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Lacquer thinners are not just merely any liquid. These are specialized thinners to give lacquer the right consistency and fluidity when used for furnishing. So, many important factors are needed to be considered while buying a thinner.

And focusing on all the core aspects, I have created this list of the best lacquer thinners to make your search easy and effective. I hope you find the right one for you.

My Top Picks

List of Top Lacquer Thinner with Reviews

I thought of including only the best 4 ones among all other lacquer thinners. This will help you find the best one quickly and easily.



If you need a strong thinner, you get one here. This Klean-Strip GML170 Lacquer Thinner is high solvency ensured thinner. It can thin lacquer appropriately just the way it is needed. It gives the lacquer suitable flow and smoothness in the finish.

It is a thinner that is to be used at a medium temperature and has a medium drying speed. When you spray the solution, it won’t dry up immediately. It will take time to spread evenly and dry at the right time. This ensures perfection in finish. No unnecessary craters or line marks.

You can also clean up the used kit with this thinner as you complete your furnishing work. This multipurpose thinner allows you to clean the brush and tools you just used. You can also clean the grease or tar deposited on your other machines or engine. Its nature of high solvency allows it to act on greasy materials to dissolve and work against them.


  • High-solvency can thin lacquer just the way you want for a better flow and smoothness
  • Appropriate for medium temperature conditions such as home uses
  • Medium drying speed dries on time and levels up smoothly
  • Cleaning up the used kit such as brushes, tools, and others
  • You can also clean tar and grease deposited on machines


  • Comes with a strong odor that makes it unsuitable for home use.

2. Sunnyside Corporation 457G1 Lacquer and Epoxy Thinner

Sunnyside Corporation 457G1 Lacquer and Epoxy Thinner

In your professional furnishing jobs, you need professional working material. And this lacquer thinner is the exact thing that you would require. It’s a highly efficient thinner that can provide you with the right fluidity. It dissolves perfectly with the lacquer and makes it thin just the way you want.

This thinner has the capability of thinning nitrocellulose lacquers and even epoxies. It works on both pigmented and clear lacquer. You can choose any and expect it to give a brilliant result.

You won’t have to worry about the drying time. Being medium-fast at drying, it won’t take too much of your time while working. It gives you just the time required for even leveling the lacquer and eventually dries up.

Cleaning the used brush and other used tools is the easiest thing to do when you have this thinner. It lets you clean the equipment used in the process. It’s a strong thinner so it can wipe out all the debris and stains from the surface.


  • Medium-fast drying ability spreads the paint evenly and dry to ensure a flawless finish
  • Allows cleaning or degreasing your used tools, equipment, and others
  • Pro strength ability to handle thick coatings such as lacquer and others
  • Slight odor makes it perfect for home use
  • Removes oil paint from old items to renew


  • Not for sale in any VOC restricted zones such as California.

3. Klean-Strip Lacquer Thinner

Klean-Strip Lacquer Thinner

A lacquer thinner with the best cleaning capability is the best thing you can imagine. You pay for one but can use it for so many other works.

This all-purpose lacquer thinner is a good quality cleaner. You can brush, engines, tools, tar or grease, machines, or other greased materials. Its thinning ability and composition allow it to work as a strong cleaner. It works on debris effectively giving flawless results.

It is also highly efficient in its main job as it is effective in its side works. It serves its purpose as a lacquer thinner in the best way possible. It is successful in resisting the blushing effect. Your just completed work won’t show signs of disaster like blushing when you work with capable lacquer thinner.

Its ability for even levelling is praiseworthy. This thinner helps in increasing the flow and viscosity of the lacquer. You can spray the lacquer evenly without having the issues of craters, dimpling, or fish-eye effects. Your every work will be a successful one.


  • High-solvency thinner act just the way you want
  • Medium-drying to reduce your waiting time
  • Excellent for cleaning your paint brushes and equipment
  • Compatible with varnish, stain, wet paint, and other finishes
  • Improves the flow and viscosity for a satisfactory result


  • Slightly expensive compared to similar items.

4. Restoration Shop Acrylic Lacquer Medium Thinner

Restoration Shop Acrylic Lacquer Medium Thinner

Last but not least is the Restoration Shop Acrylic Lacquer Thinner. This is a strong one you can use for your large projects. It is more for commercial use. It is a very strong thinner best in its work.

Professional jobs need professional commodities. And this is the exact thing you need for your professional thinning work. Its strength and efficiency can deliver you fast and effective results. It accompanies a strong smell. It is best to be used in a wide or open space. Its strong smell might be a little irritating but its strength in work is something you need.

You won’t have to wait too long to get the final result. It dries up at medium speed. So, you might have to wait for a little but not that long like the slow-drying ones. Within a couple of hours, it will dry up nice and clean giving you a satisfactory result.

