15 Different Types of Angle Grinder Discs and Uses

An angle grinder is a versatile instrument that can be used to grind, polish, or cut a range of materials. This tool comes in a variety of sizes, from small hand-held units to big units. Moreover, you can use it on a variety of surfaces, including metals, stones, and glasses.

Meanwhile, It’s vital to pick the appropriate angle grinder disc for the type of your work.  So, you need to know about all types of angle grinder discs so that you can choose the right one for the right task.

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What’s Actually an Angle Grinder Disc Is?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Any disc that fits inside your angle grinder as well as spins at a great speed to operate chopping, grinding, and polishing functions is known as an angle grinder disc. None can deny that finding the perfect disc is mandatory for a particular application.

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Types of Angle Grinder Discs: Have A Sneak Peek

Types of Angle Grinder Discs

In terms of speed, security, strength, size, and weight, they differ greatly. The reliant nature of the design and different types of angle grinder discs as well as the configurations you choose may vary. For example, an angle grinder disc or wheel can spin at speeds ranging from roughly 2,800 rpm to 12,000 rpm.

The following are some varieties of discs that are currently very popular and used worldwide :

1. Grinding Discs

The grinding disc is the most noticeable and perhaps the most trendy among many varieties of angle grinder discs.

They are predominantly used for grinding, eliminating extra material from a surface, cleaning up the cut, and preparing metal workpieces for welding.

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2. Diamond Cutting Discs

A diamond cutting disc is the sharpest compared to other discs. They’re a high-end alternative for working with several materials. Furthermore, diamond discs offer excellent cutting performance for doing extra-dense material at a quicker pace than grit discs.

In general, different types of angle grinder cutting discs can not operate with granite, rock, or marble. Rather than, you’ll need diamond cutting discs.

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3. Cut-off Discs

 These angle grinder discs are also known as “parting wheels”, and can be a handy option while dealing with metal. These wheels are slimmer than grinding wheels in terms of giving the most precise cuts. They are, unfortunately, more hazardous to deal with and easily shattered.

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4. Strip Disc

 Strip discs, which are made of soft yet strong poly fiber, can remove paint, glue, and epoxy from the metallic surface without affecting the metal underlying.

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5. Flap Discs

When using an angle grinder for sanding, a flap disc is usually the best alternative. These discs are often smoother since they are used to level off a surface.

Furthermore, flap discs can be used to remove scratches, metal burrs, chamber edges, and other faulty markings from a material. Some flap discs may even wipe off blemishes caused by the cutting and manufacturing processes.

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6. Grit Discs

Grit discs are a low-cost alternative for grinding hard materials such as stone and metal. In comparison to other grinding discs, this disc is quite thin (about 6 mm). They can, meanwhile, cut at a quicker pace. They’re also lightweight, which comes in handy while working on overhead projects or a staircase.

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7. Ceramic Sanding Disc

Ceramic sanding discs can do almost every task that a flap disc can. Despite the fact that many advanced ceramic sanding discs have a larger sanding potency. Even, they are just not only effective but also have long-lasting longevity.

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8. Paint Stripping Discs

A paint stripper disc has poly-fiber materials rather than wire bristles. It effectively eliminates paint without scratching or scuffing the underlying surface. It can also be used to clean off epoxy or other contaminants.

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9. Wood Cutting Discs

These discs are specifically designed to work with various types of wood. A toothed, circular blade is used on woodcutting discs. There are many varieties of wooden discs you can find on the market, but the most common is called ArborTech. As it is quite effective at cutting wood.

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10. Polishing Pads

By using polishing pads with your angle grinder, you may get a distinctive completed, and gleaming appearance. But, most importantly when you’re polishing, it’s vital to have the ability to control the speed.

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11. Wire Wheels

A wire wheel is a type of disc that every skilled fabricator ought to have. Since these wheels are excellent at eliminating paint and corrosion from metal. Even you can also remove the burrs from rough-cut metal surfaces.

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12. Concrete Grinding Wheels

Concrete Grinding wheels, in addition to harsh abrasive materials, are built of durable fiberglass throughout. You can effectively grind granite, marble, stone, brickwork, and other comparable materials with them.

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13. Wood Carving Discs

A wood carving disc has a doughnut shape rather than a flat surface. This disc’s design makes it particularly well fitted to create a concave surface. Carbide teeth are often found on these discs

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14. Silicon Carbide Grinding Discs

These discs were designed specifically for metal shaping. They also make it possible to remove materials efficiently while avoiding harm to the surface. These grinding discs are designed to decrease that further processing, saving your valuable time during preparation.

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15. Aluminium Oxide Grinding Wheels

These oxide-based wheels are excellent for a variety of uses, such as carpentry as well as the cutting of brittle materials.


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A Quick Tips

While purchasing a disk you can find various kinds of grinder discs to redact your requirements. Do not forget to pick a bigger disc for all-purpose use. Otherwise, you should pick a smaller one for more precise work.

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Final Words

Contemplate the material you’re dealing with and your eventual objective when you are buying discs for your angle grinder. There are several types of angle grinder discs available on the market. All that’s left is to select the appropriate disc or wheel for your grinder when you’ve defined what you need to perform!

The great majority of materials can be cut with a high-powered angle grinder. Diamond and multi-layered materials, on the other hand, have a specific cutting resilience.

Every time read the manufacturer’s directions while you are using an angle grinder. Always remember, safety comes first!

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