best idea. So, my suggestion would be to check out this easy-to-use Newkiton Dovetail Marker.

Its simplicity is the highlighting fact of the marker. All the details about the measurements are clearly stated for you to understand at the first glance. Just place and mark, and you will get the most accurate result possible.

It is simple but does not lack features. This unique marker includes not 2 not 3, but a total of 4 kinds of proportion markings. You can get your dovetail markings in both soft and hardwood. This gives you the chance of working with both.

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2. Eagle America 415-9307 Dovetail Marker for Accurate Dovetail Layout

Eagle America 415-9307 Dovetail Marker for Accurate Dovetail Layout

The Eagle America 415-9307 Dovetail Marker is made to offer the most accurate measurement possible. The small tool can lay out the perfect marking on your wood piece.

This is one of the best dovetail marker gauges you will find. You won’t be disappointed once you start using it. Trying it once will make you use it for longer than you expect.

Marking with bare hands is daunting. It might seem straight or right but measuring with an accurate scale like this one will show you how crooked the marking is when done bare hand. Working without a proper scale will cause a big blunder. That’s why using this sort of marker is important.

You get 2 types of marking ratios in this. You can go for 1:5 for softwood and 1:8 for hardwood. Both the proportions are marked with utmost accuracy to deliver the correct measurements for you. So, on each marking task, you will be getting flawless results.

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3. Clarke Brothers Professional Dovetail Marker for Woodworking

Clarke Brothers Professional Dovetail Marker for Woodworking

Marker like this one is something you should be keeping in your workshop. As simple as it looks and lightweight body makes it easier to use than many others. Your woodworking techniques can be made much more effortless.

Its ergonomic design is a must thing to brag about. It is designed and structured likewise so that you can make precise measurements with it. Its purpose is to help you out with accurate marking capability for a successful woodworking session.

This exclusive marker has annotations on both sides. You can simply place the tool on your desired wood piece and make your desired markings. It contains the scaling measurements suitable for both soft and hardwood. The measurements are separated into two sections so it gets easier to work accordingly.

You will be using this marker for a long time to come once you buy it. Its simple usability will make you want to always choose it and its extended durability will give you service for a long time. So, be sure that you won’t be shifting to any other marker once you fall for its charm.

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4. Newkiton Dovetail Jig Wheel Marking Gauge Set for Woodworkers

Newkiton Dovetail Jig Wheel marking Gauge Set for woodworkers

This is another Newkiton Dovetail marker that comes in a set. The set includes a bearing and locked up wheel cutter with 8 inches long precision ground steel rod, a screwdriver, and the dovetail marker.

It is a set of gauges to give you the experience of the precise dovetail joints you want for your next woodworking project. No chance of mistakes. Each cut can be measured and marked with utmost accuracy with this set.

Your creativity can get a lift with this gauge set. The marker and the scale together make a great combo to offer the best results. The time you imagine an excellent idea of dovetail joints, you can grab this set and start pointing out the curves, and get started. Each of the cuts can be precise and neat if you measure them properly with these gauges.

The best part, you can work on both hardwood and softwood with these. They bear the accurate scaling measurements for both types. So, you can be relaxed and choose any sort of wood and start your magic.

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5. Housolution Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker for Beginners Woodworker

Housolution Stainless Steel Dovetail Marker for Beginners Woodworker

The last one is the highlight of the list. This outstanding marker is an exceptional piece to make your woodworking task easier. From accuracy to ergonomics, it has all to offer you.

The first thing that you will notice in this marker is that it is made of stainless steel. It is unusual for the regular markers. This high-quality built structure ensures a long service life with fewer chances of damage and breaking.

Making things simple is one of its core aspects. You can easily understand the information regarding measurements on it without getting confused. It clearly states the proportions with necessary annotations so that you get it at the first glance.

You can smoothly work with its 4 different proportions to meet the needs of your versatile cuts. The proportions are set for both soft and hardwoods or even others. Just set your maker over the wood and proceed with marking on your desired wood piece.

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FAQs about Dovetail Marker

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What does the ratio designate in dovetail markers?

The ratio of the dovetail designates the angle at which the dovetails are cut. For example, if we consider the proportion 1:8, here to draw the angle, a horizontal line is drawn with a vertical line intersecting each other at the right angle. From here for every horizontal unit, the 8 units are counted vertically. This is what the proportion 1:8 represents.

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What is the common ratio for dovetail markers?

The common ratios for dovetail markers are 1:8 and 1:6. On most dovetail markers you will find these two. The proportion 1:8 is for hardwoods whereas 1:6 is for softwood. The ratios may vary as per design, style, and strength. But among all, these two proportions are seen to be most common.

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What angle should be the dovetail marker for better results?

The typical angle range for making dovetail joints is from 7o to 15o. The appropriate angle range for different wood types is different.

For hardwood, the angle must be lower. The exact range should be from 7o to 9o. Whereas for softwood the range must be higher. The recommended angle range for softwood is from 10o to 14o. Maintaining accurate angles ensures better results.

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Final Words

You always cannot find the right one in front of you. You have to go in and take a deeper look at things to find more detailed information and then decide if you like them or not.

The same goes for this carve measuring tool. My suggestion would be to choose one from the list and make a thorough check about it going into the link.

If I were to choose one, I would go for Housolution Dovetail Marker. I selected this one based on its durability, accuracy, and easy usability. These qualities make the marker stand out from others and be one of the best dovetail markers in the market.

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