It is an automotive-grade lacquer thinner and comes in a large gallon size can. It can save you both money and time for your work. You can buy a big size at once and complete your project at ease.


  • Medium speed drying capacity dries fast within a couple of hours
  • Automotive-grade thinner comes in a bigger gallon size for long time use
  • Also suitable for cleaning up enamels
  • Inexpensive compared to similar items
  • Easy to use for better mixing, flow, and smoothness


  • Not suitable for confined space due to strong smell.

Lacquer Thinner Buying Guide

Lacquer Thinner With Heavy Duty Gloves

Still confused? Well, it is normal to be confused with the suggestions only. You need to know the right factors to consider before picking.


The first thing to consider is compatibility. Not all types of thinner are suitable for lacquer. You need something high-solvent to make the lacquer thinner. Lacquer is a strong coating that cannot be thinned with any traditional thinner. So, make sure the thinner is compatible.

Cleaning Ability

Along with making the lacquer thinner, you often need to remove paint from brushes after use. A good lacquer thinner can help you get the job done. You can also use it for cleaning different tools and equipment right after using it for painting or coating. Besides, a good one can also help you clean grease from machinery and engines.


Not all thinners are easy to use. You need something convenient to use. Consider the flow and smoothness the thinner can offer after mixing. The coating will be a lot easier with accurate flow and smoothness.


Odor is extremely important when picking the right thinner. Some thinners come with a strong smell that can make you even vomit. These types of thinners are not suitable for confined areas or homes. Use them for outdoor or large spaces. Try to get one without or with a slight odor for home use.

Drying Time

Different thinners offer different drying times. Some come with quick and fast drying ability whereas some offer slow drying ability. For some places, you need fast drying thinner to add another layer to the previous layer.

If you do not have such intention, a medium drying thinner would be fine. I will suggest avoiding slow-drying thinner if you want to save time.

Temperature Is Important

Do not forget the temperature. Some thinners work well with the lacquer at medium temperature whereas some work at high or low temperatures. Know the temperature of the working surface and match it with the thinner.

FAQs about Lacquer Thinner

Can I use paint thinner instead of lacquer thinner?

No. Paint thinner is different from a lacquer thinner in terms of composition. Paint thinner is made of mineral spirits. It is used for thinning oil-based paints. A paint thinner cannot do what a strong lacquer thinner can.
A lacquer thinner is more of caustic material. It is used for thinning lacquer-based paints. For that, a random paint thinner cannot be a good alternative to a lacquer thinner. A lacquer thinner can best serve its purpose.

What should I do when accidentally drop thinner on the skin?

Lacquer thinner is not extremely hazardous for the skin. It might cause slight annoyance with slight redness, dryness, or cracks. Simply washing with soap and clear water should be good.
However, sensitive skins might react differently. Irritation or sight pain might be felt. If it causes considerable serious issues, directly accessing medical help will be better.

How long does the smell of a lacquer thinner last?

Lacquer thinner contains a pungent smell. It stays even after being used on the material. A lacquer thinner is volatile so it disappears with time and so its smell. It takes approximately 24 hours for the thinner smell to disappear completely. Some thinners might take even less time than that.

What kind of thinner do you use for lacquer?

The lacquer thinner should be high-solvent, medium-dryer, and easy to use. You cannot get high-end flow and smoothness without these three features.

What is the difference between lacquer thinner and mineral spirits?

Mineral spirits retain much more lubricating properties of petroleum compared to lacquer thinner. That is why they are stickier, less aggressive, and less caustic than lacquer thinner.

Why is lacquer thinner illegal in some states?

In 2017, the Obama government banned any kind of methylene chloride that is present in the lacquer thinner. They said that it contains ‘unreasonable risks to our health.’

Which is stronger, lacquer thinner or acetone?

Acetone is stronger to clean any hardened paint compared to lacquer thinner. But it is expensive, hard to find, and evaporates faster.

Can lacquer thinner clean a catalytic converter?

Yes, lacquer thinner can clean a catalytic converter easily. Make sure you apply pure lacquer thinner without mixing it with anything else.

Can lacquer thinner be stored in plastic?

Yes, you can store lacquer thinner in a plastic container. But make sure it is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Is lacquer thinner flammable?

Yes, lacquer thinner is highly flammable and risky. Keep them away from fire or any flammables.

Final Words

It is a tricky thing for sure to choose a lacquer thinner. You need to know exactly what type of fluid you are using it for. And once you are sorted, you can find the right thinner for your work to get successful results in each attempt.

Among these lacquer thinners, there is neck to neck competition for which one stands out of all. All of them are such great thinners to be mentioned as the best.

But as for choosing one, I would go for Sunnyside Corporation 457G1 Lacquer and Epoxy Thinner. This will be one of the best lacquer thinners to choose from for your work.

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