11 Circular Saw Safety Tips You Should Know

Circular Saw Safety tipsIf you have already owned a circular saw, you’ve done half of the sawing preparation.

A perfect circular saw can hit your workshop with plenty of cutting possibilities and turn you into a smarter and faster craftsman.

…but that’s not enough for a “sawman”!

Without having the circular saw safety tips at your fingers’ end, you should not start your project. Along with missing the precision and exact cutting line, it’s not unusual to face several long-term and short-term loss and peril.

Making a road with the circular saw safety guard, therefore, has no alternative, while mastering them is so easy.

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11 Must-Follow Circular Saw Safety Tips

Circular Saw Safety rules

While some craftsmen get tensed when we talk of the importance of circular saw tips and tricks, I find them fairly easy and effective. The following section will tell you how easy and necessary to follow them.

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Tip 1: Ensure Safety Protection

When it comes to a power tool, the first thing you need to make sure that you’re utterly shielded be it circular saw or anything else. Before you turn on the saw, get fully aware of the fact.

A circular saw may cause several health hazards and hearing complications. You need to think of efficient safety protection. With a pair of goggles, you can protect your eyes from the sawdust floating in the air. Similarly, get a medically approved respirator when you’re exposed to harmful or nuisance dust.

If the situation demands, make sure you start sawing with a dust mask, gloves and ear protection. Besides, don’t forget to avoid loose attire, jewelry and long hair.

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Tip 2: Give A Test Run

Before get ready with the workpiece to slice, check each part of the saw closely if they work as they should do. Find the retracting lower guard works properly. With any type of circular saw, the retracting lower guard can change the game. Note to unplug the saw from the power source before you check the feature.

When it comes to a cordless circular saw, remove the battery carefully before you check the retracting lower guard. The speed and the sharpness of the blade should be checked. The cutting nut of the blade is another pre-check task. Additionally, check other safety features before you kick off sawing.

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Tip 3: Master to Hold the Saw

The circular saws end up in worm drive and sidewinder and based on the holding the saw are categorized them into right-handed and left-handed saws.

The rule is straightforward in this case. When a right-hander holds the saw with the right hand leaving the helping handle to the left hand, no exchange between hands. On the contrary, if a right-hander grabs a left-handed saw, both hands let you exchange putting you possibly in inconvenience situation.

So, make sure you understand the pros and cons of the holding position and get some hacks while you are exposed to a circular saw.

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Tip 4: Use Proper Depth Cutting Setting

If you target depth cutting with your circular saw, use the proper measurement for the cutting. You have to cut several wood pieces with varied width, they will require different measurement for efficient cutting.

When you cut a thick board, it doesn’t mean you have to cut through the board by feeding the blade equally for both up and down. For the maximum safety and precision cutting, feed the blade more than 1/8-inch under the board you’re sizing.

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Tip 5: Don’t Use Dull Blades

Cutting with a circular saw doesn’t mean to push the saw through the workpiece forcefully. Just lead the saw through the cutting line and get them precisely cut.

If you realize that your saw requires too much force, rather than simply direct the saw, it may be because of the blade you’re cutting with. A dull blade can hamper the natural energy of a saw.

You should not do so. Use only sharp and qualified blade for getting the promised cut and precision. A sharp blade will make the process easier and faster.

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Tip 6: Get Unplugged When Not in Use

If you deal with a corded saw, the circular saw safety rules will fit you. Several injuries have been recorded with the saw unconsciously plugged into the power supply leaving seriously injured.

The safe thing you need to do is to unplug the cord from the power outlet as soon as you finish the sawing. If the leave the saw plugged, you or anyone else may fall in trouble sometimes later by switching the saw unconsciously and receive the fatal injury.

Do follow it to bid adieu to accident and tool damage forever. If it is a cordless one, remove the battery before you leave the workshop as you like to avoid injury.

Follow the same principle if you need to change the blade from a circular saw – be it corded or cordless.

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Tip 7: Never Use A Defective Saw

Don’t overtry to cut anything with the saw if you discover the saw is reacting strangely. It may happen sometimes due to any technical problem. It’s high time to turn the saw off and study the problem.

You’re supposed to hear a strange sound coming from the saw. If so, try to figure out the fault first, then try to fix the problem. Make sure, you switch off the saw unplugging or remove the battery before checking.

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Tip 8: Don’t Try to Overreach

When it comes to ripping a larger board, some people raise one of their legs to gain further reach with your hands. You should not do so. Such a trick will put you in trouble in the long run by losing the balance footing.

You have no alternative to stand comfortably if you’re serious about precision cutting. So, don’t try to overreach more than your hands can reach casually. You had better take a pause and finish with few shots.

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Tip 9: Save the Live Cord, Save Your Life

Nothing can be more dangerous than cutting a live cord. It’s quite normal for the carpenters who live with a corded circular saw to see the cord scattered here and there. It’s not challenging as long as you don’t put them on the cutting board.

Cutting a live cord means to get electrocuted and put everything in peril. So, keep the live cord out of your cutting area to get rid of such horror.

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Tip 10: Check the Stock Closely

When you take a piece for cutting, scan the piece thoroughly if there is any obstruction like screws and nails embedded inside. Confronting with such elements no doubt invites severe damage to your saw and harm to you calling premature death of the saw.

So, make sure you scan the piece to find the possible obstruction so that you can take the necessary step before start cutting and protect the saw.

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Tip 11: Secure the Stock Before Cutting

Don’t let the stock fluctuate anyway. If the piece fluctuates, it’ll create a challenge to get a precision cutting. So, fasten the piece with clamps to saw as you wish. When a workpiece is unsecured, don’t try to run your saw until it’s secure. If the table or where you place the piece is not stable enough, you should fix it first.

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Final Tip

As long you deal with a circular saw irrespective of its variations, you should stick with the circular saw safety tips till the end of the operation. If you follow them, it’ll bring safety and cutting precision together.

On the other hand, disobeying such safety protection and sawing hacks will cause loss and disaster in the woodworking. That’s not what you want, do you?!

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